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Dustox - R&S

Date Reviewed: 08.28.03

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The Poke`mon Master 1110 

What a sweet card. The power is awesome, the HP is high, Toxic is brutal, and gust is good for the cost. Low retreat helps too. Good card with decent basic and stage one cards. Very playable.

Unlimited: Doesn't make the cut: 1.5/5

Modifed: This card will be nice here, although Scizor will still be strong. 3.5/5

Limited: If you can get him out, he is gonna take a few prizes, for sure. 4/5

The Bottom Line: 3/5
Thundachu Dustox

Overview: The poke-Body prevents Dustox from any effects except damage. No special's here. Poison, Burn, Confusion free! w00h00 ;/! Toxic is a nice attack in my book. Doesnt do any solid damage, but the defending pokemon becomes poisoned and does 20 each turn instead of 10. Usesless against Scyther AQ though. Not a bad attack cost either, 1 Grass and 1 colorless. For 2 colorless and a grass, Gust does 50 damage. Weakness to Psychic. 90HP for a stage 2 evolution isnt bad at all. Retreat of nothing is NICE!(to quote ThunderBoltzz).

Unlimited: Venusaur is better IMO. Sorry Dusty. 2.5/5

Modified(LC-RS) Ok here. We can get rid of some annoying pokemon with Toxic. 3/5

Draft: Stage 2's are hard enough to get in Draft, but to add on, being rare and holo. Not much hope. 1.5/5

A very solid and fast little critter.

Unlimited-  He has a slight chance, but i doubt you can get a stage 2 out.  If you do, nearly everything has free retreat so Toxic isnt that good and 50 damage from gust isnt going to get you anywhere.
rating--- 1.5

Modified-  Hes pretty good here.  Toxic is respectable here, he has 90 HP, free retreat, and a 50 damage attack too!  Hes a pretty solid hitter, except Scizor AQ would kill him as if he was a wurmple.
rating--- 3.5

Draft-  A total monster if you have the cascoons and wurmples!  His free retreat and possible 50 damage a turn will make him a powerful force.  Wurmple will help you get him out fast and he may even sweep the whole game for you!
rating--- 4.125

2 vs. 2-  Free retreat, Toxic, and his Poke-body are all reasons why he could be played here.  I think since Toxic could be more effective with two targets and since you can only retreat once per turn now (nintendo rule) he can be pretty fearsome.  When an official tournament of some kind comes out for 2 vs. 2, consider Dustox.
rating--- 4

Multiplayer-  Once again, he has two targets for Toxic and such.  I think wurmple can let your opponent search their deck for their cascoon and dustox instead of you if you wanted too.  All in all hes the same here as in 2 vs. 2.
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