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Machamp - Expedition

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Tuesday: Machamp

The Pokedex like power isn't that useful. Great HP for a stage 2. In Standard It just takes to much energy to power up and is easily SERed/ERed. In Modified with out DCE it's just to slow. If you can get it powered it can be very powerful. It's so weak to Espeon/Slowking it's not even funny.

Standard 2/5
Modified 3/5
Draft 3.5/5



120HP was the first thing I noticed about this card. So far so good. The two retreat cost was also a surprise as usually these Stage 2s have three retreat cost.

Terraforming is an AMAZING Poke-Power. The ability to keep on using a free Pokedex (almost!) every turn is simply powerful. You can get that winning card 4 turns earlier. That's a lot of advantage.

Iron Fist can possibly do up to 110 damage for just 4 Energies. Not bad if I say so myself. You need to flip a coin and somehow get some damage on a bunch of your Pokemon. That's why it's not as a good attack as people thought.

In Unlimited, you have DCE so that Machamp can start attacking turn 3. However, that also means that you would have to deal with a rain of ERs.

In Modified, it's decent. I would just use it for the Power though.

In Draft, it's great! Power is amazing. Attack would also be great in the late game, when Machamp is most likely to show up anyway. The lower Evos are decent in draft too, making it quite playable. The problem is getting it out though.  

Unlimited Rating: 3.3/5
Modified Rating: 2.8/5
Draft Rating: 3.5/5 

I like this Machamp, it has a useful Pokemon Power, and an attack that has the potential to mow down your opponents pokemon.  Hisa Pokemon Power will help you get to the cards you need as soon as possible without having to draw them (Drawing them is nice....  This is the difference between Radio Tower and this Machamp:  the Machamp hits for lots of damage and has a Pokemon Power tacked to him as well, Radio Tower, on the other hand, sits there, and looks vacant.)  

His HP is high, giving him the ability to take some blows, as well as dish them out.  On top of that, he has a retreat cost of CC, which is a major contrast, and a huge advantage for this card.  He can retreat fairly easily, without doing too much harm.

Machamp has two things going against it:  it's fighting, and it's a Stage 2.  The fact that it's fighting hurts it because there is always something in a format that hoses that type, in this case, there's too many fighting resistant pokemon.  In past formats, Promo Mewtwo was too much of a force.  Still, in the new Modified Modified Format or Neon as I've heard it called(Pokemon's major problem - pet names to formats.  Just give them names, Extended, Type II, and such, like Magic) Machamp should be a force, especially with the Trader to find him, and the Breeder to get him out.

MM Format - He gets out, he probably wins.  A Poke-Power that is highly useful, and an attack that can be severely devastating against the metagame, which has shown itself to be 99% Slowking.  A 4 out of 5.

Standard Format - He's far to slow, and he doesn't tango well with Rocket's Zapdos or Promo Mewtwo. A 2 out of 5.

Draft:  Tri Evolution, doesn't sit well with me.  Good if you can get a hold of the lower forms though.  A 2.5 out of 5.

Lord Gothmog
Mmm...E-cardy. Er, Expeditiony, I mean.

In unlimited, if my memory serves me correctly, Energy Removal is still a staple. That kind of hoses Machamp for attack purposes. Although, with the right trainers(Lass, Chaos/Eco/NR Gyms) it might actually be worth risking the ER's. 50 for FFCC, then up to 110 on heads? Not too shabby at all. With 120 HP, it's sticking around for quite some time as well. I have to give it 2.3/5. This is tentative, because I haven't seen it played yet.

In modified(note: this is the new modified; I won't be doing old modified reviews anymore, even though I like that format more), I think fighting might be getting a shot in the arm. This card rewards you for using Earthquake-like attacks, and something tells me there's a card that does that in this set. Enough Foreshadowing. Up to 110 for 4 energy. No downsides? Discard, no, tailsfails, no...I think we've got a winner here! The power also helps things along, sorting the cards you need to the top, where they can be Bill'd into hand or whatever. It's big and mean. I will say 3.8/5. The damage potential is awesome, with guarunteed 50. Good stuff.

In limited, I'm not sure this is a Draft-Friendly set. Taken out of that context, it's not too bad. Stage 2's aren't always easy to get out, but I've done it before. And this is a doozy. I'll say 3.4/5 here. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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