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Vileplume - Aquapolis

Date Reviewed: 04.21.03

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Vileplume (Aqua.)

Poison Scent is a really good attack for its cost. Whether you flip Heads or Tails, you are guaranteed to inflict Poison for just one Energy. Addictive Pollen is pretty good but quite limited.

In Unlimited, you probably would only use the first attack most of the time as ER will slow you down. Supporters are not that popular here as well so it's not as effective. Rating: 2.8/5

In Modified, this is pretty good. People generally play 3-6 Supporters. If they play more than that, Addictive Pollen will really punish them. Rating: 3.5/5

In Draft, I really doubt you'll get it out too often. The attacks are really draft friendly though. The first attack can be really devastating if you get to use it really early and win you the game single-handedly. Rating: 3/5
X- Act
Aquapolis Vileplume
First of all, I hope you've had a great Easter yesterday. I know I did, and I hope you did too. :)
On to today's Card of the Day. This is a very impressive Vileplume. Its first attack inflicts a double-Special Condition for only one grass Energy. The second attack's possibility of depriving your opponent of using Supporter Cards is also very good. I've never seen a Vileplume with so much HP too (100HP).
Unlimited: Its attacks are both not too SER-prone, making it not too bad in this format. The fact that it's a Stage 2 is easily countered by Pokemon Breeder, so it's not too much of an issue (although Lass will then hurt it). Supporters are also used in Unlimited (consider Pokemon Fan Club, Copycat, Juggler, Town Volunteers...), so its second attack can be pretty useful in this format too. The problem of this Vileplume in this format is that it does too little damage (only 40, which can be easily Gold Berry'd). The first attack's Auto-Poison helps with this, but free retreaters can easily tackle that. It does survive a Beat Up in normal circumstances, but your opponent will most likely first do 30 damage to Vileplume (via something like Tyrogue or Scyther), and then Beat Up for a very probable 70 damage. It's not horrible though.
Modified: In Modified it's quite good. 100HP is very solid, although Magcargo won't find any problems OHKOing it due to Vileplume's Fire weakness. Scizor and Steelix will annihilate it though: Scizor with its Poison Resistance and Metal Energies becoming practically immune to Vileplume, and Steelix with its Grass Resistance (although Vileplume's first attack might hurt it a little bit). Overall, however, the fact that it has the ability to stop your opponent's Supporter Cards is quite nice, and so it's quite playable. I've heard of people doing wonders with this card in Modified, so it's not a card to be laughed at.
Draft: If you drafted the Oddishes and Glooms, by all means draft this card. Its attacks are quite splashable, and a 100HP card in Draft usually survives for quite a long time. Plus, you would want to draft the Oddishes and Glooms for the added advantage that Gloom can evolve into either Vileplume or Bellossom, both of which are present in Aquapolis.
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