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PokeNav - Ruby/Sapphire

Date Reviewed: 08/25/03

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5 is the highest rating.


Meh...  I guess it could be used as a deck thinner, but there are better cards for that.  A newbie card, and nothing more really.  Although someday it's usefulness may soar with new sets, who knows.

Unlimited:  Trash.  Do NOT use it here.  1/5

Modifed:  Not worth it.  Use Bill, Elm, Copycat and those kinds of cards:  2.5/5

Draft:  Pretty good here.  Any form of card drawing is good.  I played a draft an won it with 3 Mantinence and two Bills one time =D  ...good times...   4/5

The Bottom Line:  2.5/5

Not a bad way to look and see if you have what you need in your next three cards.

2 advantages, get to draw the card of your choice NOW, then get to pick which card you draw NEXT.

If you do not like your choices, go ahead and find a way to shuffle your deck, so it is randomized again (Elm, copycat, research, and others)

This takes the place of Bill nicely, gets you one card, and serves as a mini-oracle/pokedex at the same time.  This card should not be immediately overlooked.

One other major bonus to this card is that it is not a supporter, so you can still play any trainer after playing this card.

In unlimited, no matter what rules you play under, this card should be overlooked 1.5/5

In modified, E-on (Expedition on with Best Promos) A nice replacement for Bill, I will experiment more with this card. 3.5/5

In limited, a great card that lets you not only draw a card, but set your next two draws.  Unless you have a Professor Birch in the same pack, a definite trainer pick, 4.5/5

Kudos to those who ran the R/S Challenge at Passtimes in Chicago this week!  Thanks for a great tourney!!!  Just wish it wasn't a 5 hour drive!

Kudos to Adam, Poke, Dave and all the others who worked hard to make the event go off!  Great to see all the players out there in Chicago.
Perfect One Pokenav

a step down from Pokegear (GSC/Neos) but good in draft.

Unlimited-  There's always Oak, CPS, and so much more viable draw power, don't ever use this. It just loses a card in your deck!
rating--- 0.5

Modified-  There will be enough other draw options for you not to use this.  Pass on this card here as well unless you want it for oracle since bill left.
rating--- 0.5

Draft-  Any draw cards in draft are hard to come by and are always top choices.  In the R/S challenge events, definitely use this!  It speeds up the game one turn and rearranges the top 2 cards in your deck after the draw!
rating--- 3.25

2 vs. 2-  Nothing can be used in combination with this in my mind except for Oracle, but its a little less useful in here than in regular modified since your 2 pokemon need to be supported, so a one card draw wont help much.
rating--- 0.365

Multiplayer-  You CAN use it on your ally if you want (perhaps if a Slowking buried a GoW under a card or two in his deck), but unless you really fear Slowking or use Oracle, try to steer away from it.
rating--- 1 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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