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Bellossom - Aquapolis

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The Poke`mon Master 1110 

This card is truly sweet. A big 20 hp improvement of the older genesis version. The attack is solid, averaging 45 damage a turn. But the power is what is awesom. Some would argue Expedition Venusaur is better. Know what I think? Play them together! Even Bellosom in a non-grass deck is good. Extra energy is good. Period. It will see some play, it is just too cool to pass up.

Unlimited: Not the best here. If it was ANY energy, then it would almost own. Double dark on Sneasle? In one turn? Methinks this is a good thing =D 2.75/5

MMF: Better here. Allows for faster powerups, and with two or three of them, you can have a big discarder up front who discards a lot, and keep it going fairly consistently. Try it out. 3.25/5

Limited: Well, rare stage threes are never going to be too popular. Still, the power is great and the attack is semi-splashable, and does a good amount of damage. A high 90 Hp keeps him going for a while. 3.25/5

The Bottom Line: 3/5
dontknow09 Aquapolis Bellossom

A new bellossom. Its pretty decent, compared against the other one from neo gen. This one has a good 90, better than that pathetic 70. Still keeps the fire weakness, but adds the water resistance! And 2 retreat stays the same also=/. A very good poke-power. Attaching another energy a turn is pretty good. As some said before, anything that breaks the natural rules had better be good. And this power cumulative too. Knife leaf, nothing special. Just like a vileplume attack without the confusion in the end.

Unlimited- I dont see why there's use for this. A lot of cards dont need much energy and can be powered up before bellossom is even up. And its huge gust bait if all you use it for is for the power or SER bait if you try to attack. 1.25/5

Modified- There's still a strong fire in modified, but bellowssom should do nicely. This enviroment has a lot of pokemon that need high energy and multiple bellossoms would fix that problem. 3/5

Draft- As i said before, its hard. Very hard to play with this set in draft. What you can do is hope. Thats pretty much it. 1/5

Team- Too bad a teammate can't use this power. Well, the way its worded is that you can use the power for your teammate. Thats pretty good since you can help the overall speed in the team. 3.5/5

X- Act Aquapolis Bellossom

I must admit that when I saw this Pokemon for the first time, I wasn't impressed. I'm still not impressed, but now I'm thinking that this card is not as bad as I once thought I was. Flower Supplement is a nice Poke-Power. If you have 2 of these Bellossoms in play, odds are you're going to attach 2 Energies per turn to your Benched Pokemon. That's quite nice. Getting out multiple Stage 2's isn't exactly easy though, but it's not hard either, as any Kingdra, Kabutops or (lately) Victreebel player would tell you.

Unlimited: Well, this card wasn't intended for Unlimited. It's a Stage
Two, and its attack isn't exactly exciting. This won't do well at all
here, I'm afraid. :(

Modified: Here it's better... but not by much. The reason Kingdra and Kabutops work is because of their good attacks. Bellossom can swarm quite nicely, and at the same time setup themselves, because its  Poke-Power allows you to attach more than one Energy per turn. But its attack is nowhere near as good as Kingdra's or Kabutops'. Knife Leaf does 60 less than 50% of the time, which plainly sucks. On the plus side, it has got 90 useful HP, and... its sister Bellossom from Neo Genesis combos well with it, for obvious reasons. :) Also, it's a Water Resistant Pokemon, which is quite useful in this format. Getting Basic
Energy to your hand (so that you can Flower Supplement) is also quite easy with Seer. What lets this card down is its attack. It's not worth playing another Evolution line that somehow uses Bellossom's Power... you're already playing a Stage 2. :(

Draft: In Draft this isn't bad, but it's a Rare Stage 2. Draft it only
if you had Drafted some Oddish and Gloom... both of which have nice colorless attacks. Actually, Oddish and Gloom are also worth drafting because there are two cards that they can evolve to... both of them being in Aquapolis, which kind of makes it slightly more probable that you'll get the Stage 2. If you do manage to get it, it's quite good. There are a lot of Water Pokemon in Aquapolis, so having Resistance to them is nice, and its Poke-Power is nice in Draft. Be careful of your own AQ Gloom though, because it also lowers your own Resistance. :o

Bellossom (Aqua.)

Interesting Power, it's like a Mini-Raindance. If Bellossom was on the bench, you can start attacking on the 2nd turn. A bit too flippy for my taste though.

In Unlimited, it's ER bait. The power is not good enough to play it. Rating: 2/5

In Modified, Weakness to Fire is bad, but it's good against Kingdra. Rating: 3/5

In Draft, Power could be pretty good if you get it out early enough. Depends on what you drafted so far... Rating: 2.5/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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