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Venusaur - Expedition
(Harvest Bounty)

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Venusaur (Harvest Bounty)

Harvest Bounty is interesting. Anything that lets you break the basic rules (in this case the one energy card attachment per turn) must be good, right? This power reminds me a lot of the old school Raindance. Raindance was significantly more powerful because Blastoise by itself could do 60 damage on the 2nd turn. Harvest Bounty is toned downed quite a lot but it's still very playable.

Body Slam in an average attack. Even with the power, the fastest Venusaur can attack is 3rd turn. Wild Growth Meganium on the other hand, can attack on the 2nd turn. But the MAIN difference is, you don't HAVE to play Grass! You can play any other type and just use Venusaur to abuse the power. Let's think of some possibilities. You can do up to 120 damage with Discovery Kabutops on the 2nd turn, which is really nice. You can start using Flamethrower for 60 damage with the Exp. Charizard on the 2nd turn. Quite a lot of possibilities as a matter of fact. TWO Metal Energies a turn on Steelix means a 2nd turn Tail Crush and a super wall.

In Unlimited, not as powerful. In order for you to run multiple Stage 1s and 2s, a lot of trainers are needed. A single Lass could prove do be your downfall. Don't really play it in this format.

In Modified, it's really good. I already mentioned a few combination above. Most decks go off on the 3rd turn. If you can go off on the 2nd turn, it's a big advantage for you. Experiment more with card and you just might come up with the perfect combination!

In Draft, if you can somehow get it out (especially early game), it's ridiculous! 2 Energy attachments per turn means you get to use your big attacks first. If you drafted a bunch of good Grass Pokemon, that's even more reason to pick this card. 

Unlimited Rating: 2.5/5
Modified Rating: 4/5
Draft Rating: 3.4/5   
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Venusaur:

Wow. This is TOO much! Do you realize what he can do? Sheesh. I saw this and slapped it into my grass deck. Him, Wild Growth Meganium and Eggxecutor? Ho, man! Say what you will about "Oh, TWO evolution lines in the same deck? You MONSTER!" but it works QUITE well to say the least. It is too good.

Unlimited: Look, I know evos will never be the best here, but for our purposes, lets pretend that people have half a brain and want some stratagy in their decks instead of a Sneasle with four Dark Energies, four plus powers and a Strength Charm on it =/. Sheesh people, get a life. Anyway, its an awesome card. Accually good here since, guess what, the power lets you recover from the almighty SER on the VERY next turn! Thatís a good thing =) 3/5

MMF: Ahhh, this is fun. Hey, I donít care what you say, this and the Meganium on the bench and the Eggxecutor active, on the second turn, youíve attached 4 grass energies which is made into eight. Flip EIGHT coins for 20 x the number of heads? Sheesh man, wadda ya need a Sneasle for now? 4/5

Limited: You know the drill. Expedition is set up good for draft, you can get multiples of it, awesome power gives you speed in the draft. Which, by the way, is REAL good. His attack is also killer here. 3.75/5

Overall average rating: 3.6/5

dontknow09 Wensday: Expediton Venusaur(Holo)

This venusaur is the 'harvest bounty' venusaur, just if you didnt know. Well 100HP makes it last long. Bottom stats is like the base venusaur. Fire weakness, 2 retreat. Attack is body slam. 4 energy to do 40 damage, 50/50 chance of paralysis. Nothing new... NOW on to the good stuff. The pokemon power Harvest Bounty. This let's you attach TWO(2) energy(any energy) cards to a pokemon during your turn. Advantages to this: 1)It will help you power up other poke's twice as fast 2)It will help you build a retreat cost if you don't have any trainers to bring your active back and this is your LAST resort 3)It will help you recover from energy loss. Think of all the possibilities with this power. There are probably some i haven't named yet.

Unlimited- Venusaur can do some sneaky things here. It will really help you recover from SER and GOW. You could make some really nice combo's with this card. What possibilities, i dont know. I guess you people must explore and discover. 3.25/5

MMF- Interesting... Venusaur can act like a mini-raindancer or like a blaine with the exception of the fires. Many decks can take it up a notch speed-wise. As long as venusaur is on the bench, the power will be good to go. 3.75/5

Draft- Again with the stage 2's. But this might be an exception. IF you do manage to pull this out, take back what i said about 4 energy attacks. But still, venusaur is a stage 2. But then again, the power... Ah decisions decisions..... 3/5
Thundachu I totally love this card. Literally.

Overlook: Hp of 100. It seems we are obsessed with Stage 2 pokemon with 100HP, though it is good, this is the 3rd COTD with 100HP. For 2 grass and 2 colorless, can do 40 damage, pretty solid. The thing I love most is the Pokemon Power. Attach 2 energy per turn to your active pokemon. Sweeet!

Unlimited: 3/5
Modified: 2/5
Draft: 1/5
Wednesday - Venusaur

A vastly anticipated card. Many are making a huge deal out of this, and I don't see it...Look. It's a stage 2... with 100 HP. Nice. The attack is also nice. And the power is GREAT. But what use is the power when you have to BASE your deck around Venusaur in the first place? I can only see it being used as a Venusaur swarm competitively, and that's not THAT good.
So it's a great card, I'll give you that. But building a deck around it would be extremely difficult, if not IMPOSSIBLE. So my ratings for it will justify that belief.

I'll give it a 2/5 in Unlimited. It IS nice getting two darkness on a
Sneasel in one turn, but what's the point? =\

I'll give it a 2.25/5 in Modified. It'd be awesome, but impossible to build a deck around. I guess it could work with the new Tyranitar, but two stage 2's? You know how hard that is to make work? You'll be beat half the time simply because you can't get set up.

I'll give it a 2/5 in Draft/Sealed. In draft, you normally have an
overabundance of energy. You don't need this. =\

~ RaNd0m

TR Shadow Happy Halloween Pojo peeps!


This is the kind of Poke that you would only have in your deck for the power. The attack is horribel and deffenetly not worth the costs. 100hp is not bad...actually, it's pretty good. Two retreat is not as bad as most stage 2s. But still, Switch is probobly something you should have 1 of in your deck, regardless of the retreat costs

In unlimited, attaching 2 energy per turn can kill. The card doesn't say grass energy, so you can attach any type. If you have him out by the third turn, extra sneasels would be able to attack the turn they come out. He is a space waister though. A line of these will cut your trainer supply down durasticly. Baseing a deck around this could work out, just don't enter a tourny with it.

In team, sadly, it can only target you. If it targeted your teammate, it would be useful for the tail of those tooth/tail team decks.

Unlimited 3/5
Standard 3.3/5
Modified 4/5
Limited 2/5
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