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Nidorino - Aquapolis

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Nidorino (Aqua.)

A pretty decent Stage 1. The one retreat is nice but 70 HP is a bit lower than expected.

Poison Horn is a decent attack. Nothing too devastating... Take Down is pretty good as it's a colorless attack. Even better with DCE. ;x

In Unlimited, DCE helps it out as you can attack on the 2nd turn with Take Down. But, if you just want to splash Grass into your deck, just stick with good ol' Jungle Scyther. Rating: 2/5

In Modified, I guess the only reason you are playing it is because you are planning to get Nidoking out. If I'm playing a Stage 2, I usually prefer to skip the Stage 1 altogether and go with Pokemon Breeder UNLESS the Stage 1 is REALLY good. This Nidorino is unfortunately not good enough. Stick with Breeder or play some other Nidorinos instead. Rating: 2.5/5

In Draft, this is a really hard hitting Pokemon. Take Down is a cheap and colorless attack. Poison is also a really good Status Attack. The Retreat cost is very effecient as well. From experience, usually Psychic is not a really popular color to draft. I would definitely pick this card. Rating: 3.9/5
dontknow09 Aquapolis(??) Nidorino

I hope i'm reviewing the right nidorino. 70HP is a good 10HP boost from the last one. Bottom stats dont change, weakness to psych and 1 retreat. The attacks are jus so-so. Nothing special to them. Posion sting basically and takedown. Takedown is worth mentioning since its all colorless.

Unlimited- The attacks aren't good enough. Just use it for evolving to nidoking. 2/5

Modified- You could use takedown to take down poke's with grass weakness, then evolve to which ever of the 3 nidokings you would like. Thats basically it. 2.25/5

Draft- 3 colorless attack is good. Especially if you get boost energy some how. If this is the best thing you get, expect it to be your main attack force. 2.75/5

Team- Read Modified. 2.25/5

TR Shadow
I like using this card in Limited.  It's very useful.  Doing 40 for three energy can be tough to beat in a draft.  It's pretty fair in Modified.  I mean, it's a must have in Nidoking decks (Duh!).  But otherwise, it's not too smart to play it without a Nidoking (unless of course, you're playing in Limited).  It's probably better than the LC one in any format.
Unlimited 2/5
Standard 2/5
Modified 3/5
Limited 4.5/5
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