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Machoke - Expedition

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Wednesday: Machoke

What a deal. Machoke is a solid stage 1. Punch is just so average. =\ Mega kick is very nice for its cost. I like it's good HP and low retreat.

In Standard I don't see it being used. In Modified it could see some use but not a lot. =/ I still think Tyrogue is the best fighting pokemon. ;x

Standard 2/5
Modified 3/5
Draft 4/5


Machoke (Expedition)

A decent Machoke. Splashable and deals a decent amount of damage. Low retreat cost as well.

In Unlimited, I would rather use Hitmonchan or NG Gligar though UNLESS you want to evolve it.

In Modified, it's actually playable even if you decide not to evolve it (although most likely you will).

In Draft, a high pick! A high HP Stage 1 with splashable attack. You might even be lucky enough to draft Machamp...

Unlimited Rating: 3/5
Modified Rating: 3.4/5
Draft Rating: 3.8/5

Lord Gothmog
There's a word for cards like this: Solid.

In unlimited, it's definitely the best Machoke ever printed. Not saying that much, but it's still good. 80 HP, 20 for DCE, 50 for FFC. ONE retreat cost. Nice. Still, it's open to ER's like everything else, but it's solid for the cost. 2.2/5. Stupid ER. Die.

In modified, it's one actually one of the best stage 1's(out of stage 2 evos) I've seen in a while. Nothing gamebreaking, but good attacks, HP, and retreat. 3.4/5

In limited, Stage 1's, especially uncommons, are easy to get. This is an excellent one to pick. No frills. Just hurt. 3.7/5

TR Shadow
Yeah an expedition card!
There's not much to say about this card except that 80hp is pretty solid for a stage one. One retreat isn't bad either.  The only reason you should play this card is to evolve in to Machamp. otherwise, there's really no point.
Unlimited 2/5
Modified 2/5
MMF 3/5
Draft 3/5
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