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Professor Birch - Ruby/Sapphire

Date Reviewed: 08/18/03

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Heidi Craig

Professor Birch

It can be a useful card but I believe once the common search engines are taken out of the game it will be a must for every deck.  What I like most about this card is when your hand is low and you have a card you would like to keep or if played Oracle last turn it gives you draw power. This card could be a great combo with Oracle to get that needed card into your hand a turn faster.

Modified Format- In this format Birch will defiantly be the most useful.  Low hands are common and adding cards to your hand while still able to play other trainers is great.    4/5

Unlimited- Maybe, a few times throughout the game this card could come in handy.  It seems to me there are better cards available in this format such as Oak, Computer Search and Elm. 1.5/5

Draft- Any draw power is good but sometimes hand sizes can be large in draft making it not very effective.  I would grab one if able for those times when it would be helpful. 2.5/5

Professor Birch:

Not a bad card.  I have been playtesting this card a bit and I have mixed feelings.  First of all, it is a supporter, which in my opinion lowers this card's usefulness; Volunteers, Fan Club and Copycat are better choices, and in many cases, Juggler.  Second, as of right now, we have better choices for drawing, such as Bill, Elm, Cleffa, Trader etc.  So for now, Birch doesn't quite cut it, except perhaps in a rain dance deck?  Anyway, it's not that useful, but when the new modified rolls in, he should see more play.

Unlimited:  No reason to play him here, except perhaps in Rain Dance, which doesn't work too well anyhow.  1.25/5

Modified:  Still not too useful, with all the other drawing cards we have.  2.75/5

Draft:  Here this card shines!  Always take drawing, and Birch is the best drawing you can get from EX Ruby and Sapphire!  4.75/5

The Bottom Line:  3/5

Perfect One Professor  Birch

Out of all the professors, he's gotta be the worst.

Unlimited-  There are too many better choices such as Oak, Copycat, Elm, or other miscellaneous draw.  Don't use him unless your new to the game and have nothing else.
rating--- 2.25

Modified-  I bet lots of kids who will go to the Ruby/Sapphire challenge events, will like this guy (as he is just about the only draw card available) and try to use him if they decide to leave the GB for TCG as well.  I don't see how he is worth a slot in a deck though.  There will still be Elm, Copycat, Juggler, and others.
rating--- 2.5

Draft-  We all want this guy!  Play out your hand and draw as much as possible!  Flat out, solid draw here!
rating--- 3.75

[ by the way folks, from here on, we will be reviewing cards in 2 on 2 and in Multiplayer as well! ]

2 vs. 2-  No real difference than if you played it in here or in modified for this particular card.
rating--- 2.5

Multiplayer-  A tad more useful here, as if you OR your partner has run dry on draw cards (which will be more common without cleffa) you can refresh either player up to 6!
rating--- 3 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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