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Magneton - Aquapolis

Date Reviewed: 04.26.03

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Magneton (Aqua.)

The Power is pretty interesting. It's good againt multicolor decks and against decks that run Darkness Energy. The attack is pretty decent, considering its colorless requirement.

In Unlimited, this card is pretty good against Sneasel. Just transfer the Darkness Energy on Sneasel to Cleffa and watch your opponent wince in pain. It's just a minor annoyance to your opponent though as Magneton requires too much Energy. Rating: 2.5/5

In Modified, most decks are Mono-Colored so the Power is not as effective. I don't really see this card being viable here. Rating: 2/5

In Draft, the card is splashable and has a pretty good effect. Usually no one would draft Magnemites so you have a pretty good chance of getting this card out. Rating: 3/5
X- Act
Aquapolis Magneton
This Magneton isn't as good as it looks. First of all, its 70HP is below average, even for a Metal Pokemon. Secondly, its attack does too little damage, and its Bench damage isn't reliable. Thirdly, its power is really overrated, and situational at best.
Unlimited: Its power is actually more useful in this format than in any other format, in my opinion. If your opponent plays Darkness Energy (to power up his or her Sneasel or Murkrow, both of which are common in Unlimited), you could switch one of its Darkness Energies with an Energy attached to a Baby, for example, effectively KOing the baby in a few turns. However, that's as much as you can hope for. Magnetic Flowing a Metal Energy off a Steelix or a Scizor won't help you much (it could actually help your opponent =\). 70HP on this Magneton ensures that it's not gonna stay for long, even if you use Metal Energies to power up its attack. And its attack is, plainly, bad.
Modified: Its power is actually worse here, since Darkness Energy is played less in this format. It's practically useless against decks that play only one type of Energy (like Entei/Magcargo, which happens to be Magneton's archenemy =\). So this card, which at first appears cool, turns out to be worthless.
Draft: In Draft it's actually not too bad. Its attack is totally splashable, so you don't require Metals or Rainbows. Its also highly probable that your opponent plays more than one Pokemon type, and, consequently, more than one Energy type, making Magneton's Power look better. Still, it's only 70HP, which isn't exactly impressive, and it's rare.
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