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Delcatty - Ruby/Sapphire

Date Reviewed: 08/12/03

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5 is the highest rating.


The holo Delcatty is a pretty darn good card.  The power is great.  Discard one measly energy from your HAND, not pokemon, and draw 3 cards!  This is good card drawing at a small cost; basic energy is easy to get back with the likes of Time Capsule, Town Volunteers and Energy Stadium.  Max energy source is a fun attack that can dish out some heavy damage.  If TPC decides to bring over the Team rules from Japan, then this attack would count for both Delcatty and your partner!  But for now, Delcatty's attack is most useful in the new 2 on 2 games.  70 is ok, yet only average, and one retreat is good.  Overall, a nice card.

Unlimited:  Not really worth is overall.  There is ample drawing in this format already, and this cat's attack won't cut it:  1.75/5

Modified:  Nice.  When Cleffa is rotated out ;_; , I predict that we will see a healthy supply of Delcatty:  3.5/5

Limited:  Low cost attack is great, but the power is so broken here that I don't even know how to say it:  5/5

The Bottom Line:  3.5/5

Holo Delcatty
Some might argue that we're reviewing the less promising of the two Delcatty, but when you're assigned cards to review, you cannot complain about that. ;)
This Delcatty is actually not bad, which implies that the other Delcatty is even better. If I'm playing Delcatty, I'd tech one or two of this Delcatty, especially if I'm playing an R/S onwards-only deck. Its power lets you discard an Energy card once your turn in order to draw 3 cards. A very nice thing to have in a limited card-drawing environment. Its attack might be good in 2-vs-2, but why would you attack using Delcatty when the other Active Pokemon is fully powered up?
Unlimited: There's enough draw power in Unlimited, or should I say, more than enough draw power. So playing this card in this format is next to useless. And that's even without considering Tyrogue.
Modified: In a Blaziken/Delcatty deck, teching this Delcatty in your deck is a good idea, especially if you're playing an R/S-only deck, where card-drawing is very limited. It might actually be a good idea to play a Delcatty line anyway if the format contains very little card-drawing. Otherwise, it doesn't have too much of a use.
Draft: Any card-drawing helps in Draft, and Delcatty provides it in abundance. It is a Rare though, but you shouldn't worry too much about that. You should still take it if you see it. After all, the companion Delcatty is only an Uncommon, and there are three available Skitty, making it very likely to Draft at least one. Unless, of course, your opponents grab them before you do... but that's another story. If you see this Delcatty in this format, grab it with a no-questions-asked policy.
Perfect One Delcatty (HOLO)
I see this card being played in the future.  I mean, If Politoed stays viable, I would probably use this guy over my Jugglers.  At first look, he could terrorize your opponent with enough support, but then as I heard on the message boards, his attack will only count him as the active pokemon.  In 2 on 2, it think he can do great!

Unlimited-  I don't see him being played here at all, sprout tower is still around and he could never pose a real threat =/.
rating--- 1

Modified-  I would guess it would be played here, but mainly for its power and not its attack.  Blaziken, Politoed (If allowed), and certainly a few others in upcoming sets, will surely benefit from this guy.
rating--- 2.75

Draft-  Draw power is always great!  If you draft a few Lady Outing, Delcatty can drop the useless energy type for 3 cards!  Any draw power is great in draft!
rating--- 3.685
TR Shadow Delcatty
I really like that Pokemon Power.  It works like some of the weaker trainers do.  It's especially useful in situations when you have power to get energy out of the discard pile.  It's very splashable because you can use any type of energy with Max Energy Source.  Max Energy Source works for BOTH actives, meaning in the two-on-two battles it won't work for just one.  Seventy HP, I must say, is also very nice for a stage one Pokemon.  This will find it's
way into lots of decks.

Unlimited 3/5
Modified 4.5/5
Limited 4.5/5

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