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Blissey - Aquapolis

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Blissey (Aqua.)

Let's look at this card. But don't look at the power just yet. 120HP is the standard Blissey HP, which is really nice since it's the highest number. Retreat cost of 2 is not too bad and Weakness to Fighting is predictable. Smash Bomber is a really crappy attack. It averages 25 damage for 3 colorless Energy. It's too bad it doesn't have an alternative attack that was more reliable.

Happy Healing is a really nice Power. It's a flip though. Now, this Power combos pretty well with Base/LC Venusaur. Simply Energy Trans all of your Grass Energies to Blissey. Use the power and hopefully remove a chunk of counters off. Then, Energy Trans those Grass Energy to ANOTHER Blissey and remove some more damage counters. Finally, Energy Trans the Energies to the proper Pokemon and attack. Nice. =)

That was probably the best scenario and we know how often that's gonna happen... =/

In Unlimited, you could try making that deck I mentioned. Won't win much, but a fun deck nonetheless. Rating: 2.5/5

In Modified, the deck I mentioned is semi-playable. Add the infamous Venu-Center Combo and you got a pretty good deck. Rating: 3.5/5

In Draft, the power could be really gamebreaking in my opinion. It's a big body that can stall and if you get Heads over and over, your opponent would have a really hard time KO-ing your Pokemon. Best of all, it's splashable. Rating: 4/5
dontknow09 Aquapolis Blissey

A new blissey. Still has a max 120HP, although in the real game, blissey can hit close to 720. But this is the card game. Weakness to fighting sticks but the loss of psychic resistance is bad. 2 retreat sticks too. Happy healing is a so-so power. Based on a flip, it heals according to how much energy you have on blissey. It only works on the bench though... The attack if flippy
for its cost.

Unlimited- No need to use the power. There's plenty of healing options. Attacks is too flippy and the power wastes energy. 2/5

Modified- There are some occasional bench hitters, but blissey can't heal all of them. It can stall... thats pretty much it. 2/5

Draft- 120HP is very good. Good stall. For attacking, its only so-so.

Team- Well, according to how its worded, you could heal your teammate's bench pokes. If you hav multiple out, you could heal your team on and on and on. 2.75/5

X- Act
Here's the Blissey COTD for tomorrow.
Aquapolis (?) Blissey
Hmm. My thesis deadline is approaching, so I might be doing less and less COTDs as I work on it. Wednesday's COTD is a case in point.
Anyway. Let's look at this Blissey. 120HP is huge for a Stage 1, but it seems like all Blisseys should hit that number. The Neo Revelation Blissey heals itself; this one can heal all of your Pokemon. A pretty nice healer. Depending on the Energy attached to Blissey and a coin flip, you heal one of your Benched Pokemon. Not bad.
Unlimited: Base Chansey is played here. Should you evolve it into this? No. Don't play this card in this format, ever. If you DO want to heal, stick with Gold Berry, Healing Fields, or at worst, Super Potion.
Modified: Here it's interesting. A point that may be overlooked is that Blissey's Power works even if it is on the Bench. If you have a free retreater (Espeon and Crobat come to my mind), you could try to heal it every turn. Thing is, you need to setup Blissey with enough Energies to make it worth it. However, if you have a Blissey with two Energies and Healing Fields in play, you could potentially remove four damage counters from your free retreater per turn, and an average of two damage counters per turn, which isn't bad. The 120HP helps it stay alive even if it is Double Gusted, and Blissey might also want to heal itself if it is on the Bench anyway :). A pretty overlooked combo, in my opinion. Yes, multiple Blisseys do work, but you need the Energies on both, which slows you down tremendously (unless you're playing a weird LC Venusaur/AQ Blissey deck :o). And yes again, Boost Energy does work with Blissey... but if you flip tails on Blissey's power, all you have done is... missed your free Energy attachment per turn. Still, it's a little bit underrated, in my opinion. It's better than it looks.
Draft: Here it's even better. It's a Rare, but its power is just amazing in this format, especially if you're drafting only Aquapolis... with only Heal Berry as a heal card. :/ And in this format, Smash Bomber isn't too bad. It also helps that Aquapolis Chansey is a common card with 100HP (:O) and nice attacks. And of course being colorless, it has colorless attacks. A superb pick! If it weren't Rare, I'd give it maximum points.
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