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Machop - Legendary Collection

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Machop (Exp.)

Ookay. This one is a decent Machop. First attack is slightly below average. The 2nd attack is splashable and does a decent amount of damage.

In Unlimited, I think there are better versions. If you wanted it for the splash, use NG Gligar instead.

In Modified, use it only if you want to get the its Evos out.

In Draft, a decent pick. Splashable basics are good so pick it before somebody else does.

Unlimited Rating: 2/5
Modified Rating: 2/5
Draft Rating: 3.5

Expedition Machop is a balanced basic - middle weight HP, middle weight attacks, and part of a series that appears to be immensely powerful, and could put fighting back on the map. This guy is especially above average considering that he is the base form of an evolution line that goes all the way through a Stage 2. He can take a blow if absolutely needed to, although it's probably not a prudent idea. It can dish it out to smaller forms.

By basic pokemon's terms, it's not bad.

Modified Format - It leads to bigger and better things, and isn't a Gust it - Drop it kind of Basic. Still, you wouldn't play this guy without his higher evolutions. He's good for a basic, but not that good. A 2 out of 5.

Standard - Poor Man's Machop (Base Set) is a lot better. You wouldn't play this version in any real sense in Standard. A 1 out of 5.

Draft - It's a basic, and a good pokemon. I'd take it if I got the chance. A 3 out of 5. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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