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Delcatty (Unc.) - Ruby/Sapphire

Date Reviewed: 08/21/03

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5 is the highest rating.

Heidi Craig


When playing this card I often want to pet it, its just sooo cute but I control the urge so people will not think I am strange.  Then the voices keep saying, “must pet Delcatty” so I usually give in and get on with game.

Delcatty offers quick damage with the attack Cannonball, it only needs 2 energy to deal 30 damage.  A great combo card is Boost Energy.  With low retreat and 80 hit points not to bad.   

Modified- In the current format it could see play.  I see fighting being a big obstacle for this card.  With a Boost Energy dealing some unexpected damage to your opponent could mess them up .  If a new modified format is created, this card could be very playable and do some damage. 2/5

Unlimited- I do not think this would be a good card. It is a second stage Pokemon with weakness to fighting.  With energy removals and Sprout Tower being popular, it would make this card an easy prize without dealing much damage. 1/5

Draft- I like this card for draft.  The Cannonball attack could deal some high damage after just a few turns.  Colorless Pokemon are needed for draft decks and this shows promise if you were able to get a couple of Skitty and Delcatty I would grab them. 3/5


The Uncommon Delcatty.  I love this guy.  His first attack is great, powering up his second attack.  Cannon Ball is just a bit too good.  ANY energy powers him up.  With cards like Blaziken and Gardevoir, Delcatty becomes a total powerhouse.  Fun card, strong card.  Delcatty will see play for sure.

Unlimited:  If only you could rain dance on him ;_;  1.5/5

Modified:  Fast, high HP, Colorless attack that can do tons of damage?  I'll take it!  4/5

Limited:  Broken, plain and simple.  If you can draft them, you'll be off to a great start!  5/5

The Bottom Line:  3.5/5

Perfect One Delcatty (uncommon)

We rated his HOLO cousin, now him!

Unlimited- Don't try it.  Sprout tower...Sneasel...Unown N...Hitmonchan...SER...etc. Delcatty has no chance here =/
rating--- 1

Modified- A decent chance here =/. With HOLO Delcatty filling the discard with energy, and a repeated ENERGY CALL attack, Delcatty can be big fast!  It has a few good ways it can work, but I don't think it would contend with lets say- Scizor or even G8r.
rating--- 2.25

Draft- I've used it.  It isn't so good.  It isn't so bad.  I'm a little torn, but the fact that it has 80 HP, Skittys are easy to draft (there are 3 versions) and it can attack fast, make it a card I wouldn't mind drafting.
rating--- 3.25

2 vs. 2-  If lets say you use him with HOLO Blaziken, there are a few decent possibilities here.  Have a HOLO Delcatty benched and repeat the power and Blaziken attacks until Blaziken dies, followed by Delcatty recalling the energy and a new Blaziken powering.  Or simply using Delcatty with any pokemon that can give it more energy!
rating--- 2.685

Multiplayer- No. There are better choices and combinations. Leave Delcatty out of your mind.
rating--- 2
Uncommon Delcatty
By all means an impressive card. Despite being Uncommon, this Delcatty has more HP than its Rare counterpart (80HP as opposed to 70). Energy Call lets it charge Delcatty up for the second attack, Cannonball. Cannonball does 30 damage for 2 Energies, 40 damage for 3, 50 damage for 4, etc. Of course, Energy Call combos well with its second attack. And so does Blaziken, even if the delicate cat (?) needs to be on the Bench.
Here are my ratings, explaining each of them:
Unlimited (All sets, including R/S, excluding Ancient Mew and Birthday Pikachu):
First of all, I know that, strictly speaking, Unlimited doesn't include R/S cards, but if you're reviewing an R/S card, you're forced to include it in Unlimited. In this format, it would be good if only Tyrogue wasn't so popular. I know you can power up Delcatty really quickly with a combination of Double Colorless Energy, first attack and/or Blaziken, but SER still slows you down a bit, and Tyrogue still has that [1] for 60 possibility. So be careful.
Modified (Expedition, Aquapolis, Skyridge, R/S, 'Best Of' Promos, Nintendo Black Star Promos):
This format is as given by GymLeaderPhil. :P Here it might be one of the few viable Colorless Pokemon available. It DOES do massive damage, even though it can be gradual. Boost Energy can add 30 damage to the second attack for a single turn, which isn't something I would easily dismiss. I think, if this was the format Nintendo are considering for Modified (fat chance in my opinion), this would be huge. There's not even Tyrogue to contend with. There ARE Base Hitmonchan, Rocket's Hitmonchan and Hitmonchan EX though.
R/S Onwards (R/S, 'Best Of' Promos, Nintendo Black Star Promos):
This is the format that will be chosen by Nintendo as the official format, in my opinion. (I repeat, IN MY OPINION.) Here, of course, it's really good, especially when comboed with Blaziken. It can deal really insane amount of damage per turn. There's NO CARD that can let your opponent gust out any of your Benched Pokemon of his or her choice in this format, not even for a flip (no, not even Pokemon Reversal. It has been reworded from the original Expedition version). That lets Delcatty sit pretty comfortably on the Bench, until you've pumped it up to deal massive damage. However, your opponent may (and will, if he or she is smart enough) employ the same tactics, building up a Hariyama or a Hitmonchan EX or a Rocket's Hitmonchan or a Base Hitmonchan on his or her Bench. So, again, don't be lulled into a false sense of security.
Booster Draft (R/S only):
I'm assuming you're drafting only R/S boosters, since the other expansions aren't compatible with the different rules of R/S. Here it's simply too good. A colorless attack, one that gradually powers up as time passes (or turns end), makes this card simply superb. Three Common versions of Skitty in the same expansion ensures that you get quite a few of them too. If your opponent has no Fighting Pokemon, you may just as well declare your win. It's THAT good.
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