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Golem - Expedition

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Golem (Exp.)

This is probably the one of the best Stage 2 Fighting Pokemon out there right now. I won't count Discovery Kabutops because it is Water Type...

Rock Body is like a permanent Metal Energy effect. This and Gold Berry makes Golem quite hard to kill off.
Rock Tumble is good in Unlimited because of DCE. 3rd turn 60 damage that doesn't apply Resistance (NOTE: It STILL applies Weakness!) is pretty darn good. Just have to protect it from the ERs. Hm, Golem/Slowking? o_O;

In Modified, the fastest this guy can attack is 4th turn. But the Power + Gold Berry should make it last that long. Gotta pack some Switches though since the 4 Retreat Cost is kinda impossible to pay...

In Draft, decent enough. I wouldn't pick it too high though.

Unlimited Rating: 3/5
Modified Rating: 3/5
Draft Rating: 3/5
dontknow09 Monday: Golem(Expedition)

Finally, a Golem worth playing. Let's look at this hunk of rock. 100 HP, stage 2 is standard. Bottom stats is new. Water weakness? That was surprising. I wonder how the eviroment will change because of this... No resistance and 4 retreat. That's pretty heavy for this pokemon...wait, this pokemon is heavy! =D oO, whats this now, a poke-body? Reducing 10 damage from every attack, thats like putting a metal on golem without the side effects. And its attack does a wopping 60 with no resistance applied. My word for this golem is WOW.

Unlimited- Big bad scyther wont be able to do much this golem any more. No weakness and poke-body makes scyther do only 20 damage. DCE would really help golem power up much faster. SER would destroy golem though. And rain dance or mf gator will hurt golem bad(if anyone still plays these =/). Other than those problems, golem has a fair chance to stand up in this for mat.

MMF- Water is still strong here. There's kingdra, dark blastoise, dark gator, and maybe even the new poliwrath. No SER is good, but no DCE will make it slow. So0 many problems for this golem is this format. But who knows, it could have a good comeback... 2.75/5

Draft- Heh Heh Heh. Stage 2 and 4 energy attack equals what everyone? A big "No No". You will have such a hard time trying to pull this thing out and to actually power it up? Well if you do(by some odd miracle) get golem out, just sit back and relax. Poke-body to protect it, attack to destroy everything. Good luck for people who pick this. 2.5/5

In conclusion, just because a card looks good doesn't mean it'll do good. I first thought golem was going to revive fighting before i did this review, but after analyzing golem, its better to stick mith machamp...But if you just wanna have fun, play golem.
Thundachu Ok… lets see…

Overlook: 100HP is great for a Stage 2 pokemon. A 4-energy attack is normal for rock types. Retreat of 4 is a little high. I suggest using Balloon Berry. Cool Poke Body. All damage reduced by 10 no matter what. Weakness to Water instead of Grass this time.

Unlimited- 3/5
Modified- 4/5
Limited- 1/5

E-Reader: This card has a rock catching game and the stats of the card.
Monday- Golem, Expedition

The new Golem is actually a really great addition to the pool of fighting Pokemon available. The Poke-Body acts as a metal energy without the reducing your attack's damage drawback.

The HP (100) will keep it in the game for a long time. Especially if your running heavy Gold Berry. It will be a monster.

When playing this deck, you will want to run the Neo Revelation Geodude, it's the best. Couple it with Strength charm, and you have a baby killer.

Also, if you decide to run the Expedition Graveler (which I don't really recommend), with a strength charm, you will be doing decent damage to the active and 20 to 2 benched Pokemon. That would actually be pretty nifty, but the Neo Revelation Graveler is still superior.

If you can get this running in draft, your opponent will have an awfully hard time taking it out. I like this card.

Unlimited- 2
Old Modified- 3
Modified- 4.5
Limited- 4
Monday - Golem

This card is kinda basic. Basically, it's a solid pokemon. It's almost
ALL fighting has in MMF. =\
The power is nice, because it's kinda like a metal energy attached.
Does it really do much beyond that? Not really. But it does reduce smash punches to 20. =)

The attack is somewhat economic, FFCC - 60. Not horrid... not bad at all. I've seen costs like that doing 50 damage. =\ Overall, a decent attack, especially because it goes around resistance.
Combo wise, I think this works really well with strength charm. All
this thing does is damage, and doing 70 is very VERY nice. Many great pokemon have 70 hp. =\

I'll give it a 2.75 in Unlimited. It could ACTUALLY survive.

I'll give it a 3.25 in Modified. It's a solid pokemon here, and could
POSSIBLY win a tourney! X_x!

And I'll give it a 3.5 in Draft/Sealed. If you can get a stage 2 out, it's
broken. SOLID pokemon.

~ RaNd0m

Khap Expedition Golem

Unlimited: Hmm...this is hard to figure out. IMO, it isn't that good in Unlimited. It's a Stage 2 that takes 4 turns to power up. It's very vulnerable to energy removal cards. But, it doesn't apply Resistance to Fighting. That's good...I guess. But, what Fighting type cards are there that are good enough to base a deck around? Hey! It has Water weakness! *cough* Anyway, just go with Donphan if you want to play a Fighting Pokémon that isn't Tyrogue or Gligar.

Modified: Kind of different here. From what I've heard on the message boards, Golem is pretty much a tank with its 100 HP and Poké-BODY. It can reduce 10 damage...and that puts a damper on most swarm decks. However, it has Water weakness. There are a lot of Water guys out there. Think about it. =/...Well, it is still decent, from what I've heard, despite his weakness. You might want to try it out sometime and see how it does.

Draft: If you're lucky enough to grab a Golem line, then use it. There aren't that many Water Pokémon in draft, and if you're still lucky enough to power this guy up, it would be gg. Having that Metal like Poké-BODY really helps in Draft. However, it's 4 retreat cost could become a problem. That is, if you're lucky enough to get this, and it's family as well. =\

Unlimited: 1.9/5
Modified: 2.5/5
Draft: 2.3/5

TR Shadow Golem

Is this thing weak to water?! It'll never see play as long as water is the most played type!!! Well, maybe a little...The other "stuff" is mostly good: 100hp and an attack that applies no resistance is very helpful. It has that little problem with that 4-energy thing that I've already explained (and I'm sure you don't want to here again =D). It has a retreat cost of 4 energy, but you can get by that easley with a switch or a double gust.

This Poke is too slow. It will take a minimum of 4 turns to power up in Modified and most stage twos only take 3. A one turn difference can mean the game.

In unlimited, it becomes a bit faster because you have DCEs to power it up a turn earlier.

Unlimited 3/5
Standard 3/5
Modified 3/5
Limited 2/5 (few stage 2s are good in Limited)
TMP 3/5

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