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Roselia - EX Dragon

Date Reviewed: 12.03.03

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Heidi Craig
Modified 4/5
This is a nice card for colorless or grass decks. The Pokemon Body protects against special conditions it is always nice to have that extra protection against those annoying special conditions. The first attack Speed Growth makes this card awesome. It allows you to place 2 additional grass energy in one turn on the Pokemon of your choice. It really makes it easy to power up those big hitters quickly that require several energy to do their powerful attack. If you really want to use this attack effectively be sure to run high energy and some good search to get energy. I also recommend Fan Club or Dunsparce to be sure you have the basics you want powered up on your bench. The second attack Sleep Powder is great for stalling if you deck is having problems setting up. I admit it could deal more damage but hopefully they stay asleep. I use this card with MukEx and most games Muk is ready to attack second turn.

Unlimited 1.5/5
This card may be useful in some grass decks for the Status effect to put them asleep. Using Speed Growth would be helpful in getting out energy quick but energy removal is very popular so keeping it might be a problem.

Draft 2/5
If you drafted some good grass or colorless Pokemon this card could be a great supporting Pokemon. You could stall with Sleep Powder or Speed Growth could help getting energy on the Pokemon you want quickly. Speed growth could also be used in some decks that aren't grass but use several colorless energy for their attack just be sure to put grass in the deck.
Pscyhup   Roselia! Its one of the four armoatherapists/heal bellers in the game (legally obtained), with vileplume, delcatty, and chimecho. Roselia is kinda just a erm.... rose, on drugs maybe. =P

Ok, so this is supposedly a BBP, that sceptile can't do much to, but then again no-one plays sceptile due to the overly high showing of blaziken, though I know someone who uses scepty to counter gardy ex. Growth is nice. 2 energies attached from hand (must be grass). That doesn't matter though, cuz anything that gets you a triple energy attach (theoretically) is pretty good. However, its second attack doesn't quite hold up after you're all powered up.

Roselia [G] 60 HP

(POKE-Body) Think Skin

Roselia can not be affected by special conditions.

[C] Speed Growth

Attach up to 2 [G] from your hand to your pokemon in any way you like.

[G] Sleep Powder 10

The defending Pokemon is now asleep.

Weakness: [R]

Resistance: ---

Retreat Cost: [C]

Well, this thing has 70 HP with LPS, but then again it only does 10 damage with a minor annoyance sleep potential. This thing works will in Sceptile decks, which are nonexistant today, since the blaziken line has take the role of feraligatr. However, more and more people are considering blaziken because of this thing's speed. The ability to attach 2 energy is a good thing to have, it can power up Latios ex too, and a bunch of other things that use colorless attacks, such as Gardevoir ex.

Its not big, it is a basic, and it isn't bad. There are no uses or combos that apparently would be the next fantastic duo. Of course, with a format that is dominated by Pokemon-ex, there's nothing that can't stop 60 HP 10 damage max pokemon. If this card had a second attack that could do like sneasel's, the it would be appearing a lot more in decks as tech. Today's review isn't long, because there really isn't much to say about this card. =/

Unlimited: Let's see, scyther. Take out all your roselia and put in scyther, if you need more grass, the put in rocket's scyther, you need more grass the put in pinsir, and then caterpie, weedle, bulbasaur, and then it comes to roselia. In other words, don't try it in unlimited. 1/5

Modified: Well, good card to be working with. You have potential combos and stuff that you could work with. Powering up colorless attacks in a hurry prehaps even allowing Gardevoir ex a second turn psystorm (with Energy Switch). I can see this card going off with salamence, sceptile, latios ex, etc. 60 HP doesn't make it too strong, and 10 damage max isn't a bonus in this format. Worth playing though. 3/5

Limited: So you got 6 packs, and you get this one grass. Play it or not? Well chances are your deck runs colorless, and other chances are that you won't have 2 grass to use speed growth effectively. Maybe a good card in the right deck, but still I think its better used as a binder item. 2/5

thanks for reading again.

Thundachu  Roselia

Overview: Ah, we finally look at the EX: Dragon cards. Roselia is not a bad card really. It's PokeBody brings back the days of Snorlax from Jungle, Thick Skin makes it not be affected by any special conditions. Comes in handy for Burn and Poison. For 1 colorless energy, you can use Speed Growth lets you attach upto 2 Grass energy to ANY of your pokemon in any way you want. You can power up your bench and basic. Nice handy additon. Then for 1 grass energy, it allows you to use Sleep Powder and put the defending pokemon asleep and does 10 damage. 60HP is pretty solid for a basic pokemon. Weakness to fire like most grass Pokemon. Retreat of 1 is ok as well.

Unlimited: I wouldnt suggest it in this format. While it is pretty good, there are better here such as Muk, Scyther, Venusaur, Magenium. 2/5

Modified: Again, it is ok here. I would still suggest using Dustox, Sceptile, and the Jumpluff trio, but this could still be good as backup. 3.5/5

Draft: Being a rare-holo it may be hard to find, but if you can I highly suggest it here. Fast energy powerup with Speed Growth as well as automatic sleep and 10 damage; each for 1 energy. Plus 60HP and it cant be affected by special conditions. 5/5



Ahhh, our first Dragons card. Let me tell you, there’s a lot to come. Good stuff ^_^.


Anyway, onto Roselia. This card is…. Bleh. One of the lesser Dragon cards. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s pretty economical. With 60 HP, it won’t last too long… And fire weakness doesn’t really matter; most good fires will take it out without the help of the weakness (**cough** Magcargo ex **cough cough**) Besides, there’s always low pressure system. It can’t be affected by special conditions… Big deal, who uses those nowadays? -__-  Maybe Ampharos ex, but will Roselia stop it otherwise?? -___-

True, there are a lot of small Pokemon that due things like ‘thundershock,’ or ‘poison powder,’ but what will this card be? King of the early game Pokemon? -________-

It would be much better if it had something like Poison payback.


            Unlimited: 1/5 – Sneasel. Two out of six flips.


            Modified: 2/5 – Let’s all celebrate king of the crummy wannabe BBP day!!!!


            2 on 2: 2/5 -- …..


            Draft: 3/5 – Staus effects are big in draft. Good stall wall.

            Written by:  ~Hedge

Bullados  Roselia

Another Pokemon that’s 10 hp shy of the “magic number”. It’s not all that bad, just something to contend with in the later game, when attacks are absolutely amazing. Weakness to fire is not a great thing to have, what with all the Blaze/Eggs running around the area, there’s bound to be something Roselia’s weak to. No resistance, once again. Retreat of one isn’t that bad, and you might want to consider paying this, considering the cost of the attacks.

PokeBODY: “Thick Skin”:
I think this was added as a side note. Not something to rely on in the worst of situations, but just a nice little bonus.

Attack #2: “Sleep Powder”:
This is not Roselia’s special attack, it just requires more energy to use. Sleep has always been kinda crappy as a status effect, and 10 damage isn’t really enough to tide this attack over to the “good” catagory.

Attack #1: “Speed Growth”
Harvest Bounty in an attack. This is a nice thing to use on the first turn, especially in a Gardevoir or Magneton deck, where energy helps you out more. Also,it’s yet another thing that you can use to bypass the “one per turn” rule of Energy, and that’s always a good thing. The only problem is that it’s only for Grass NRG, greatly limiting its usage.


You’ve got Blastoise in here, nuf said. Also, it’s not gonna survive long with the big attacks around here, and its attack isn’t all that great for this format. 1.25/5

Better, but still not great. Again, it has only limited usage, mostly in Magneton and Gardevoir decks, but still, the ability to break the “one per turn” rule is always good. 3/5

Not exactly a first pick, but definately high up there. Any way that you can break the rules is always good, and this guy gives you a giant speed advantage in a format where speed is of utmost importance. Take him if there’s nothing better, play him if you have him. 4.5/5


 This is the first of many ex Dragon cards we'll be reviewing, the somewhat odd-yet useful-Roselia!

With HP of 60, this thing is a good Big Basic. However, it won't be evolving any time soon, so be prepared to use it for only a while. The first thing that makes it so neat is Thick Skin: a Poke-Body that will save it VERY often. To not be affected by ANY condition is a neat trick. The first attack of two, Speed Growth, also adds on to this card's quality. Since you get to attack up to two Grass Energy to your Pokemon, this is a useful way to get out Sceptile, fully powered by turn three! The next attack, Sleep Powder, is also a decent way to stall.

I personally don't like its weakness to fire (Blaziken's getting hungry!), but it's to be expected. A 1 colorless retreat isn't too bad, so, overall, it's a pretty dang-good card!

Unlimited (2.25/5): I suppose you could pull some sweet combos here, but it's still vulnerable to everything that makes this format so...seedy. Stupid little things will eat it alive (ie Tyrogue or even Magby oO).

Modified (3.75/5): Roselia is, as aboved mentioned, a catalyst to ANY grass deck, or even some of the colorless ones! This makes me think of so many ideas, it's not even funny.

Limited (3.5/5): It's quite a force here, as well. Although I highly doubt you'll be playing all-grass, it will prove to be a good way to get out your fatter pokies faster!

"The Cabal is here, and everywhere."

Name: Roselia

Type: Grass

Stage: Basic

HP: 60

Weakness: Fire

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Poké-BODY: Thick Skin

Roselia can’t be affected by any Special Conditions.

Attack#1: (C) Speed Growth

Attach up to 2 (G) Energy cards from your hand to your Pokémon in any way you like.

Attack#2:  (G) Sleep Powder [10]

The Defending Pokémon is now Asleep.


Well, now that I’ve taken a few minutes to look up what this thing is and does in the GBA games (what, it’s almost Christmas, so soon I should have a copy), let’s begin the review!


Attributes: Well, we only have one Roselia, so like so many of the newer Pokémon, it’s not going to replace an old Roselia or be ignored for one.  Roselia is a non-evolving Grass Pokémon (and half Poison in the GBA game).  Due to Grass actually consisting of Grass, Poison, and Bug Pokémon, Roselia faces steep competition in Unlimited: Jungle Scyther, possibly the best Grass Basic (due to its free retreat, Fighting Resistance, and splashable nature).  In Eon, this has a chance as the best Grass Basics are a somewhat wimpy Scyther from Aquapolis and Seviper from Sandstorm.  Sorry folks but I never cared for Scyther ex… it’s just too wimpy for a Pokémon ex.  Of course, as we’ll later discover, Roselia’s type is little more than an inconsequential special effect due to her abilities… so let’s move onto HP: a nice, solid 60.  This is what we expect for a non-evolving basic as it will let it survive the fairly puny slaps from evolving basics.  It’s not great, but it’s serviceable.  This card might be an AB3 (Almost Big Bad Basic)… no, this is not one of my requests: your torment is over. ;)  For future reference, if I find a group of cards like that I want people to look at, I’ll probably just right an article-we barely scratched the surface of Sandstorm and Dragons is already here. @_@ Anyway, Fire weak as (almost) always, though as a half Poison Pokémon, Psychic could have worked *remembers Gardevoir/ex deck*  Heh, I think TPC made a good call their. ;) Well, Resistance is lacking, which is a pity.  Since I am away from my normal references, I won’t list my suggestions (the peasants rejoice!).  Last we come to its nice, simple retreat of just one.  This is pretty easy to pay, so don’t worry about it.


Abilities: Roselia has both a Poké-Body and two attacks.  Thick Skin is a flash back: Snorlax had it since the days of Jungle (though as a Pokémon Power).  I don’t know what would happen if a Muk ex Poisoned an active Roselia, but then the Muk gets benched or KO’d.  Speed Growth looks nice: a quick boost of Energy, even if it’s only for Grass Energy is nice, and it only costs (C), which seems odd since it only affects Grass.  Still, it is as I said: a nice, useful attack.  Finally we come to Sleep Power.  This attack is fairly priced: (G) yields 10 damage and a moderate effect normally.  “Auto-Sleep” is cheaper than other such Special Conditions because there is still a 50% chance it will be cured (at not cost to the injured party) before it does anything.  If you opponent has something that could put the hurt on you and retreating isn’t an option, it is nice.  Still, I think a bigger attack might have been better, or one with more stopping power: how about giving a Poison-type a move that Poisons? 


Uses/Combinations: A decent warm up act for any deck that makes use of a lot of Grass Energy.  Possible candidate to replace Jungle Snorlax in Turbo Snorlax decks (the big ‘mon, with Dark Gloom and Dark Vileplume for back-up).  Snorlax worked in those decks because it had better HP and damage though… Since it does so little damage, don’t use it to nail Grass Weakness.  Some decks that make use of the extra energy would be the infamous Gardevoir/ex decks.  Sacrificing one or 2 Roselia to set up a ridiculously loaded bench could make Gardevoir unstoppable… or completely back fire thanks to other versions of the deck or similar attacks.  I think most Grass decks will love it though, particularly Energy Trans ones: use it to get 9 Energy in play in 3 turns!  Definitely nice for the Energy Trans decks I see that use several non-Grass Pokémon (like the e-card Legendary Birds and Dogs) to type-match for the win.  As a Grass type, Low Pressure System can give it a little more longevity.




Unlimited: 1.5-It just doesn’t look like it’d live long enough to do enough.


Modified: 3/5-Now we are talking-send it up early game to power everything else up.  With 60 HP, it should be able to use Speed Growth 2-3 times before being KO’d.


Limited: 4/5-Low Pressure System is here to give it +10 HP if you are lucky.  Special Conditions are usually great in draft, and this can inflict one and resist all.  If this is drafted with most recent sets, almost everything has a lot of Colorless Requirements that Grass can fill.  A good pick I think.


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