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Tangela - Aquapolis

Date Reviewed: 03.5.03

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Tangela (Aqua.)

This card is okay, I guess. Tickling Vines would have been a lot better if it did 10 more damage. Double Kick is not too bad as you can stall with the 1st attack first. 60HP is not too high and the bottom stats are not too good either. Resistance to Water is pretty cool though.

In Unlimited, you can power up the attack a lot faster with DCE. But, it's ER bait and your DCE could be used for something better. Rating: 2/5

In Modified, there are simply better Grass Pokemon. Basics don't do too well here unless they have really high HP or a really good attack. Unfortunately, Tangela simply do not have either. Rating: 2/5

In Draft, this card is decent. 1st attack is splashable. 2nd attack just need one colored Energy. If you don't get anything better, this card is pretty okay. Rating: 3.2/5
X- Act
This card is slightly more than what you expect of a Tangela. It's got 60HP (a rare sight for a Tangela) and it's Water Resistant. Its attacks are nothing to boast about, however, and it still has got a Retreat Cost of 2. Seems like Tangela doesn't really like to budge from the Active position. :/
Unlimited: This card isn't good at all in this format. Besides having attacks that, at best, leave much to be desired, 60HP isn't exactly exciting in this format, and its retreat cost hurts it. And it's basically resistant to the wrong type. :/
Modified: Here it isn't bad. If you have a deck that's fearing Water, then putting this card in it isn't that bad. Its second attack does an average of 30, which admittedly isn't too good, but... this is the best Water Resistant Basic Pokemon out there so far, so you take what you get. Apart from teching against water, this card has no other real use though.
Draft: It's a common card, and it's really cool in this format. Its attacks are quite splashable, and its Water Resistance is nice to have too. I daresay this Tangela is one of the best cards to Draft in Aquapolis. A superb pick.
TR Shadow Tangela

This card kills in draft! It's awesome if you can get like, four of these in your deck in limited. In modified, its pretty bad. There's hardly anyway to use it. I mean, a few as a backup hitter in a grass deck wouldn't hurt. Water resistance is good in any big basic like him, especially with kingdra running around. He's good to have against gator. An average of 60 damage per turn against a gator can be fatal. It's weak to fire, but fire's not a big deal anymore. There's nothing really that anyone would use that's fire.

Unlimited 2/5

Modified 3/5

Limited 5/5 (It's too good!)

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