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Tyranitar - Aquapolis

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Tyranitar (Aqua.)

120HP is nice. 3 Attacks is even better. You can start using Destructive Roar on the 2nd turn which means you have a good chance of removing your ANY of your opponent's Energy cards. You can keep on doing that until you can use Tail Slap. A pretty good attack if you have a couple of Darkness Energy cards on it. Now, Giga Crush is just a ridiculously costed attack. That's FIVE Energies! I seriously doubt you'll be able to power it up too often, which is where Boost Energy is a bit playable. With 2 Darkness Energy and a Boost Energy on the 3rd turn, that's 80 damage! But, you have to rely on Boost Energy too much. If you attack, you might discard some important cards from your deck, especially Boost Energies... IMO, you should just use the first 2 attacks. Don't bother powering up for the last one.

In Unlimited, it requires too much Energies and it's really prone to ER. However, you could use it in a Brock's Ninetales + Brock's Protection combo to protect the Energies. Still not that viable here though. Rating: 2/5

In Modified, removing Energy cards is really nice. If you are lucky, you can keep on Stalling your opponent from using any big attacks while you build up Tyranitar or some other Pokemon on your bench. Could be quite playable. Rating: 3.9/5

In Draft, I seriously doubt you'll get this Stage 2 out and drafted enough Darkness Energies along with it. Just don't draft this. Rating: 1.4/5

The Poke`mon Master 1110 
Power, plain and simple. Theres gotta be some kinda pokemon that comboes really well with him, but thus far I havent found it. But think about it, flip heads and remove any energy attached to ANY of your opponets pokemon. The second attack is just a normal sorta standard attack to use while powering up for the third attack. Giga Crush. Just the name sounds powerful, doesnt it? Sixty and both players discard the top three? Power. Scary power, but power just the same. Of course since it takes 2 darks, 80 damage a turn will take your opponet down fast So dont worry bout the cards being discarded. Play with plenty of town volunteers and NGR, and he works.

Unlimited: Dont use him here. He is one of the biggest ER and SER bait pokemon ever. He is powerful, but with no dark energy on him he is merely a big punching bag. 1.5/5

MMF: Nice. He is a power house. Get him out with two darks and a boost energy for a turn three giga crush, then next turn use the sencond attack and go from there. Has defenate potental. 3.25/5

Limited: Ouch. he would be better, but all his attacks take dark energy. Still, dark and rainbow energy are in this set, so it is possable. Get him out and, lets face it, your opponet is pretty much toast. Not a high pick, but it depends on the stuff you have already drafted. 2.5/5

The Bottom Line: 2.5/5

dontknow09 Aquapolis Tyranitar

Gosh, there are lots of tyrants out there. This one is pretty stong though. 120 HP is going to be hard to take down. Bottom stats dont look prettier. Fighting weakness puts it down alot. Psychic resistance is ok, seeing as how theres lots of espeons around. 3 retreat isnt so good. Now a selection of 3 attacks! Very diverse. Energy removal attack is good. A good 30 for 3. And an amazing 60(80 with 2 darkness) damage with 3 cards of the top of the
deck. Costly though.

Unlimited- Can't really think of the possibilites here. 120HP is good, but stage 2 makes it slow. Good thing is that it can use DCE. Well, thats all i can think of. But ill be easy on this card. 2/5

Modified- Well, energy removal is rare in modified. So this can really cause disruption. Giga Crush might be a little risky and slow though. Overall, it should do fine, placed in the right hands. 3.25/5

Draft- You better hope for everyone to drop out. Its very hard to get stage 2's out, let alone drafting darkness. I can honestly tell you, this set isnt really meant for draft. 1.5/5

Team- Well, if partenered up with the right people, this tyrant can become much faster. It is a BIG disrupter in team, since it could discard 3 cards off of everyone. 3.5/5

Happy President's Day!

X- Act Aquapolis Tyranitar

First of all, sorry for not posting the Metal Cube COTD. I sent Pojo
the thing without attaching it to the email. Hope Pojo will post it,
albeit late. :(

So Aquapolis is giving us another Tyranitar. This one didn't convince me much, even though it has three attacks. :/ It's basically, the worst of the three Tyranitars available, and THAT's really saying something.

Unlimited: This is bad here. Your opponent will surely SER this.
Destructive Roar is a joke compared to SER or even to ER. Weakness to Fighting makes this a target to Tyrogue, which can two hit KO it in spite of its massive 120HP. And don't even bother to try it out with Brock's Ninetales. :/

Modified: Maybe here it's slightly better, but still, Tyrogue
slaughters it (a case when a 30HP Pokemon has the upper hand against a 120HP Pokemon reminds me of David and Goliath :o). Tail Slap isn't too bad though, dealing 60 damage if you attach 3 Darkness Energies to the thing. The problem with Tyranitars is their not-so-easy setup, having its pre-evos not of Darkness type, which makes you think twice about attaching the Darkness Energy. I don't know if the Tyranitar would survive enough to be able to use Gigacrush, even in this format, so I'm not considering it. :/

Draft: In Draft it's pretty weak. We have a Pokemon with 3 attacks, but 3 nonsplashable ones. It's pre-evos are not Darkness Pokemon. It's rare. Can I rate it less that 1? :o
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