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Mystery Plate Gamma - SkyRidge

Date Reviewed: 12.09.03

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Heidi Craig
 Mystery Plate Y
Modified 2/5
This trainer card is very situational. It does allow you to shuffle your hand if they 5 or more prizes but that would only work early game. If you needed some cards and managed to get it early game it would be good since in modified there are few cards that allow you draw power. In late game, if your opponent has 2 prizes you can take the evolution and put it on the bottom of their deck. This could come in handy if they didn't have another evolution in their hand or a trainer to get the evolution back. In the current modified format their are several cards that help get evolution cards from your deck and most evolution decks use trainers such as Elm's Training Method, Fast Ball and Wally's Training which would make taking the evolution weak. If they rely on Rare Candy to evolve you could cause some disruption in their deck by taking the evolution away. However, if the evolved Pokemon had enough damage on it when you took the evolution away, it would be knocked out this could really mess your opponent up. With Ex Pokemon having such high hit points taking the evolution away for a knock out could be a great surprise move against your opponent. Of course this only works in late game when they have exactly 2 prizes GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Unlimited 1/5
I would not use this card. There is much better draw power to use. There are other trainers to use to get rid of your opponents evolution that aren't so situational.

Draft 1/5
In this format you only start with 4 prizes so you wouldn't be able to use it for draw power. Taking the evolution part might be nice since they probably wouldn't have to many of the evolution in their deck but you would have to get the card at the right time. With little draw power in draft you probably wouldn't have it when you needed it.
Thundachu  Mystery Plate Gamma

Overview: A prety nice TM to have in your deck. For one colorless energy, you can use Retro Cave which can do one of two things. If your opponent has 5 or more prizes, you get to shuffle your hand into your deck and get outm 6 cards. If he or she has 2 prizes EXACTLY, you get to de-evolve one of your opponent's benched pokemon. Not very bad at all. Gets rid of some of the heavy hitters building up on the bench or gets you a new hand. This card comes in handy if you have a pokemon with an attack costing more energy than you have on it but you do have atleast one, so instead of doing absoulutley nothing, you can do atleast somthing. A draw back is that it is usless unless your opponent has 5-6 prizes or 2 prizes.

Unlimited: Devolution Spray, Professor Oak. 1/5

Modified: 1.5/5

Draft: Being as in draft you only get 4 prizes, the good part of the card for an extra hand in draft, can't be used. Not suggested here though it could be a good space-filler I suppose. Being an uncommon, you will probably draft it. 2.5/5

Mystery Plate Gamma


Yyyeeeeeeeyyyy!!!!!!  My favourite trainer card!


            This is one very good, very commonly overlooked card. Actually, it’s personally my favorite eon trainer. Since I suggested this card, I’m going to make this one extra-long. ^_^ 


            I like this card. In the early game, it functions as very good draw power. It gets one more than Oak’s research, a normally good copycat, (and of course sets you up for an opponent’s copycat next turn :/ ) but it gets you a brand new hand, all for one energy.


            Late game, this card does actually come in handy. Let me tell you a little story, one of many good battles from the Shack (see last review lol).


            ‘One day a few weeks ago we was all hauled up in the Shack as the cold wind blew outside. Matt started up the regular modified tourney, and everyone pulled out their decks and started shuffling. This was the weekend Dragons came out, and I was trying my luck with a kinky Flygon design, and was doing good, until I came to my third match, which we are here to discuss. This match was against Zettle, and he had a Salamence deck, (the non-colorless weak one -___- ) which I was weak to, and he got it up on third turn. I had nothing but lame basics, which I used as dummies until I managed to get out a Flygon with 4 different energies on it. Not nearly enough. Now this was impromptu, but when he knocked out my fourth Pokémon (two prizes left) I put in Flygon, and topdecked one of these babies. I played it, put his Salamence on the bottom of his deck (it had no damage on it), and ended my turn. He drew (with no basics on the bench), didn’t get another Salamence, Oak’s researched for one, didn’t get it another basic, and then used Shelgon’s Rock Head attack. Next turn I attached another different energy and used Rainbow burn for 80 damage and the k.o.’


            I hope this demonstrates the power of “Plate Gamma,” as I say. Just throwing three copies of this card into any eon deck with a stage two line makes it run so much smoother, and packs a little late game punch. Also very nice to use when you get the“I’m sinking, crashing, and finally burning,” feeling.

            (Sorry everyone! I don’t have a PPPR scale for trainers lol)


            Modified: 4.5/5 – Would get five, but it’s a little situational. Just trust me though; try a few in your modified deck; it may not look like much but it is truly a Hidden Tiger!

(Wait a sec…Hidden Tiger? I could swear it was Hidden Tiger Crouching Dragon….)


            2 on 2: 4.5/5 --  ……………  -______-


            Team: ??? – Here we have an anomaly; might want a ruling on the prize situation with this card and your opponents.


            Unlimited: 1/5 – Sadly, no one here uses evolutions, except Slowking; which in itself will probably block this card. Plus there’s a lot of other draw power options, and you can’t waste attacks here.  (Not to mention that you’ll probably get instantly Team Rocket’s Trapped…)


            Wriiten by:  ~Hedge

            Written December 8th, 2003


Thanks for posting Pojo!


            P.S.:  Everyone! Please try this card out! It rocks!!!!


Name: Mystery Plate ă

Type: Trainer

Sub-Type: Technical Machine

Text: Attach this card to 1 of your Pokémon in play. That Pokémon may use this card’s attack instead of its own.  At the end of your turn, discard Mystery Plate ă.


Retro Cave If your opponent has 5 or more prizes, shuffle your hand into your deck and then draw 6 cards.  If your opponent has exactly 2 prizes, choose one of your opponent’s Evolved Pokémon.  Your opponent puts the top card on that Evolved Pokémon on the bottom of his or her deck. (This counts as devolving that Pokémon.)


This card has been getting some attention lately: if it shows up at the right time, it’s beautiful.  Early game, you can essentially Eeeeek; late game you might be able to cripple their offensive.  The problem is, even if you run 4 of each, it’s still might.  First, you they gotta have one of those prize counts.  Second, you gotta have this card.  The second possible effect of Retro Cave even has less of a chance of working: what if they actually are harassing you with a basic (an almost certainty for Unlimited and a possibility for Eon).  In Limited, the first part would never work unless they got a prize penalty!  I just wish it had options for every Prize count.  Still, if you got room, go for it: it could save your tail.




Unlimited: 1.5/5-… but probably not here.  We got all the draw and search power we want here.


Modified: 3/5-Here, Mystery Plate ă could do wonders.  If you can get it at the right time, it’s a second POR, but +1!  Late game, it could also be a life savor-devolve something with a lot of HP that was Rare Candied from a small basic for a prize.  Gee, wonder where we’d see, say, a 150 HP Pokémon Rare Candied from a 50 HP basic? *coughgexcough*


Limited: 2.5/5-Just because Evolution cards are so strong that devolving when they have half one is actually still useful.



perfect0ne  Mystery Plate y (Gamma)

An alternative form of draw for some decks.  A waste of room for most.

Unlimited-  We have Oak, Elm, CPS, Cleffa, and so on.  Theres no need for this at all- there are so many better options.
rating--- 1.5

Modified-  Im sure that this will be played more after people realize that this is a step up from POR in some cases- not to mention it is not a supporter.  This card does waste your attack though...=/...well in some situations, your attack may provide no effect at all anyway, like against attacks like Agility (kingdra ex, etc.) and you get to use a supporter followed by this card!  Its not amazing, but fits into certain deck that can't deal very well with Hit and Run decks (Ninjask) and Agility users.
rating--- 3.375

Draft-  ...Getting a new hand in draft!?  This really is amazing for draft.  I've always thought that Skyridge was the most fun to draft, seeing as there are so many BBPs (ex. Girafarig, Wobuffet, Gligar) and evolutions as Commons and Uncommons (ex. ursaring, noctowl and forretress).  Drawing a new hand is insane in draft.  If you get this, you better use it!
rating--- 4.475

2 vs. 2-  I would have to rate it slightly lower here, than in modified, since if you do use it, there wont be many Hit and Run decks or Agility decks to abuse it against- AND your opponent has two potential attackers and 2 potential pokemon to KO, while you get a new hand.
rating--- 3

Multiplayer-  Well In multiplayer, you CAN use this effect for your allys benefit if you choose to do so.  But this is a faster paced, more dangerous kind of way to play the TCG, so I only recommend using it early on in the game, before any big hitters come out to play.
rating--- 2.675
Bullados Strategy for MP Gamma

Advantages of MP Gamma:
At the beginning of the game, you get an almost-Cleffa, something that is desperately missing in the Modified format. 6 cards isn’t QUITE Cleffa, but it’s better than Oak’s Research, which only nets you 5. At the late game, you get to devolve one of your opponent’s Pokemon, and prevent it from coming out for a good amount of time (depending on your opponent’s deck size). This is EXTREMELY good, considering that Modified is dominated by either Evolution Pokemon or Wobbuffet, and Wobb is easily countered by virtually anything.

Disadvantages of MP Gamma:
It takes up your attack. Most of the time, when you need this thing, this won’t matter, as you don’t have a big attacker up and ready to waste. Also, it’s a one-and-done thing, meaning that you need to time the placement of this thing EXACTLY in order for it to work. This is extremely bad, since you’ll most likely need either or both effects at least twice during the game, and you can only use him up to 4 times without the help of Linoone.


You’ve got Cleffa, and you don’t have very many evolutions. Not a great combination for this card. IMO, this isn’t all that great here. 1.125/5

Much better. You don’t have Cleffa, and many of the Pokemon are evolutions, which make this thing even better. However, don’t build a deck with this card in mind. You either need to be hugely up or hugely down in order for it to work properly. I think that it’s worth 2 spots in your deck, but not more than that. 3.5/5

Not really worth it. you start out with 4 prizes, completely negating its first effect, and evolutions are not all that great here, negating the 2nd effect. In essence, this thing is a waste of cardbord for this format. 1.5/5

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