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Bill's Maintenance - Expedition

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TR Shadow
Sorry about the lack of reviews last week, but I'm back =\ .
Bills maintenance
First of all, being a supporter is definitely a bad thing 'cause you can't play anymore supporters on the same turn after you play this.  If it wasn't a supporter, it'd be better then Bill 'cause you can shuffle a useless card in and draw three.  Why couldn't it of said Draw 3 cards then shuffle one back in?  Then if you drew a Dunsparse (who would put that in their deck!!!???) you could shuffle him back in.
Unlimited 3.2/5
Standard (modified) 3.5/5
Modified 4/5
Limited 4.5/5
~TR Shadow~

Bill's Maintenance

This card is a must in the new Modified Format IMO. Since the lost of Misty's Wrath, many people have tried experimenting with Bill, Bill's Teleporter and Mary. Bill is good but many people feel that it's not good enough running 4 Elms, 4 Bills, and 3 Cleffas in their deck. I'm one of them. Then, it's basically between Bill's Teleporter and Mary. After experimenting a couple of times, I noticed that I get Tails most of the time when I need Heads. It just didn't cut it for me. I didn't think Mary would be really good as it actually causes card disadvantage! You use 3 cards to get 2 cards. But it did perform well enough as you can shuffle back extra evolutions or late game Basics into your deck and it prevents decking. Although without Misty's Wrath, you would seldom deck out...

Bill's Maintenance is superior to Prof. Oak's Research (at least in Modified). You usually would prefer to keep your hand and simply draw more cards. In Modified, you usually have a decent amount of cards in your hand so it would be better to use Bill's Maintenance.

Try not to use too many Supporters in your deck though. A handful of Supporters is useless so don't overdo it.

In Unlimited, it's a pretty good draw power. I rather use Prof. Oak's Research here though as you need cards to discard for all of your Computer Searches and Item Finders.

In Modified, I already elaborated above. ~_^

In Draft, draw power = amazing. Almost always a first pick unless you get a killer Basic or something... Even then, I would still probably pick the draw power...  

Unlimited Rating: 2.5/5 (Use Prof. Oak's Research instead over this)
Modified Rating: 4.5/5
Draft Rating: 5/5

Monday - Bill's Maintenance

People are going to freak out over this card. It's not bad, not bad at all. But it's not broken either. I believe it'll be waaaaaay overused. However, drawing 3 cards WITHOUT your opponent drawing any and with a MINOR drawback isn't bad. It's a shame this is a supporter, because if it wasn't, it'd be broken. It's like an improved Mary.

In Unlimited, I feel this card is overshadowed by simply better cards, like Professor Oak, Professor Elm, Computer Search, and others. I'll give it a 3/5

In Modif...STANDARD, I think this card's pretty good. It'll be overused though. I give it a 4/5.

In draft, any drawing card is good, and this is AWESOME! I give it a 5/5.

~ RaNd0m

Monday- Bill's Maintenance

Trainer- Supporter

This is one of the cooler supporters out there. Shuffling 1, then drawing 3 cards is pretty good. Although this card isn't as good as Professor oak's research, it will get the job done.

Unlimited won't benefit from it too much because it has much better options for card drawing.

Same goes for Modified, but it still could use it here and there.

But, BM (Bill's Maintenance) brings some much needed card drawing to the Neon format. Since before Expedition it had Professor Elm, Bill, and Pokemon Trader.

And Finally, BM is a great draft pick, you cannot get enough card drawing in a draft deck.

Unlimited- 2
Modified- 3
Neon- 4
Draft- 4

Bill's Maintenence looks better than regular old Bill at first glance. 
You draw 3 instead of 2!?! all you have to do is shuffle a card into 
your deck? It kicks butt.... ummm, not as much as people think.

Sure, it's card drawing, and yes, it is definitly good, but we can't 
discredit that horrible supporter ability that makes regular Bill better 
than it's supporter counterpart. The supporter ability is a good idea, 
and is workable in many instances, but when it comes to a card like 
this, you want to keep going with the effect, not play one a turn and 
have to wait. 

I would still play this over Bill's Teleporter. Not playing multiples 
is better than relying on a tails fails card.

Modified - Replaces Bill's Teleporter as the third card drawing trainer 
in a deck. It is definitly a good card, and is going to see play, but 
not in a multiple of 4 because you can't play another one if you draw 
one. 4 of these is something I don't see becoming a priority. A 3 out 
of 5.

Standard - Standard's card drawing engines are pretty set in stone as is right now. This card won't shake anything up... at least no too 
horribly. A 1.9 out of 5.

Limited - Fun! Card Drawing! An automatic high pick, and always 
played. 4 out of 5.

Lord Gothmog
Okay, let's review. It gives you card advantage(2 for 3), allows you to put something back in your deck, but it's a Supporter. One per turn of those. That's what hurts it.

In unlimited, it would be pretty darn good if it weren't a supporter. It 
gets you 3 cards, and puts one back in your deck. Handy for putting back a Metal, Darkness, or DCE before an Oak. As it is, it's still somewhat usable, giving better card advantage than all the other "shuffle X in to draw X" cards, except for Elm, and it's Supporter rule is much less restricting than no more trainers, especially in this format. I can see it being used here. 3/5

In modified, your staple is still Elm, not Oak. You're not often going to be discarding anything, so using up your one supporter per turn on Bill's Maintanence isn't such a great idea. I'd rather use plain ol' LC Bill instead. 2.3/5

In limited, card drawing is card drawing. It's good here. 3.5/5
Croconaw88 Monday: Bill's Maintenance

I first saw this cards japanese version at the last STSoomB. This is a very good card drawer in the new Modified and draft. Shuffling a useless card back in for 3 new cards is a good deal. =\ I don't see it making a big difference in Standard.

Standard 3.5/5
Modified 4/5
Draft 4.5/5


The Poke`mon Master 1110  Bill's Maintenance

I like this card.  It's good.  It says shuffle, so you won't be throwing the card away, and you can shuffle in somethig you don't need; an evolution that you don't have the lower stages for, a basic if your bench is full or an energy if you have already attached one.  Very cool, even though it's a supporter, so you can only play one per turn =/

Unlimited:  Good, but Bill, Elm and Oak will always be better.  Still, not bad, it WILL see some play.  3/5

Modified:  There is almost no good, reliable drawing, so it's good here. 4/5

MMF:  Great, since besides it there is like, Bill and Elm.  Oh wait, MAIL FROM BILL =/  Very good, and will be used.  4/5

Limited:  Oh, man, DRAFT IT!  Geeze, this thing is awesome in draft.  Totally broken here.  There are VERY few cards that you should take over this.  5/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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