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Mewtwo - Expedition

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Mewtwo (Exp.)

This card probably has the BEST art ever printed! ~_^

Unfortunately, the card isn't that good. =/

Hypnosis is just plain awful. There are similar attacks like the Destiny Gastly that does 10 damage AND a guaranteed sleep status without the flip. Although Mewtwo's is Colorless, still not worth it.

Psychic is just like the other Psychic attacks that have been printed so far. The attack is sub-par and costs quite high.

In Unlimited, if you want to use a Mewtwo, make sure it's the Movie Promo one. Psychic is kinda dead in Unlimited though with all those Sneasel, Chansey, Clefable and Wiggly running around.

In Modified, decent, but not good enough. If you want a good Psychic Pokemon, try out Dark Gengar. I can't say enough about how underrated the card is.

In Draft, it's pretty good. A BBP with decent attacks is a high pick IMO.

Unlimited Rating: 2/5
Modified Rating: 2.3/5
Draft Rating: 3.4/5
TR Shadow
I gotta start by saying that 70hp is solid for a basic.  Its first attack is awesome, c'mon a 25% chance that your opponent won't be able to attack next turn, it couldn't get and better (end/sarcasm). Actually, it's first attack is pretty bad. A 25% chance just isn't worth taking (unless it involves Tyrogue =D ).  It's second attack is good for a basic.  It's kinda like Espys attack but it does 10 less damage.  I don't know, this card could prove to be useful in MMF...
Unlimited 2/5
Standered (OK RaNd0m, I'll call it standered =D ) 3/5
MMF 3.8/5
Draft 4/5
~TR Shadow~
Monday - Mewtwo

I don't really like it. It's like a bad Espeon. Hypnosis is flat out bad... reminds me of Clefairy. And Psychic is not good. It needs to be 30+ to be good, and it's not. Simply put, Espeon is the same poke, but better.

But the art is AWESOME AS ALL GET OUT! One of the reasons I might buy expedition packs is simply because the art is awesome ;/

Unlimited Rating - 2/5
Standard (Modified) Rating - 2.5/5
Limited Rating - 4/5

~ RaNd0m

John Hornberg
This Mewtwo is an interesting basic. It is certainly solid, and can 
definitly be devastating with that Psychic attack if it is ignored. 
Still, the question with this card, as well as all Psychic Pokemon, 
goes a lot farther: Is the card good enough to make Psychic a playable type again? Ultimately, no. It's Hypnosis is kind of flimsy, 
especially since there are two flips before for status before your 
opponent even starts his or her turn. Psychic is a decent attack, but 
say Mewtwo comes up against something like Ninetales coming up from the bench. It never gets a chance to do anything. Also, small Pokemon with small attacks widdle this Mewtwo down. Elekid houses any Psychic Pokemon with the attack that resembles the types name sake.

Hence, Mewtwo's good for a lot of decks, but not that good.

"Neon" Format - Not enough to make Psychic even remotely playable. It can add if there is another pokemon that does so. Psychic has the supporting cast right now in Modified, it just needs the Rocket Zapdos/Feraligatr-ish type hitter to make the deck hurt even more. A 2.5 out of 5.

Standard Format - At 70 HP, it's already better than it's LC and Base 
Set Counterparts, but its fails to even register on the scale compared 
to MP Mewtwo. It's in a distant second place. Unfortunately, it 
doesn't compare to the combo-madness of the Base Set Version Either (in a normal deck, the Expedition version is better, but combo up the BS version, and it owns!). A 2.5 out of 5 here as well.

Draft - Basic that hits hard on things with a lot of energy, and can 
change status. A 3.5 out of 5. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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