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Umbreon - Aquapolis

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Umbreon (Dark Moon)

If you want a good scan of this card:

Dark Moon is an interesting power. It's disruption that's similar to Noctowl but more reliable. However, your opponent gets to draw the same number that were shuffled back. The cool thing is, you would shuffle his best cards and leave it to luck. If his hand is crappy, just choose not to shuffle any cards back. Knowledge of your opponent's hand could also be very helpful. Attack is so-so. ;x

In Unlimited, no hope. It depends too much to Darkness Energy and ER kills it. A retreat cost doesn't help either. Rating: 1.7/5

In Modified, this is probably the best place to play it. But it's still a bit luck dependant though. You might shuffle back some cards, but he could draw them back or draw something like an Elm... Resistance to Espeon is nice though. Rating: 3/5

In Draft, it has colorless attack which means it's splashable. Pretty good stats for a Stage 1. Rating: 3.5/5 
dontknow09 Aquapolis Umbreon

Arghh... I just wrote the review for this umbreon but i accidently closed my window and it reset the review to blank.... Makes me so mad.. Well, ill jus hit the basics. 80HP good. Fighting weakness bad. Psychihc resistance good. One retreat good. Power can have an advantage. Downsides to power, it has to be active.

Unlimited- Not so hot. Energies are probably gonna be removed. If you try to use Umbreon to remove energy removal, i doubt anyone has enough darkness or sub-darkness energies to stop someone from searching for them again. 2.5/5

Modified- Rouge bait. Fighting has a big comeback. More fighting is going to be seen. Also, energy removal is returning too, for some odd reason... 2/5

Draft- No disc rouge, but aq rouge will haunt umbreon. Though the chances of pulling it are slightly hard(It is a 186 card set), theres planty of fighting around. The new eevee isnt so pretty either. 2.25/5

Team- Ruin both of your opponents. Ruin both of there hands. What a good combination of ruining things. Also, if played with the correct decks, umbreon can really make havoc. 3.25/5

X- Act Aquapolis Umbreon

This is a very interesting card. The 'Dark Moon' Poke-Power is quite good. But... the way the Poke-Power is written is a little bit
ambiguous:"Poké-Power: Dark Moon: As long as Umbreon is your Active Pokémon and has a Darkness Energy attached to it..."
It says it needs a Darkness Energy attached to it. Now, in my opinion, a Rainbow Energy is not a Darkness Energy, even if it can provide one Darkness Energy. It can provide a Darkness Energy, but it's not a Darkness Energy per se. I checked for a ruling on this, but haven't found anything yet. I guess the text is ambiguous. :/

Unlimited: It would have been quite good here, but... it's weak to
fighting :( Umbreon's Power needs to work when it's Active, and its
attack is too good to just use Umbreon for its Power (using a weird
Dodrio combo or whatever). SER hurts it, but you can use Boost Energy and Slowking to limit it. And Shadow Bind is quite cool. Whoever you attack can't retreat next turn. That's why Slowking can combo with this Pokemon so well... (You can shuffle their Trainers in their deck with Umbreon's Power... and if they get a few back, Slowking doesn't allow them to be used). But... that's why Warp Energy just breaks the combo down... or does it? Can't you shuffle it too? :O Still... a Tyrogue hitting you for 60 is just too much.

Modified: I said Slowking combos well with this Umbreon. I wouldn't
risk Noctowl with this though, because their Powers conflict with each other. However, you can first use Umbreon's, then Noctowl's. The fact that Umbreon CAN shuffle ANY cards you like from your opponent's hand is pretty sweet. He or she does get the same amount of cards back, so pray that they're not the same cards you made him or her shuffle in his or her deck >_< Again... Tyrogue is a pain though.

Draft: I'd say this would be a good card in Draft. A colorless attack,
and a "good" Poke-Power. You DO need the Darkness (and Rainbow???)
energies to use it though. I like that attack though in Draft.
Refraining your opponent from retreating in Draft is mean. Really mean.
But it's a Rare. :(
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