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Kadabra - Legendary Collection

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This card plays an important role if you plan on playing a deck based around Expedition Alakazam's awesome Power. Basically Alakazam's Power lets you use the attack of one of your opponent's Pokemon, as long as you have the proper energy cards. Now, the trick here is to dump a couple of Energy cards and use the first attack to "absorb" them, ala Promo Mewtwo's Energy Absorbtion attack. In the new Modfied format, we no longer have Misty's Wrath to dump energies, but we could use stuff like Super Energy Retriaval or use the attack late game. You have to note that the attack only can absorb BASIC Energy cards, so you can't use it to absorb DCEs or Rainbows.

Confuse Ray is a pretty decent status attack.

In Unlimited, it's not too weak to ER as you can simply absorb them back. But, I just don't see the new Alakazam played very much in this format...

In Modified, dumping Energies just got a lot harder without Wrath. Alakazam's Power is as good as your opponent's Pokemon. It's not too reliable for my taste though.

In Draft, Kadabra is a great Stage 1! Status attack is great in the format as it is really hard to get rid of them. A high pick.

Unlimited Rating: 2/5
Modified Rating: 2.4/5
Draft Rating: 3/5

Friday - Kadabra

It's got a great first attack. I haven't seen the Alakazam yet, but if it's a decent card, this is a great powerup attack. The confuse ray is decent, but mediocre. Still, not a bad card, and probably a good evolution. 

In unlimited, I give it a 2/5 simply because of the mass resistance to psychic.

In standard, It's hard to rate because I haven't seen Alakazam. But it's decent. I give it a 2.5/5

In limited, it's very good, considering that confusion is very good itself. I give it a 3.5/5

Kadabra reminds me of Movie Promo Mewtwo in many ways. At 70 HP he's big enough to not be knocked out in one hit 90% of the time, and Energy Recall is infinitly better than MP Mewtwo's Energy Absorbtion, just because you can work from the colorless to the psychic energy, and a 1 retreat cost can only mean one thing - yup, those pesky R&D Translators started on a new, better stimulant than the usual caffiene. It is a well metagamed attack especially sime energy only winds up in the discard pile in modified when a pokemon is knocked out, or when Kingdra hits the board.

It sets up it's high evolution better than any other Stage 1 has ever. I'm just a nut about cards like this. It's a status changer, and
virually immune to the new Energy Removal 2 (You absorb what you lost!)

Modified - Depending on the Alakazam (which I have yet to see), this line could very well help Psychic hit the mainstram tournament circuit again. It could become viable again for its attack power instead of just Slowking. I really like this Kadabra, it is all people have been looking for in a Kadabra - well balanced and easy to use. A 3.5 out of 5.

Standard - The Alakazam line never saw play in the first place. It was too slow for tournaments, and too janky to win consistantly. Not to mention all Abras really suck, and all the Kadabras up to this point were 1.5 and 2 rating cards. I don't see this guy changing that, but man, if he were basic, he's be tearing up the place. A 2 out of 5.

Draft - Status + 70 HP + Low Energy Attacks + Energy Absorbtion on Crack! - Stage 1 = Some Good. I'd play it if I drafted Abras. If my cards came up, this card would be a cornerstone in my deck. Alas, it is a stage 1, and that's a major limitation for this card. A 3 out of 5.

Can we all tell I really like this card.
The Pokémon Master 1110  Kadabra

Cool.  I like it, better even than the base counterpart.  The first attack is better than MP Mewtwo's, as it let's you get back any basic energies and costs only one colorless.  The second attack is decent enough, but only cuz confusion rules =D

Unlimited:  Nice, good on the way to 'Kazam.  He has more hp and WAY less retreat cost, plus he can confuse.  Well, the old one could too (it confused everyone that he had THREE retreat cost >_<)  2.75/5

Modified:  Pretty good, since Base 'Kazam was reprinted, but without Chansey, what's the point in playing him?  Well, since the new 'Kazam can use Rainbow Energies well, he could be ok.  2.75/5

MMF:  Since Rocket is gone, there is not any good way to play the 'Kazam.  Won't really see any play.  2/5

Limited:  Good.  It gets back any type of energy, and cuz you deck will most likly have more than one type, he is good.  Oh yeah, he can confuse to ;) 3.75/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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