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Magmar ex - Ruby/Sapphire

Date Reviewed: 08/14/03

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Magmar EX:

Very nice!  I love this card.  90 hp on a basic is awesome, Smokescreen is always a nice attack, but his second attack is just awesome.  40 and auto burn?  Great.  A great card for a fire deck.  He seems to be a beefed up version of the Fossil Magmar, which was a great card.  I'd love to play him.

Unlimited:  Since he has a one energy attack, he is pretty nice, and the second attack ko's Sneasel if your opponent flips tail for burn.  Decent here.  I might still take the Fossil version, though.  2/5

Modified:  Very nice.  I see this becoming a great card to use in fire soon.  3.75/5

Limited:  Broken.  If you see it, grab it.  His second attack plus Smokescreen on a 90 hp basic?  Awesome.  5/5

The Bottom Line:  3.5/5

Magmar ex
It's the turn of Magmar to get the ex status. It has an extra 20HP than the Fossil version, and an unchanged first attack. Smog is replaced by a more costed second attack that does 40 and auto-burns the Defending Pokemon. Pretty nice.
Unlimited: I'd still stick to the Fossil version in this format, even though I haven't seen Magmar played in Unlimited since, well, since the early days. :P Its second attack requires only two energies, which can withstand SER better than the ex Magmar, and it can run away from danger faster too, with its 1 retreat cost.
Modified: This Magmar is pretty good if you're playing Fire decks, and something tells me that Blaziken is going to be popular. Smokescreen has already proved itself to be annoying on a 70HP, let alone on a 90HP one. And Super Singe is good.
Draft: Like for the other ex Pokemon (save Mewtwo and Chansey), if you're drafting Fire, draft it; if not, don't.
Perfect One Magmar EX

Unlimited-  I don't think so.  Its very difficult to slap 3 energy on a pokemon, and his attack isn't game winning.  You lose 3 turns powering it up and then they get 2 prizes with a Sneasel attack+plus power. there are better choices for fire
rating--- 1.5

Modified-  Its a bit better, but it will fall to cargo and the omnipotent G8rs and other water decks.  Its too slow and dies too fast.
rating--- 2

Draft-  He's good here.  After burning them, he can easily finish them off with another 40. hell probably fetch you between 2-4 prizes, depending on the set-up. If u get him, take him fast!
rating--- 4.25
Thundachu Magmar ex:

Overview- One of the best Magmars I have seen since the Fossil one. 90HP is 0wnage for a basic fire pokemon. For 1 fire energy does 10 damage and a chance at doing no damage from the defending pokemon. Smokescreen is always a good attack. The art on the ex cards are so cool literally. For 2 fire energy and 1 colorless, does 40 damage and auto burn. Weakness to water can be bad. RS came with some great water cards (Wingull's evolution for example. Sorry cant think of the name right now. I know very few RS names -_-) that will eat this thing in one bite. Retreat of 2 is ok for a basic fire pokemon.

Unlimited: I still suggest using the fossil card. Less HP, yes, but also less retreat and less energy costs. For 1 fire you get the same attack and for 2 you do 20 with a chance of poison. Plus, the ex power on this one. Using this makes Blastoise your worst enemy. 2.5/5

Modified: Feraligatr. Wingull's Evolution (WHAT IS HIS NAME?!). and more to boot. Don't use it here, or your opponent is sure likely to get 2 prizes. 1/5

Draft: K, since 1/2 your deck or so is going to be fire energy anyways, definitely use it here. The odds of your opponent getting Feraligatr and all of it's stages or Blastoise and all it's stages is small. Wingull's evolution (I give up.) could state a problem. I still say if you draft this, take it. 3.5/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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