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Charizard - Expedition

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Charizard (100HP)

OMG! A playable Charizard! 100HP is kinda of a downgrade from the usual 120HP but the 2 Retreat cost is nice.

Tail Smash is a Tails/Fails attack, but it IS undercosted. Making the attack quite okay...

Flamethrower is awesome! The usual Flamethrower costs RRC (discard an R) for 50 damage. This Flamethrower does the same thing but it does 10 more damage! No flips and only one discard. Good enough.

In Unlimited, ER kills it. If you want to play it with Entei though, I recommend using Base/LC Ninetales instead.

In Modified, a decent Stage 2. Not to mention that the Exp. Charmeleon is pretty good! The new Venusaur might be popular and we always have Steelix/Dark Blastoise around...

In Draft, a decent pick IMO. The Charmeleon is good and Charizard has a colorless attack (worse come to worse). 

Unlimited Rating: 2/5
Modified Rating: 3/5
Draft Rating: 3/5
TR Shadow
Well, at least the Mew and the Mewtwo had good art work...
First of all, 100hp's kinda average for a stage 2 Poke.  Why'd they even put that Tail Smash attack on this thing? I mean c'mon, IT'S A STAGE TWO!!  Looking at it's other attack, I can't find anything special about it.  Just another average card.  Oh wow, WOTC made an improvement: only 2 retreat =\ .  This card is waaayy two advige. Not something that will ever see much play.
Unlimited 2/5
Slandered 2.5/5
MMF 2.5/5
Limited 2/5
Friday - Charizard

The better Charizard. It's actually not that bad. Flamethrower is cheap... and the first attack is like a tyrogue. Not bad... and definitely one of the better Charizards ever printed. Could be used in conjunction with Entei.

Unlimited Rating - 2.5/5
Standard Rating - 3.5/5
Limited Rating - 3/5

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