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Energy Search - Trainer

Date Reviewed: 05.02.03

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Energy Search

In Unlimited, this card is next to useless. It just thins your deck by one card. In a Format where you have Oak, you don't need this card. Rating: 1/5

In Modified, I'm not sure if this legal. If this is legal, it's still not worth it. Rating: 1/5

In Draft, if you draft multiple colors, this could be quite helpful. Any form of deck thinning is also good.. Rating: 2.5/5
X- Act
Energy Search
Let's see first what people say about this card. "Whoa, that Trainer Card could be one of the worst Trainers ever made. It lets you search for a Basic Energy card. So, what's the point of this Trainer, when you can easily replace it with an Energy card to practically do the same thing?"
For the majority of decks, that's true. However, if you (like me) play Ho-oh in Modified, then you might like to put in one or two copies of this card, so that your Ho-oh does more damage. In short, this card is superb in decks containing most (if not all) of the basic Energy cards. Ho-oh in Modified is a classic example. (Ho-oh with 6 different energy cards attached to it does 90. I've actually managed to do that with the help of this Trainer card. It's a nightmare to setup, and its weakness doesn't help either, but if you manage to setup it, it's almost unstoppable. Hint: Expedition Ampharos seems to do wonders with Ho-oh.) Well, sorry about the sudden shift in attention to Ho-oh. Maybe we'll do a COTD for it soon. :D
"What are you saying, Energy Search isn't even legal in Modified." Well, consult any Expedition spoiler, and you'll find out that it was reprinted in that set. "But who plays Ho-oh anyway???" Well, it's a craze in #pojo now (sorry Krayzie for the pun). By the way, if you haven't done so lately, pay a visit to Pojo's official Pokemon channel on Mediadriven. It's cool. :)
Unlimited: Of course Ho-oh would be a sad attempt in this format. Just replace Energy Search with an extra energy card.
Modified: If your deck has 4 or more different basic energy cards, put two Energy Searches in your deck. You'll like it, trust me. For the remaining 99.9% of Pokemon players, don't play this card in Modified. It's pointless, trust me.
4/5 in the former case, 1/5 for the latter case.
Draft: In Draft, you won't usually find yourself in an energy drought, whether you're drafting Fossil or Expedition, the two expansions where this card is available. So do the same trick as for unlimited: put in extra energies instead of this Trainer. I know it's a Common, but Basic Energy is even commoner, since you can play any amount of it in a Draft deck.
TR Shadow Energy Search

It isn't worth it, really. It might as well be an energy card. Searching your deck for one energy card doesn't help much. There's not much value in using it outside of Limited, where you use a lot of Rainbow type decks. Other trainer cards help you get all the energy you need a lot faster. The only way this is better than having an Energy card is that you can choose what type of energy to search for. The only time you may want to use this card is in Limited. You often have two or three different types of Pokemon in your deck, so it is helpful if you can search for a certain type of energy sometimes. But other than that, it's not really useful at all.

Unlimited 2/5
Modified 2/5
Limited 3/5

~TR Shadow~

The Poke`mon Master 1110
Energy Search:

A reprint from fossil, energy search has it's uses.  In a multy-colored deck, it's almost priceless, but otherwise it aint that great.  It's uses are limited.

Unlimited:  1/5
MMF:  1.5/5
Limited:  2.75/5

The Bottom Line:  1.75/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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