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Charizard - Dragon

Date Reviewed: 12.25.03

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Heidi Craig
Modified 3.5/5

This card has great hit point for not being an EX Pokemon. It does have a weakness to water which isn't to bad but KingdraEX could pose a problem.

Collect Fire hits for 30 and a flip to get 2 energy from the discard pile. This is a good attack for two energy and if the flip goes right your probably ready to go next turn for the main attack. Juggler and TV Reporter might be a good trainers to help get fire in the discard early game if you get the flip.
Flame Pillar is a great attack for 60 damage to the active and an option to hit the bench for 30 if you discard an energy. Hitting bench and active at the same is a great combo. Hopefully you can KO the weak Pokemon on the bench and take the active out at the same time. You could run boost to maybe attack before they expect it.

I wouldn't use this card. There are much better Pokemon in this format to use.

Draft 5/5
If you are lucky and I mean lucky to draft the line, I would use them in this format.
perfect0ne   Charizard (dragons)

This charizard tree caught everyone by surprise.  Where did it come from?  It wasn't in any spoilers anywhere... neither was Levitate Vibrava Flare Shelgon and a few others.  Nintendo likes to make up cards as they go!

Unlimited-  If losing is fun for you, you cant go wrong with charizard!  If you want to use fire, use blaines RK9 with typhlosion.
rating--- 1

Modified-  The worst thing that you can do here, is expect to power up your first charizard to 4 energy.  That will never happen with Amphy ex, swamperts, and other fast powerhouses.  With your first charizard or two that you send out, you want to use collect fire- hopefully you used a juggler and got rid of 2 fire energy and may be able to use flame pillar.  With memory berry, charizard can use charmanders rage after being attacked by like a latias ex or swampert and rage for 110!!!  Since charizard does 30 to a benched pokemon with flame pillar, a good supporting pokemon is electabuzz SS since he will finish off a 70 HP pokemon.  Boost energy is also a nice idea for charizard.  He can even abuse Mr. Brineys Advice if you use a few fossils to stall.
rating--- 3.25

Draft-  ...seriously...will anyone even get one piece to the charizard tree? ...its not possible...
rating--- 4 (i rate it by its usability, not rarity- since this is assuming that you have it!)

2 vs. 2-  Team him up with either something that can power stuff up faster like maybe a roselia or something and he may show more promise. 
rating--- 3.5

Multiplayer-  Just a tad too slow for being on the receiving end of 2 powerhouses.
rating--- 3
Thundachu  Charizard

Overview: Ah yes, a new Charizard released in Dragons. Lets see if it is better than Base and such. For 1 fire energy and 1 colorless energy, Collect Fire lets you flip a coin and if heads take 2 fire energy from your discard and attack them to Charizard. A nice attack to build up Charizard indeed and then as well do 30 damage automaticly. Than for 1 fire energy and 3 colorless, Flame Pillar does 60 damage which is nice plus another 30 to one of your opponent's benched pokemon if you discard a fire attached. 4 energy for only 60 damage? Not that good. 120HP for a stage 2 is nice to have plus a low retreat of only 2 is not bad either. Like all Charizards, this one is weak to water.

Unlimited: Typhlosion and Magcargo are good here, thanks. 1.5/5

Modified: 2/5

Draft: Being a stage 2 and having an all-rare evo line, odds of drafting this baby and all of it's evos are slim to nothing, but if you can pull it off, I suppose it is ok here. Quick powerup and some pretty good damage(even though the energy cost doesn't fit it at all..) 3/5

Charizard (The Super Ultra Secret Rare one)


Pretty nice card. A BIG step up from Base Charizard lol… It’s a stage two with 120 HP and no ex status, only two retreat (pretty low for a stage two), and with good attacks to boot. It should have resistance to fighting, however the most commonly used Fighting Pokemon (Solrock) has the ability to avoid resistance anyhow.. The first attack is ok, but it would have been better on Charmander and only do ten damage and for one energy, then you could Juggler and go for a second turn one of these babies lol! As it is, you can still go for a 2nd turn one with Boost, but that’s only if you see your opponent is really fast. Water weakness… Predictable, but not nearly as damaging nowadays because of Amphy ex. Most people will overlook this card and go for Blaziken (which is a decision I agree with) and not sorely for it’s game strength, but because this card has to be nearly 10 times as rare as a normal holo. Since the average holo is one out of three packs, this card is 1 out of 30 packs (roughly). But then Charmander and Charmeleon are also just as rare, so times 3, this card is one out of  90 booster packs. 0_0  I opened two boxes, AND went to two different Drafts and didn’t get a single one. Anyway, as for the second attack, very economical it is. Flame Pillar is kind of like a more concentrated Fire Stream (Blaziken), and that’s pretty good. 90 dmg for four energy and one discard. Very nice.



            Modified: 4/5 – With the power of this card, water’s banishment, and no one else to counter it with itself because of it’s rarity, you might have a force.


            Unlimited: 1/5 – I know some players that stopped buying the cards after Neo Genesis, and they remain Old School Die Hards, and if they ask what deck you’re playing in unlimited, and you reply anything with “Char” in it’s name, they’ll laugh you out of the tourney. -________________-


            Draft: .00000000000001/5 – Good luck getting one. -______-


            Team: 3.5/5 – Little faster here, watch out for Scizor/Starmie quickhit decks.


            2 on 2: 3.8/5 – Only four benched Pokemon to hit here makes it just a tad less viable.


            Mutant: 5/5 – Hmmm… Anyone for Torkoal – Flareon- Charizard??  + A few Juggler of course  ~_^ .


            Written by:  ~Hedge

            Written December 21st, 2003.

Thanks for posting Pojo!


Strategy for Charizard (Dragons)



120 HP, the immortal number.  This alone makes this guy playable at the very least in Modified.  Water weakness is a problem, but it’s all fire types.  Just be careful around Water decks, especially Wailord, who’ll kill you in one shot.  Nice retreat for this guy.  He used to have 3 retreat, and now it’s 2.  I still say that you switch him out, but that’s just my preference.  BTW, where did his resistance go?  I thought all Pokes with wings had that resistance!!!


Attack #1: “Collect Fire”:

This is nice.  30 damage is about on for that NRG requirement, but you ALSO get to power up his main attack!!!  This is HUGE, even compared to the world-renowned Base set version.  However, this is just a backup attack, and should only be used as such.


Attack #2: “Flame Pillar”:

THIS is nice.  60/30 for [RCCC] with a discard.  This cost should make about 50 damage, but you come away with 90!!!  I don’t care who you are, this is huge.  Use this attack early and often, it will net you a couple of prizes at the very least.





Although this guy is good, he just doesn’t compare to the original.  Also, he’s ER prone and difficult to maintain with that attack (at least with Base Zard, you could re-power with Blastoise).  Don’t use him here.  1.125/5



Pretty nice.  Not quite an archetype, but pretty nice.  There should be a way to build a deck around him, even though his attacks are not as strong as others in the format, and that he doesn’t have a gamebreaking Pokemon Power.  3.75/5



If you manage to get his entire tree (which is extremely rare, there is only one of the three Char Pokes in each box I’ve been told), he pwns all.  However, due to the fact that he IS so rare and so difficult to get out, his rating is dropped severely.  2.5/5



 Okay, before I get to the main review, let's outline Charizard's rough history. I mean, come on! This Pokemon rocks like no other, yet he gets shafted time and time again!

-Base Set Charizard: Neat at the time (and highly sought-out!!!), but, in all reality, it was bad, and got even more dead-horrible by Jungle's release, and STAYED dead-horrible through both Rocket-on and Ne-on.
-Dark Charizard: Neat card, and even got people playing it, but mediocre during the day. Could be slightly good now...>_>""
(Then, for a long time, we don't see the big, fat guy's face) -Expedition Foil: Terribly and then.
-Expedition Rare: The first fast, neat, and efficient Charizard. It's tiny, but neat! does the 'zard stack up in Dragons? Read on, kiddies, read on...

Vital Stats: 120 HP is a force to be reckoned with, if you're playing non-ex. The attack, collect fire, is quite nice! Although it's flippy, you stand the chance of having a turn 3 heavy-hitter, thus shutting down your opponent for good. Oh yah, that leads us on to the other neat attack, Flame Pillar! 60 for 4 is well...average. However, to discard so you may ping a benched pokey for a mouthful is just too neat! Unfortunately, a Water Pokey could make short work of the beast (ie water weakness). But what makes this lug of meat neater is that his retreat cost is actually that of two colorless!

Unlimited (2.25/5): I was about to send it straight into the garbage can here, but its ability to pick off babies AND sneasel at the same time make it worth looking at. It's dead-slow though, so make sure you have some boosts to go with it.

Modified (3.75/5): Is this the big, new thing to play with? No, unless you're dead-set on giving Charizard the credit he deserves. If you go for it, then he'll prove to be quite neat. Unfortunately, Ampharos hurts this dragon everytime you attach energy, and Gardevoir ex will completely annihilate him, as well. Good luck, but just make sure to tech out for safety.

Limited (4.75/5): WOW!!! Although your odds of getting the WHOLE set of this guy are terribly slim, you may just do it! Anybody who gets the line MUST, ABSOLUTELY play it, unless they just don't have many other strong fires. May we all draft this holy family...

"The Cabal is here, and everywhere."

Today we look at the “secret Rare” for EX Dragons, card #100/97, Charizard!

Name: Charizard
2 (Evolves from Charmeleon)
(RC) Collect Fire [30]
Flip a coin.  If heads, search your discard pile for 2 (R) Energy cards and attach them to Charizard (1 if there is only 1).

Attack#2: (RCCC) Flame Pillar [60]

You may discard a (R) Energy card attached to Charizard.  If you do, choose 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon and do 30 damage to that Pokémon. (Don’t apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon.)

Name: Charmeleon
1 (Evolves from Charmander)
(R) Smokescreen [10]

If the Defending Pokémon tries to attack during your opponent’s next turn, your opponent flips a coin.  If tails, that attack does nothing.

Attack#2: (RC) Fireworks [40]

Flip a coin.  If tails, discard a (R) Energy card attached to Charmeleon.

Name: Charmander

Attack#1: (Flare)

Attack#2: (CC) Rage [10+]

Does 10 damage plus 10 more damage for each damage counter of Charmander.

Attributes: Okay, as far as names, being a Charizard (as opposed to say a Blaziken) since, particularly for Modified, the Charizards have always been flashy flops.  Base Set was the first, and it had a fantastic Power but chunky, clunky attack.  The (relatively) recent Holo-Rare Charizard from Expedition was basically a remix of Base Charizard.  There’s a Crystal-Type Charizard, which like all crystal Pokémon has ridiculously over-priced attacks.  Shining Charizard was a joke.  Dark Charizard would have been good… but it only had 80 HP.  They aren’t all bad though: the normal Rare version from Expedition was actually pretty good (one incredibly cheap attack, one good, solid attack, decent stats).  So it’s better to be a part of a weaker group than something that is considered a staple: do we ever want to see a Sneasel or Murkrow that can compete with the originals? o_O Next, we note the fairly obvious-this is a Stage 2 Fire Pokémon.  It’s competing against both other Stage 2 Fire Pokémon, and several Stage 1 Fire Pokémon.  As a stage 2, it needs some “bonuses” to compete against Stage 1 and basic Pokémon: given the way the Pokémon TCG is set up, said bonuses will have to be in the abilities section.  It evolves from Charmeleon and before that Charmander.  The Dragon versions are pretty good-just one or two minor things keep them from being best overall.  For Modified, definitely use the Charmander-the Charmeleon is good for stall, but the Expedition version has better HP and strong attacks.  In either case, run Rare Candies as well.

Okay, back to the card itself.  The HP is perfect-a “plain” Stage 2 can’t get any better.  Water Weakness is expected and probably the most appropriate: Charizard is Fire/Flying, and Fire is Weak to Water while Flying is weak to Ice.  Ice is part of Water, so it covers two of its Weaknesses… except that Fire is Resistant to Ice.  Oh well.  An Electric Weakness might have been nice and made this card somewhat ground-breaking, but could have made it too powerful too.  No Resistance is the worst Resistance.  They probably should have given either Fighting (old reliable) or Fire (new and accurate).  Again, perhaps they feared over-powering it (at least for Modified).  Lat we come to retreat, which is just two.  This fair: it’s not so devastating that we can never pay it, but neither is it so low you can pay it without a thought.

Abilities: Now here’s where Charizard starts cooking.  Collect Fire is a great attack.  Not only does it do a little more damage than it should (given the energy put into it), but it also has a 50% chance of nabbing not one but two Fire Energy from the discard!  In addition to the obvious possible speed/recovery bonuses, it makes retreating much easier.  The second attack is also great.  For just (RCCC), you hit for 60!  Looking at the energy, you only paid for 45.  Doesn’t sound so great?  You have the option of discarding a Fire Energy and doing 30 to a benched Pokémon.  As you know, I treat a discard as an extra energy requirement, but R for 30 to the bench is pretty nice.  More importantly, it’s optional.  Now, as a Stage 2, Charizard needed great attacks, and it got them.  Note that you’ll need a good deal of Fire Energy to run this card, but the costs are mostly colorless, so a few off color energy won’t slow you down too much.

Uses/Combinations: Given its status as a Stage 2 Pokémon, you’re going to have to build you deck around it.  On the bright side, it looks like it might be worth it.  One nice trick is to use Juggler with it-you can Collect Fire to turn the cost into a bonus.  With Rare candy, you can be hitting for 60 a turn starting turn 3.  Doesn’t sound great, but any turn you want to, you can then slap a Fire Energy on Charizard, and then discard it to nuke a benched Pokémon.  30 is quite a bit, even for Evolved Pokémon.  In Unlimited, you could nuke a Sneasel and a Tyrogue at the same time!  You might consider tossing some Boost Energy into the deck-you can drop it for an early Flame Pillar.  Memory Berry is excellent: the Charmander has Rage for just (CC).  A half-dead Charizard could then use it and do 70!  Pokémon Nurse is also a thought, given the tricks for re-powering at a decent pace.  Back it up with a Seviper (to smack around Grass Weak Water) and Sandstorm Electabuzz (more bench damage and fry Electric Weak Water).  Lastly, you can try a couple of different Stadiums: High Pressure lowers retreat for your Fire, but also for Water. x_x Mirage can help you stand something so you can kill it (and maybe a benched Pokémon) with two Flame Pillars or just Collect Fire for a while to re-charge.  Most general use Stadiums still work.


Unlimited: 3.5/5-If you build a deck around Charizard in this format, this and the Expedition normal rare version (in a swarming deck) are your best bets.  You’ll need Slowking to protect your Energies, but if you can stay powered-up, Flame Pillar will wreak havoc with the normal Sneasel/Baby decks.  Watch out for Raindance though.  If the rating seems high, remember that most deck foci in this format clock in at 4 or more.  Fighting Resistance might have pushed it a bit higher.

Modified: 4/5-I am going to go out on a limb here: I think this Charizard could be the next big thing.  I faced it last night in a few games.  I was unfortunately using the SS Steelix variant of my Gojira deck series, and was at a natural disadvantage.  Still, my anti-Fire TecH, Aquapolis Suicune, couldn’t douse it fast enough.  It hit my Suicune on the bench, so Flame Pillar could OHKO when it became active.  Sleep helped slow it down, but the real problem is that against other common “Big Fire”, I can OHKO them on a “heads”.  Now, some of the games were close, and my deck had been proving pretty strong, but the person maid, imo, some bad choices for his deck-Magmar ex was one of his backers.  Yuck.  Still, he had some of the power combos (like Memory Berry).  I plan on sticking it into my Gojira engine and taking it for a test drive.

Limited: 3.5/5-It may seem kind of low, but even I have to take into account the difficulty of drafting all three of the Pokémon necessary… unless you draft with another set containing Charmander and Charmeleon, which case it’s a 4/5 at least.  Bench damage and Energy recycling are great.

2-on-2: 3.5/5-A cunning or daring opponent can keep just two Pokémon in play-both their actives.  They are still fairly safe from losing due to running out of Pokémon, and Charizard loses its big trick.

TMP: 4/5-Both players get more options, and the good and bad seem to balance out (your partner can run a pure “anti-water” deck, but your opponents could have a similar problem combo). is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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