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Promo Celebi

From Wotc:  "While supplies last, each Pokémon 4 Ever moviegoer will receive a free Pokémon-e TCG card with the purchase of a Pokémon 4 Ever movie ticket. The limited edition card will feature one of the stars of Pokémon 4 Ever, the rare and legendary Celebi. This exciting promo card is among the first in the United States to be compatible with a new next generation system connected to the Game Boy Advance. This card is only available in theaters, so don't miss out!"

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Promo Celebi

This card is only playable in draft. Ironically, you can't get it in a draft (unless you also draft Promos). =/

 This card should NOT see constructed play, unlike the Lily Pad Mew. It is compatible with the E-Reader though (which is great gadget BTW!). Now remember, if there are cards with hidden attacks (like Exp. Mew), you can NOT use the attacks in tournaments or Leagues.  

P.S. When will they start giving out playable movie Promos again like MP Mewtwo and MP Pikachu?

Unlimited Rating: 1.5/5
Modified Rating: 1.8/5
Draft Rating: N/A

Croconaw88 Monday: Celebi

Celebi is just so average. 50HP and one retreat is decent for a basic. Leaf Slice only does 20 on average for 2 energies. Needing to get 3 out of 3 flips heads just to KO a baby isn't the greatest attack. =/

In Standard it's easily KOed and a waste of time building. Modified it can't beat Steelix.

Standard 2/5
Modified 2/5
Draft 2.5/5

The Poke`mon Master 1110  Celebi:

Yipes, now THIS is bad.  Sorry, but the neo Mew kinda Poke`mon is just not worth spit.  Geeze, this when there is scythers and herecross' and all kinds of good cards.  It wont see play because it cant do much damage, and it cant take much damage.

Unlimited:  Don't.  It WILL get creamed before it can do anything.  Much better choices here *cough* scyther *cough*  1.5/5

Modified:  Ack.  Well, grass is good here since Feraligator is popular, but really, we needed somthing that could stand up to Fer, not get obliterated.  2.25/5

MMF:  Hey, its a risk even playing grass here because fire is so big, and even if you decide to risk it, your gonna use THIS thing?  Geeze.  1.75/5

Limited:  Well, here is where it shines.  An attack that is somewhat splashable,  can do some decent damage, and has 50 hp for a basic, which is good here.  Oh, wait, its a promo =/  0/5 cuz you'll get kicked out for cheating if you use this.

TR Shadow
I love the sweet art work on this thing!
50 hp's a little too low and the attack is waayy too average.  Do wizards just put the same attack on everything that they can't think of a better attack for?!?!  Now that would be pathetic!  OK, if it costed only a grass to use it's attack, didn't have a weakness to fire, had no retreat cost, and was resistant to something (how 'bout dark ;-) ) it might of seen some play.  But now I have a special place reserved for it in my Dunsparce-porygon deck =D .
Unlimited 1.2/5
Standered 2/5
Modified 2/5
Limited 2/5
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