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Latios - Dragon

Date Reviewed: 12.26.03

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Heidi Craig
Modified 3/5

This is a good card but wouldn't want it to be my starting Pokemon. It's a nice card to have on the bench ready to go that deals some high damage and then retreat the next turn. Unless, they can't hit for much damage then the first attack could help in getting it powered up again quickly and it would be worth keeping it as the active. If you build a deck using the energy it needs it's worth putting a couple in as a back up to the main hitter.

I wouldn't use this card. There are better Pokemon to use.

Draft 2.5/5

It could be a little slow if the flips didn't go your way but should be pretty good. It weakness may cause it some problems in this format since most people like to use colorless Pokemon to help with how many energy types you run in your deck. The resistance should be helpful with grass and fighting being popular in draft.
Hedge Latios ex

Hmmmm… Well, I gave most of views on this card in my earlier review on Latias ex, because I was comparing the two on a rant. However, a friend of mine does have a few points he wanted me to mention about this card:
Hi, I'm Burninating Torchic. Anyway, I've been waiting to review this card if I could, because as Hedge mentioned in his Latias EX CotD, we have had some controversy over these cards. So, here is what I think of Latios EX.
This card is pretty darn good for a Basic EX Pokemon. It has nearly the highest HP of any Basic EX (100), and though Hedge said most attacks that take out 90 HP'ers take out 100 HP'ers as well, that is not necessarily true. Let's say they have a Rollout Wailmer. They use Rollout for 20 Damage. Then they evolve to Wailord and use Surf. That would knock Latias EX out, but not Latios EX. Also, resistances. Both of them have a fighting resistance, which doesn't really help, but they also each have a different arch-type resistance. Latias EX withstands Gardevoir EX while Latios EX withstands Scepticenter. But let's think which of those is really a better resistance. Gardevoir EX can potentially do enough damage that Latias EX's resistance won't help her withstand the attack. Sceptile however, can do a maximum 100 damage, with Latios EX's resistance, it won't knock him out. In fact, he could take a 1 heads 1 tails shot followed by a 2 heads shot and still have 10 HP left. And even if Latias EX had this resistance, she still couldn't withstand the above situation. Therefore, Latios EX's resistance is better. Now for the attacks.

Latias EX may only require 2 energy discards, but they are specific type. If you don't get those types, you are in a bad situation. Now let's think about Latios EX's attack. An easy way to do this is to attach 1 Lightning, 1 Grass, and 3 other energies to Latios EX before using the attack(maybe while he is on the bench). Then when he attacks, he still has the only required energy left, and is pretty good to go. Then you have a way to get another Luster Purge out turn after next still having your required energy attached. You can use Venusaur's Harvest Bounty, as this card goes with the type theme and fits good in a Latios EX deck, to get 2 energies on the next turn. Then, use Latios EX's first attack to get energies from the grave onto him. Also, attach your regular energy the turn you plan to use Luster Purge. Latios EX now has 6 Energies on him. Then you can use Luster Purge, bringing it down to 3. The next turn, Harvest Bounty will allow 2 energy attaches, bringing you back up to the 2 required energy and 3 others. 3 Luster Purges in 4 turns, now that is just about as good as you can ask for. Also, Dragons Magneton (The sweet one) fits in this deck type also, and if it is your active Pokemon while you give Latios EX those extra energies on the bench, it can cause some serious damage as well. The only downside to this Pokémon is probably its weakness. Colorless can be found in many decks, as it is favored for "splashability".
So, that’s what I think on HP, Resistance, Attacks, Combos, and Weakness on Latios EX. I hope you enjoyed my review.


Ok then, that’s all I’ve got on this one… Merry Christmas everyone!

(Or Happy Chanukah, Kwanza, or other holiday ^_^ )

Written by: ~Hedge

Written December 21st, 2003.

Special thanks to Burninating Torchicfor giving us his beliefs on this card.

Thank you for posting Pojo.

Name: Latios ex

Set: Dragons
Grass, Fighting

Attack#1: (C) Energy Stream [10]

Flip a coin.  If heads, search your discard pile for a basic Energy card and attach it to Latios ex.

Attack#2: (GLC) Luster Purge [100]

Discard 3 Energy attached to Latios ex.

Attributes: Being a basic is great.  Being the only Latios ex is fine: no older versions to compete against.  Being a Pokémon ex means it must get certain “price” breaks and stat bonuses, since it is worth two prizes and not one.  If it doesn’t do more, then you’d use a “normal” Pokémon in its stead.  Colorless is no longer the worst type, since Dragons introduced a Colorless Weakness.  It still hurts that Unown N and Sprout Tower can reduce your damage, but they aren’t usually run unless the person knows what they are going to be up against.  100 HP is not too bad, but since you lose two prizes for this, it’s like you only have two 50 HP (or so) Pokémon.  Not Happy.  Still, it could be much worse.  Weakness to Colorless isn’t that bad really since this isn’t an Evolution it doesn’t fear Zangoose quite as much.  Its next best threats are Linoone and Delcatty.  It gets a double resistance, which is nice.  Sadly, neither Grass nor Fighting have had any break away decks.  Still, there is a chance they could get good.  Last we come to the retreat: two.  This is low enough you can pay, but high enough to try to avoid.

Abilities: Energy Stream is a nice attack.  For (C), you do the 10 you’d expect, and as an added bonus, you can attach a basic energy from your discard on a coin flip.  Luster Purge is sort of mixed.  As you know, I treat a discard as an extra requirement of the discarded energy.  So we are doing 100 for (GLCCCC).  Two colors means a 5 bonus, G and L each contribute 15 for 35 so far, and then (CCCC) adds on another 40.  So we have paid for 75.  An extra 25 seem like a nice bonus, except that we have violated a normal trend.  We have little chance of constantly adding 3 new energy for Luster Purge each turn.  So we almost need to take the average of attacking one turn and then being unable to attack for another 2-3.  Ouch. 

Uses/Combinations: Okay, in Unlimited, you got a few options.  Harvest Bounty Venusaur (with Chaos Gym to protect it) could attach a Recycle and a DCE each turn and pay for the attack.  Of course, getting 4 Double Colorless Energy ready may be tricky.  Not much else.  You can use things that shift energy to make the set up easy (like Energy Trans Sceptile).  It’s funny.  If this were Grass, than in Unlimited, Wild Growth Meganium could break it; if this were an Evolution, then Boost would make it formidable.


Unlimited: 2/5-A really weird “gag” deck.

Modified/2-on-2: 2.5/5-A slightly more successful gag deck.

Limited: 3/5-Might be a good “secret” weapon if you keep it on the bench and load it up for “rapid fire”.

TMP: 2.5/5-Can’t see this helping much.

I wrote this a bit fast and I am sorry if it seems too short.  There is just not a lot going for this card.  Oh well, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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