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Rayquaza - Dragon

Date Reviewed: 12.13.03

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Thundachu  Rayquaza Ex

Overview: In general terms, this card is BAD. 100HP is great for a basic pokemon, but it is the attacks that bring this card down. For one colorless energy, you Flip a coin until you get tails. For each heads, you search your discard pile for 1 basic energy and attach it to Rayquaza Ex. Odds are most of the time you will get 1 or 2 heads and somtimes even first flip tails(espeacilly on Apprentice). The 2nd attack is even worse. For 1 Fire and 1 Lightning energy, you have the choice of either discarding all fire or all lightning energy atached to Rayquaza ex. It does 40 damage times the number of energy discarded. Like Latias ex, this card has a weakness to colorless. The other good thing about this card besides the HP is it has 2 resistances, Water and Fighting. And a retreat of 2 is way to much considering how much the card sucks.

Unlimited: Might as well play Lugia(sarcasm again) 1/5

Modified: How about no... 1/5

Draft: I've ran out of comments to say how bad this card is, so I will just be forward with you. Dont play it. 1.5/5

Strategy for Rayquaza ex



Good HP, very high even for an ex type basic.  Again, the weakness is new, and I’m not sure how it will affect the metagame.  You will be sure that Zangoose will be played as a semi-counter.  Love double resistances, especially against Water, which is as strong a type as ever.  Fighting resistance is kinda useless, but there will be times when you go up against some random Fighting deck, and this is good to have.  2 retreat is decent, but you should not pay this, especially with his attacks…


Attack #1: “Spiral Growth”:

That is nice.  NRG attachment for little more than coin flips.  With the right luck, you could have this beast up and running by turn 2, with a little help from Juggler and other discarding cards.


Attack #2: “Dragon Burst”:

Great combo with the first attack.  Almost infinite damage.  Just gotta watch out for the discard and other such things.  You could make this thing work really well, using Fisherman and Harvest Bounty for backup and support.  Powerful, but it’s only a one-shot affair.





There are other cards that do more damage for less energy and don’t have that nasty little discard.  Extremely ER prone.  Not good here.  1.25/5



Much better, although Zangoose is a problem.  Try out the Venusaur combo I said above, it might actually work.  Also, if you ARE running a dual electric/fire deck (don’t see why you would, but if you did) then this guy would make great colorless support.



Very good.  Half of your deck is usually energy here anyways, so the discard is really nothing to worry about.  The only problem is that there is very little Fire and even less Electric in Dragons, so there’s very little to combo this guy with.  It is powerful, and it will net you at least 2-3 prizes, if not win you the game.  4/5




Name: Rayquaza ex

Type: Colorless

Stage: Basic

HP: 100

Weakness: Colorless

Resistance: Water, Fighting

Retreat: CC

Attack#1: (C) Spiral Growth

Flip a coin until tails.  For each heads, search your discard pile for a basic Energy card and attach it to Rayquaza ex.

Attack#2: (RL) Dragon Burst [40x]

Discard all (R) Energy or all (L) Energy attached to Rayquaza ex.  This attack does 40 damage times the amount of (R) or (L) discarded.


Attributes: Since there are no other Rayquaza ex (or Rayquaza), the best comparisons can be drawn from the other Colorless, Basic Pok¨¦mon ex: Chansey ex, Latias ex, and Latios ex.  Before I forget-hurray!  It¡¯s a basic, and that¡¯s as good as it gets; you can drop it into play the moment you get it.  In Unlimited, there are also some useful basics that Colorless and pretty high on the HP: Base Set Chansey, Lickitung, and Kangaskahn spring to mind.  First, being colorless is not so great in Unlimited, what with the ease of adding Sprout Tower, and the option of adding an Unown N should a colorless Pok¨¦mon ever prove too problematic.  In Eon, this is fine since you don¡¯t have to worry about Resistance and you even see Weakness to it now..  100HP is good¡­ when you aren¡¯t a Pok¨¦mon ex.  Since this is a Pok¨¦mon ex, it¡¯s the minimum acceptable in my opinion.  It does beat out Latias/Latios ex, though it falls short of Chansey ex.  We even have a normal Chansey from Aquapolis with 100 HP in Eon.  On the Unlimited front, it also falls short of Base Set Chansey, though it beats most other comers by 10.  Weakness is Colorless, which hurts it: both formats have strong Colorless Pok¨¦mon, and in Unlimited, you could be FTKO¡¯d by an Erika¡¯s Jigglypuff!  The Resistances are nice: we have Water, something that always seems to get a lot of play in Eon (Blaziken/Exeggutor is strong, and non-Grass Weak Water really hurts it).  In Unlimited, this just annoys the occasional Raindance deck.  The Fighting Resistance won¡¯t get much use (currently) in Modified, but is great for rendering Tyrogue useless in unlimited.  Compared to its competition though, Colorless is much less painful (or what they have).  Last we come to Retreat:  it¡¯s two.  This is low enough you can pay it, but high enough you should try to avoid it.  Only Base Set Chansey tops it with a cost of only 1.


AbilitiesSpiral Growth is a good attack for only costing (C).  Pity they just didn¡¯t make it a Poke-Power, since having to wait a turn between attacks (for significant damage) slows it down.  Still, for (C), nabbing one energy 50% of the time, or two 25% of the time, or three 12.5%, etc. is fair.  Note, not ¡°extreme¡±, not great, but fair.  This attack is important though due to the nature of the second attack.  Dragon Burst gives you a lot of damage for a lot of discard.  It requires 2 different Energy types to activate, Fire and Electric.  From there, you choose to discard all of one or the other energy from Rayquaza ex.  Then your opponent takes 40 damage for each energy discarded this way.  Normally, I treat an energy discard as being worth an extra copy of that energy in the attack cost.  So, for example, you pay RRL to do 40.  Now you see why I am less than enamored with the card.  RRL for 40 is not good.  Now, in case you just skipped down, remember, what I said: I treat a discard of an energy type as being an extra requirement of that energy.  That also means that for RRRL we do 80.  That isn¡¯t so bad.  RRRRL for 120 is less nice, and from there, it goes down hill again.  The multi-energy requirement also hurts.  While it¡¯s nice to have options, these options aren¡¯t so great.  I would rather just have the attack do 40 for RL, to tell the truth.  That would be good in spite of the second color of energy required.  For additional energy types (other than colorless) I normally add about +5 to damage.  Doing that, by the way, just makes the attack seem more over-priced.  Now, in practice, this attack does end up being okay, just remember you are more or less getting what you pay for, and on a Pok¨¦mon ex to boot.  At least the attacks compliment each other.


Uses/Combinations: Juggler to get energy into the discard on your first turn.  The Blaziken (or any other Pok¨¦mon) that let you attach multiple Fire (or Electric) Energies in a turn.  One could make a three way combo using Roselia, The Holo-Expedition Charizard, and Rayquaza, I suppose.  Remember, anything that provides Fire Energy (or Electric) will have to be discarded if that is the energy type you chose, so if you pay for the odd energy out using a Rainbow, it still has to be discarded.  Since it dumps most of its energy, Pok¨¦mon Nurse is an option.  Miracle Sphere ¦Á might be a good idea: you could do 30 with Confusion and not have to discard (nice when finishing something with 30 or less HP off, of course).  Lastly, as a Pok¨¦mon ex, you know you should be running Super Scoop Up.




Unlimited: 2.75/5-There are a few deck ideas it might work well with.  Perhaps you could replace Macargo in an Encargo deck with it?  You¡¯d need some means of providing (L) Energy, but with the right cards, you could have a nice, fast hitter (just don¡¯t power him up too fast).  Any Fire or Electric deck that runs Rainbow or Multi in addition to normal energies of their type probably should consider him.  If a deck runs both, it¡¯s almost a given.


Modified: 3.75/5-I think it has a strong chance of being good deck for certain decks and a focus for its own deck.  Just don¡¯t do anything stupid like attach endless amounts of energy: just get what you need for the KO.


Limited: 3.5/5-Here, the main reason it rates low is that it will be half game over when it dies.  Still, if you run Lighting and/or Fire Energy, it can be a beast.  Most of your opponent¡¯s drafts will likely be KO¡¯d for RRL or RLL (plus the discard).  Its second attack will mean you should average a prize, from the point of powering up, roughly every other turn.  How so?  Okay, turn three it¡¯s ready to go with RRL and its active.  Discard the RR for 80 and a likely KO.  Next turn, attach an R (your deck should have plenty of energy) and use Spiral Growth.  If it fails, you should still have enough energy to attack the next turn.  If you can alternate energy types (attach an L instead) but still get the Fire Back, you can increase your KO rate.  Of course, Rayquaza ex will probably last only 3 turns, so you are better off loading it up on the bench for 2 big assaults, then trying to re-power after its first attack to get a third, slightly weaker shot.


A little rushed, but its dead weak (though I still have 2 of my 4 Finals Friday -_-).



perfect0ne Rayquaza ex

I love this guy... I just wish he had a slightly better power up attack.

Unlimited-  With Unown N, Sprout Tower, many many Colorless pokemon to OHKO him, and Removals... he really doesnt have a good chance.
rating--- 1.5

Modified-  If you use multiple Typhlosions (heat-Up) and one Amphy (expedition) along with an occasional Town Volunteers, you can easily be doing 160 a turn.  I assume he will be used in rogue decks, but he will never really find his place... he caught my eye at first... but his appeal left me.
rating--- 3

Draft-  From what I've seen, it's real hard to base your deck on your EXs.  You should add in your EXs- appropriate to what the majority of your good cards are.  Never use an EX- just because its there or because its a lait@s.  He isnt very energy efficient in here, but he can really pull his fair share of prizes, =/.
rating--- 3.875

2 vs. 2-  If you play him with perhaps a Blaziken, you can have a benched amphy send up the energy every turn for 80 per turn easily.  It just adds option to his MF strategy.
rating--- 3.875

Multiplayer-  He isnt enough of a powerhouse to withstand any team effort, lay off rayquaza here.
rating--- 2.875 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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