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Pelipper - Ruby/Sapphire

Date Reviewed: 08/30/03

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Plain out, pelipper sucks.  His attacks WOULD be good if he wasn't so slow or if he had some way to survive.  But with no such help and only 70 HP, Pelipper will only get one attack off, maybe two if you're luck, before he dies.  Pass him up.

Unlimted:  NEVER.  Don't even THINK it.  1/5

Modifed:  We have other water pokemon, why whould you play this thing?  1.5/5

Limited:  Geeze, it's not even great here.  A low pick.  2/5

The Bottom Line:  1.5/5



Overview: omg 0wnage card. For 1 colorless energy, Stockpile, piles on the damage. Your next turn, Spit Up does 7- and Swallow does 60. For 1 colorless 1 water, Spit Up does 30 normally but with Stock Pile, it does 40 more. 70 DAMAGE FOR 2 ENERGY IS SERIOUSLY BROKEN. Then for 2 colorless and a water energy, it does 20, 60 with stock pile. Then, it gets better, after doing the damage, you remove that much damage from Pelliper. Your opponent will seriously be saying Never_Talk_To_Me_Again. Weakness to Lightning yet Resistance to Fighting. OHHH. 70HP for a stage 1 is a little low, but it gets better with the Swallow attack. Retreat of 1 for this broken piece of heaven is pwnage.


Modified: 4.9/5(if I made it a 5, people would complain)

Draft: Being a stage 1 it may be easy to draft and may not be. But if you ARE able to draft Wingull and Pelliper, PLAY IT. 4/5

Perfect One Pelipper

I love this card.  I sooo want to draft with it!

Unlimited-  I doubt it will see play...*sigh*...o well, he can collect you some french fries if you play at the beach =P.
rating--- 1

Modified-  Good, and there is a lack of electric (until Ampharos EX in sandstorm), but hes not as big of a pokemon as many other hitters, not to mention scizor will kill him like nothing.
rating--- 2

Draft-  I want it bad, since it looks like it would be sooo good.  It can heal infinitely, and if you stockpile, then get a successful pokemon reversal or has a benched Swellow, you kill anything you wish! not to mention, near infinite healing if they cant do more than 30 a turn.
rating--- 4

2 vs. 2-  theres nothing special about him to use him in 2 vs. 2, pass on this card.
rating--- 2

Multiplayer-  I doubt you really want him here either.  Hes not a very big pokemon and cant possibly last lon with 70 HP so i say skip on him.
rating--- 2 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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