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Jumpluff - Aquapolis

Date Reviewed: 04.03.03

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Jumpluff (Aqua.)

Hm, this card seems really good at first glance. Let's look at it...

The power is simply amazing. As long as you have at least one damage counter on it, it effectively has the Baby Rule protecting it. You can easily use Rainbow Energy and Focus Band to make sure Jumpluff lasts a long time.

Cotton Punch is similar to the Revelation one but a bit riskier. On average, you would do 30 damage. But, there's a chance that you can do 60 damage for just one Energy.

In Unlimited, this card is actually quite playable. It's really strong against ER and it can go off on the 2nd turn via Pokemon Breeder. If you have a bunch of these out, you can simply swarm your opponent and use stuff like Pokemon Center...  Rating: 3.9/5

In Modified, this card is fast. You can build your other Pokemon on the 2nd turn while your opponent would have to deal with a fully powered Jumpluff. Resistance to Water is really good as Water is quite popular here... Rating: 4.3/5

In Draft, this card can win you the game single handedly if you can get it out early enough. Too bad it's a Stage 2 though... Rating: 2.9/5
X- Act
Here's one of the better cards from Aquapolis. This new Jumpluff continues with the Jumpluff trend of having attacks with a requirement of one Energy, and with the free retreat cost and 70HP. Its resistance has changed from resistance to Fighting to resistance to Water, which is interesting.
Its Poke-Body, Fluff, is plain annoying. When Jumpluff has at least one damage counter, you need to flip a coin in order to damage it or to somehow affect it. What's more, Fluff can also be used if your opponent attacks Jumpluff when it is on the Bench. And, to add to the annoyance, since Fluff is a Poke-Body, it's not turned off by Special Conditions. However, you need to somehow damage your Jumpluff, but that's where Rainbow Energy comes in. Rainbow Energy provides you with the one damage counter you need, as well as with the Energy requirement for Cotton Punch, its only attack. Add in the mix cards like Focus Band and Pokemon Center, and you have a really annoying combo which could make even Magcargo sweat.
Unlimited: It's not bad in Unlimited. You could build a deck with a heavy Removal line, and you could play very few Energies. True, you'd have some problems beating Steelix, since even if you SER it continuously, you'd need to flip 2 heads for Cotton Punch if you wish to even do some damage to it. And when you DO manage to do it for a few times, there's always a Gold Berry or a Healing Field to thwart your plan. Still, it's probably the second-best Aquapolis card for Unlimited (after Scizor, of course).
Modified: It's nice here, too. Resistance to Water is not a bad thing to have in this format. Pichu can also help Jumpluff by doing damage to Entei/Magcargo. Yes, it also damages your Jumpluff, but it also triggers Fluff to work, which could be an interesting combo. Some people also use Aquapolis Espeon with Jumpluff, so that you could Energy Return your Rainbow Energy from Jumpluff before you Pokemon Center it, and then reattach it to reactivate Fluff. In my opinion, Jumpluff wouldn't stand a chance versus Steelix, and even versus Scizor (despite not having a Grass Resistance) so I'd use a splashable Fire Pokemon with it. A good card.
Draft: If you manage to get it, it's good. However, you need to get it through Aquapolis Hoppip and Skiploom, so make sure you drafted some of them. Aquapolis Skiploom, in particular, isn't bad at all. And, since healing in Aquapolis is so rare, Jumpluff's Fluff presents itself as a desirable thing to have in an Aquapolis Draft. Its Water Resistance is nice against all those Water Pokemon in this set too. And it's SO EASY to power up. :) Again, its Rarity lowers its rating a little bit.
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