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Chansey - Legendary Collection

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Chansey (Exp.)

Hm, when will we ever see another 120HP Chansey with one Retreat cost? Sigh...

Bind Wound is pretty good as it can also heal your bench Pokemon. 90HP is quite high so it can take quite a beating. You can also heal Chansey to make it last longer.

Dogpile is interesting. At first glance it looks like Wiggly's Do The Wave. Then, we noticed how inferior it is. First of all, the max damage it can do it only 50 damage for 3 Energies. That's pretty good. However, Chansey would then do 50 to itself. You can reduce the self-damage by having an Unown N on your bench.

In Unlimited, it's definitely not as good as Wiggly. If you want to play a good Chansey, play the Base Set version and the combo with Metal Energy and UnownN.

In Modified, there are better Pokemon that does more damage with 3 energies. If Psychic gets really popular though, this Chansey might be more playable.

In Draft, a very high pick! High HP, heals your Pokemon, AND can deal a decent amount of damage when needed. Plus, it's splashable in every decks.

Unlimited Rating: 2.3/5
Modified Rating: 2.5/5
Draft Rating: 4/5
Chansey- Expedition

We once again have a new Chansey card. But still, this one does not measure up to the original.

It's first attack (bind wound) is based on a flip and isn't that great even with the heads. Although, it's nice in conjunction with the second attack, it just won't cut it.

Unlimited has much better options like Wigglytuff or base Chansey.

Attack number 2 (dogpile) is nifty. Some would say it is the Wigglytuff of new Modified. The most it will do is 50, and then you would do 50 to yourself. It is average, especially since there in no DCE allowed in the Modified formats.

If you are running a Blissey deck, this would be the Chansey to use. Besides, there are ways around the self damage (Unown N, Gold Berry, Evolving to Blissey, Metal energy).

This card is decent in draft, but you will on average get to do the second attack once before being knocked out because of low trainer counts allowing you to heal your Chansey.

All around, it is an ALMOST average card.

Unlimited- 1.5
Modified- 3 (it is your best card for evolving to Blissey)
Neon- 3.5
Draft- 2 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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