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Exeggutor - Aquapolis

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Exeggutor (Grass Type, Aqua)

80HP is like the standard HP for Stage 1 so that's fine. I like Super Eggsplosion. A bit risky, but in the right time, it can kill anything in one shot (like if you discard 5 and up). Note though, you can discard the Energy cards from ANY Pokemon. The cost of using it is a single Colorless Energy as well. You can basically play it with some other Colors and not just Grass. Called Shot is nice. With 3 Grass Energies, you can peck off your opponent's Babies and pick up easy prizes.

In Unlimited, I don't really see it being playable. Rating: 2/5

In Modified, it could work in a weird deck that runs Pokemon Center. Switch around your Pokemon and leave the ones that are nearly KO-ed on the Bench. Use Super Eggsplosion to discard all those Energies and do massive damage. Next turn, just use Pokemon Center and start building again. Rating: 3/5

In Draft, depends on how you play. If you're like me, you'd almost always Retreat a really injured Pokemon to prevent your opponent from getting too many prizes. Late game, you would have a bunch of leftover Energies and you can use Super Eggsplosion to take out your opponent's biggest hitter. You can also attack your opponent's Bench, which could be really helpful in this format. Rating: 3/5

The Poke`mon Master 1110 

I like him. His first attack is just about sheer power. Him with a Meganium, discard 3 energy, right. OK. That means you're attacking with an attack that is flipping 6 coins and doing 40 damage per heads. Meaning youre AVERAGING 120 damage. Work for you? I thought so. The second attack is brutal. Have a Meganium on the bench, 4 energy on him, and your doing 80 a turn to any of their benched pokes. Baby killer? Oh, yes.

Unlimited: Accually ok here. He can take out key pokemon by gusting up something you DONT want to kill, then smacking the person you do wanna kill on the bench. 4 energy on him with a meganium, sneasle, electabuzz, wigglytuff and all that other crap is history. One hit. It has potentall, with mabey a no removal gym or something. Here is a weird deck. Exeggutor on a Brocks Ninetails with Brocks Protection. 3.25/5

MMF: This thing has the potental to dominate the current Modified scene. With Meganium, he can quickly take out those basics for stuff like Kingdra and Dark Feraligator and all. Sweet. 4/5

Limited: Awesome. Takes out benched pokes and lots of other stuff easly. Draft and play him, youll be suprised at the results. 3.5/5

The Bottom Line: 3.5/5
dontknow09 Aquapolis Exeggutor

Another grass pokemon. This exeggutor doesnt gain more hp than any other version. Still has that 80. Also, it still has that fire weakness and no resistance. At least it has 1 retreat though. Super Eggsplosion(they really got to spell these things right. The little kids' minds are gonna be currupted!) does a large amount of damage, at the cost of the energies of your pokemon. This is similar to a lot of pokemon. Two downsides though:1) you lose you energy and 2) its flippy. I wouldnt take that risk. Called shot
is an excellent attack. Never have i seen something that could do so0 much bench damage with so little energy.

Unlimited- 80HP won't do much in unlimited, because exeggutor seems like the offensive pokemon. It'll probably do 1 or 2 attacks against a good deck, then go down. SER and ER makes the first attack pointless. 2/5

Modified- Lots of babies in this format. But theres also strong fire. Mags can take it out in one hit. Still, if set up right, bench's can be taken out.

Draft- This exeggutor will have a hard time. If you manage to pull it out, you're gonna have to wait a long time to maximize the first attack. Same waiting with the second attack. Although the damage is rewarding, its too slow in draft. 1.5/5

Team- If only you could discard energy along with your teamamte..... Actually that would be worse since you're powering down you and your opponent. Hah. Well if you have a good offense, itll help your team a lot. But remember, 2 people can attack you at once. 80HP wouldnt do and super eXpolison would leave you in the desert. Just be careful. 2.75/5

TR Shadow Exegguter

80hp is pretty nice for a stage 1. 1 retreat is good too. I love the Called shot! really giving this gut 3 energy and killing babies on the bench is a fun thing to do. Him being weak to fire is a big problem in the current environment. Those Entie/Cargos will kill him without much trouble. I don't really care for the Super Eggsplosion, 'cause with my luck, I'll be discarding 10 energy total and doing no damage. If your luck is better then mine, then go ahead, use it. But if it's any worse, I wouldn't recommend using that attack.

Unlimited 3/5
Standard 4/5
Modified 4/5
Limited 4/5
TMP 4/5


X- Act
AQ Exeggutor (Grass type)
This card has potential, in my opinion. I don't like Super Eggsplosion much (I don't like flipping), but Called Shot is something else. You deal good damage to any Pokemon you like. If this card is not a baby killer, I don't know what is. :/
Unlimited: This is so-and-so in Unlimited. Weakness to fire isn't that big of a problem. The 40HP Exeggcute also has Growth Spurt, which can allow Exeggutor to OHKO a Benched Baby Pokemon turn 2, although, frankly, I wouldn't risk playing the 40HP Exeggcute in this format. :/ Called Shot is a great Baby killer. With 3 Grass Energies, it OHKOs any Benched Baby Pokemon. Comboed with Wild Growth Meganium, the requirements are reduced to two grass energies. Of course, Pokemon Flute and Erika's Perfume are cards that can combo with this thing. And if the Active Pokemon is getting a bit threatening... you resign. The thing with this card is that Called Shot does NOT work for the Defending Pokemon, so you need to Super Eggsplode to attack it. Now, the least thing you'd like to do after you had attached those Grass Energies is to discard them. Of course, you can discard energies from your Benched Pokemon instead, but that way, you'd only use Super Eggsplosion, like, once. That's too bad. Another thing... Steelix and Scizor can devour this thing like crazy. :(
Modified: In Modified it's not much better. I'd try to risk playing the Growth Spurt Exeggcute here, even though Tyrogue can FTKO it with a Strength Charm. Weakness to fire is worse here too than in Unlimited. And, Steelix and Scizor are around in this format too. That's not good news for Exeggutor. Lastly, its combo trainers (Pokemon Flute and Erika's Perfume) are absent in this format. Well, that's bad. :( Still, attacking any Benched Pokemon with [GGG] for 60 isn't bad at all (with Wild Growth Meganium)... but Metal Energy IS a problem.
Draft: It's Rare... but what a Rare! If you happen to draft this, pick it up, by all means. Called Shot is quite a nice attack, and Super Eggsplosion is good to pick up that last prize. Not bad at all, even though it's Rare.
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