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Chansey ex - Ruby/Sapphire

Date Reviewed: 08/22/03

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Heidi Craig

Chansey ex

I have mixed feelings on this card.  It offers healing to your bench for only two energy for those times when you really need it.  The bottom attack Double-edge does do 80 damage which is good but it deals 60 damage to itself.  With the retreat cost, weakness to fighting and 2 prize factor it could be a gamble.

Modified- In the current format there are better cards to choose from.  While the healing can be helpful I wouldn't risk it.  Double-edge offers high damage to your opponent but deals 60 to itself, which makes it an easy target for knocking out.  While Sprout Tower and Gold Berry would helpful I still think this card is risky. 1.5569/5

Unlimited- It is an easy two prizes for your opponent.  With the new ruling on Steel Double-edge deals to much damage to Chansey and there are better choices for healing. 1/5

Draft- I would pass on this card.  Its is a weak card in draft for several reasons self-damaging attack, high retreat and your opponent gets 2 prizes once knocked out.  I would enjoy the healing in draft but really not worth it. 1/5   

Chansey EX:

Boy, I'm just not sure.  If metal were still going to take off damage from non metal types, then this guy would be broken.  But it won't.  Unown N can still make this guy great, though.  80 to the opponent and only 30 to yourself for three energy on a 120 HP pokemon?  Hey wait, that's better than Arcanine!  It would be awesome, except for the EX thing >_<.  Still, great card, and would be REALLY fun in a stall deck.

Unlimited:  Unfortunately, EX pokemon are just not competitive here.  I learned this the HARD way >_<:  1/5

Modified:  Could be nice.  Try him out.  3.75/5

Limited:  If NOTHING else, he is a wall.  But he can heal your other guys really well.  Double edge will get you two prizes 90% of the time, then they take two prizes, unless you have potions?  4/5

The Bottom Line:  3/5

No, Meganium has not fallen off of the face of the Planet....Just a tad busy, training Gameboy teams, getting set to travel to Chicago for this weekend for R/S with my Boys!

Chansey EX.

The newest, most bombish EX of them all!

A Chansey, of course it has 120 HP, but now the big attack for 3 energy does 80 to your opponent and 60 to yourself.

Too bad no Metal Chansey EX.

Ironically, this is where the story starts.  This weekend I set up and played in a $200 unlimited tourney, (took 5th, lost to my son in the top 8, no cash for me, $50 for him!! Not bad for age 9!)

Of the top 8, if I counted correctly there was one, only one Ruby/Sapphire card used.  Since we were playing with Wizards rules, can you guess who it was????  Chansey EX.

Major props to Colin Moll (Swanton1717) Who took 1st with this beast!!!  Metal Chansey EX, a thing of beauty - even against Mason's 12 Energy removal deck!?!

Back to the review.  I think this is one of the best three EX cards, with Mewtwo and Magmar.  The rest, are, a bit weak.  Lapras is a powerhouse under Wizards rules, but with Nintendo rules, confusion is not that great.

Higher retreat makes this card much less versatile than its Base brother (sister)

Mono fighting weakness is great.  No psychic resistance, would have helped under the reign of Mewtwo Ex.  First attack, is, well ODD!  Second attack is, well, overpowered (goes off on turn 3) with limited healing is OK, but, if more healing is restored, this could be painful!!!

I would say that this card is a 4.0/5 in unlimited.  Except for the 2 prize drawback, not a bad pick...

In modified (EON) a 4.5/5, still a lot of healing with hyper potion, potion and the like, not to mention Pokemon Center.

In limited, a catch 22.  Take it, as it could win with the one hit, but if it gets knocked out, that's half of your opponent's prizes, and with not much healing, it will only give you 2 prizes, while giving your opponent 2.  I would still take it, 120 HP basic is not bad, but i would think long and hard before playing it.

See you on the boards - or at my tourney - or at the R/S in Chicago!!!!

Perfect One Chansey EX

Chansey EX!!! I love this card!

Unlimited-  I can see it get played here with perhaps Slowking to protect it and scoop ups!  Its also great with BS Alakazam, LMAO for mentioning it.
rating--- 3.625

Modified-  It depends what stays viable, but I don't think it will be a GREAT card anyway.
rating--- 3

Draft-  I say take it!  Why not get a free prize?  Then just switch out or heal Chansey EX if you want to!
rating--- 3.125

2 vs. 2-  he could simply be a wall, sitting there until they attack and then SCOOP UP or something with a similar effect, otherwise, I doubt he will fetch more that one prize (being an EX pokemon, that's not a good thing >_< ).
rating--- 2.625
Chansey ex
It's the turn of the happy egg. The second attack is better than that of the original Chansey, still doing 80 but only 60 to itself, for only 3 colorless energies. Too bad Metal Energy doesn't protect Chansey anymore. Neither does Unown N.
Unlimited: Well, R/S cards are strictly not part of Unlimited, at least for me. Here, I attempt to argument about why this is so.
If R/S cards were allowed in Unlimited, then I'm sure you wouldn't be ignorant enough to use the R/S version of Metal Energy. Of course, you'll play the Neo Genesis version of Metal Energy. With Unown N, a DCE and one Metal Energy (not from R/S), this Chansey EX would do 70 damage to the Defending Pokemon and 10 damage to itself. Of course, that's downright abusive, especially for a 120HP Basic Pokemon. This Chansey would actually have the upper hand over the original base one, even though it's still two prizes to the opponent if it gets KOed. But Nintendo have said that they don't like the old Metal Energy and they want us to stick with the new one, at least for their sets. But you're playing the old Metal Energy on a card from Nintendo's set (Chansey EX).
This is actually a reason why R/S cards are not allowed in Unlimited, or at least, they shouldn't be. Because of this, I will just leave it at that, and will not bother to give a rating for a card that should not even be allowed in Unlimited in the first place.
Modified (Expedition onwards): This would actually be an interesting healer for your Pokemon. Double-edge can also be used to take that last prize (or two if you're facing another ex Pokemon). It's not bad at all, although its heavy retreat cost sucks.
R/S onwards: In this format, it's usually overshadowed by Mewtwo EX. However, this is not to be overlooked. A 120HP Basic Pokemon is always hard to take out, and it is also a good healer in a format where healing cards are at a minimum (Oran Berry and Potion are pretty much what is available at the moment). Then again, Hariyama does 160 to this Chansey. But then Mewtwo EX does 120 to Hariyama. :P
Draft: A very cool card to draft. Healing is always a tough proposition in Draft, and this card provides it. It also provides splashable attacks and a suicidal attack that can takes you the last prize. Too good to miss.
Thundachu Chansey ex

Overview: Actually a small bit better than the original Base set one. 120 HP is pwnage for a basic pokemon. The retreat cost went upto 3 which is a little too large for any basic pokemon. For 2 colorless energy, remove 2 damage counters from each of your pokemon. Sounds nice right? It is, but there is 1 small draw back. You cant remove any damage counters from Chansey when you use Healing Egg. Sucks. Might need some Potion/Max Potion to go with this card. For 3 colorless energy, it does 80 damage, and does 20 less energy to you which is very nice. 60 damage to you is still alot, but it is still 20 less than Base set. The ex power makes it a bad card because of the self damage, if it k0s itself by using Double Edge twice, your opponent gets 2 prizes. Ick. Weakness to fighting makes it weak to Tyrouge and Hitmonchan in the Best Of, so beware of that.

Unlimited: Even though it does 20 more self damage, I would still with the Base set one. You can stall with the Scrunch. 2/5

Modified: erm, I guess if you have NO other choice, use it. I don't really suggest you use ANY ex cards in a deck. 2.5/5

Draft: Nice here. The colorless energy attacks make it nice in Draft. Draft it. Play it. When your done, trade it or sell it and keep it as far away from your deck box as you can! 4/5(ex rule bends the rating a tad.) is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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