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Water Cube 01

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Water Cube 01

A TM. Not a very good one though. First of all you can only attach it to a Water Pokemon. Then you have to have a W attached to the Pokemon in order to use the attack. Finally, you have to discard the TM at the end of turn. The attack is sub-par and I find it a waste of deck space.

In Unlimited, no point. If you want a similar attack, just find some Pokemon that simply has the attack in the first place. Rating: 1.5/5

In Modified, same here. I rather have some other cards instead. Rating: 1.7/5

In Draft, it could see some use here. If your opponent retreats a Pokemon that will be KO-ed soon, you could use this to get a prize. With only 4 Prizes, this card can actually win you the game a lot sooner. Rating: 3/5
dontknow09 Water Cube

Another tm... Well, its does 20 damage. A one energy feint attack! Thats really good. Too bad its a one time thing, and probably a big waste of deck space.

Unlimited- I dont see much use with it. IMO, murkrow is better, since it can lock stuff down. Well, water cube can act as tech. 2.5/5

Modified- Lots of water pokemon can now knock out babies. Yay... Thats pretty much it. O yea, and then theres always the 'this is my last card, i hope i can pull a water cube to knock out this last pokemon' situation. 2.5/5

Draft- Not much you can do in draft. But if it were up to me, i would pick it. A really fast hitter in the begining of the game would do nicely. Just dont pick this card if most of what you draft are non waters though...

Team- Theres better stuff. Its basically tech. Thats about it. Nothing much to see here. 2.75/5

Wednesday - Water Cube 01

Even though I "retired" from CotD's for awhile, I had to chime in just to let you all know I'm alive! Plus, this is a pretty cool card, so I'll review it.

Water Cube 01 is essentially a TM, and it allows you to choose a pokemon of your opponent's and do 20 damage directly to it. For one energy! That's a great attack! I see this card getting a lot of use as a "TecH" card to get rid of that one last Pokemon on your opponent's bench that can hurt you, or to get one last prize. Not bad.

In Unlimited, Water is already hindered due to the mass amounts of Electric. Although it's still a somewhat good card here, it isn't as good because there isn't as much use for it. I'll give it a 2/5

In Modified, it has a lot of use. Great TecH. 3/5.

In Draft, it's awesome. Direct damage is hard to come by. 4.5/5.

~ RaNd0m

X- Act Water Cube 01

I like this Cube. It's my favourite TM. Seriously. Doing 20 damage to any of your opponent's Pokemon is so sweet.

Unlimited: Hmm. Let's see which Water Pokemon are played in Unlimited. >_< Maybe Base Blastoise. >_< I dunno. :(

Modified: Good, Water Pokemon ARE played here. :) I like it a lot with Kingdra, since Seadra can place a damage counter on one of your opponent's Benched Pokemon (preferably a Baby ;D). You can surprise your opponent with a quick prize by KOing that Tyrogue or Cleffa or whatever 30HP Pokemon which Seadra put the damage counter on previously. :) I like to play this cube with Aquapolis Octillery too. Aquapolis Remoraid's attack does 10 damage to any Pokemon you like. Next turn, attach this cube after you evolve, and KO that baby. :)
Pretty sweet stuff.

Draft: In Draft, Babies aren't played much, if at all. (That's if
you're drafting Aquapolis without Neo Genesis or Neo Discovery). So the effectiveness of this Cube is somewhat limited. And, of course, if you are not drafting Water, it's not only limited, it's useless. 1.5/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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