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Metal Cube 01 - Aquapolis

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dontknow09 Metal Cube

Another tm? I dont see why this would have any use. A lot of steel poke's are good enough on their own, without assistance from a tm. This only does a mere 10 damage. At the very most, just like water cube (except worse) its tech.

Unlimited- Seriously, what could you do with this, besides a last minute victory? I dont see the point in this. 1/5

Modified- Same up there. But, its a very good gust of wind. 2.5/5 \

Draft- Well, first off all, i dont think you could pull a metal. Secondly, i dont think you would waste that metal for this tm. But if thats the only thing you can pick, then go right ahead. It only works on 4 pokemon anyway. 1/5

Team- ...... Well, its a gust.... its does 10 damage... thats about it. 1/5

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Twinsen Metal Cube 01

Ugh, it's very similar to Water Cube 01 as well. The Gust Effect is pretty decent though.

In Unlimited, don't bother. Steelix is probably the most playable Metal Pokemon out there. It's better to put cards that support it than playing this card. The Gust Effect is the only reason why this card is not too bad. Rating: 2.3/5

In Modified, same here. I would use it for the Gust Effect most of the time. Rating: 2.7/5

In Draft, Metal Pokemon are not that common. Drafting this card early is pointless. Even if you get one Metal Pokemon, there's a low chance that you can also draft a Metal Energy and the fact that you need to get all 3 out when playing... Meh. Rating: 1.5/5
X-Act Metal Cube 01

This cube is interesting. It gives any Metal Pokemon an attack similar to Aquapolis Scizor's Snatch attack, that is, you can gust out any of your opponent's Pokemon and do 10 damage to it.

Unlimited: As I said, Aquapolis Scizor already has the Snatch attack, but it only works for undamaged Benched Pokemon, whereas this one works for any Pokemon. Snatch in Scizor is a pretty useful attack, not only to OHKO Benched Babies with a PlusPower, but also to bring out some annoying heavy retreater such as Slowking. You might want a tech Metal Cube with Scizor just in case you didn't find the PlusPower necessary to KO the baby, but in my opinion, this cube is obviously better suited
for Steelix, whose attacks are nowhere near as good as those of Scizor. Dragging out any Benched Pokemon and deal 10 to it might be useful, but of course, then you discard the cube. Might be good for you to stall with this cube for a turn or two by dragging out that Slowking. Otherwise, no real use, in my opinion.

Modified: Steelix can use this cube here too just for the gust effect,
although of course Double Gust is better. An interesting Pokemon to use Metal Cube on in this format is Forretress. A Benched Baby with two damage counters is not an uncommon sceranio against Forretress, and you can pick that Baby up for a prize using this cube (without having to flip for the Baby Rule, unless the Defending Pokemon is another Baby). Not too bad, but personally it's hard to find space in a deck for cards like cubes.

Draft: Well, in Draft, you need to draft a Metal Pokemon (only Steelix and Scizor are present in Aquapolis, and they are both rare), a Metal Energy or Rainbow Energy (which are both rare) AND this cube. This is only to be able to use the cube. Conclude the feasibility of this 'combo' yourselves.
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