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Poliwrath - Expedition

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Poliwrath (Exp.)

This card is so combolicious! First we'll look at the attack, Water Punch can do unlimited damage, which is nice. If you have 4 Water Energies on it, on average it does 60 damage. Stats are pretty good for a Stage 2, the 2 Retreat cost is more managable than 3.

Now let's  look at the amazing Power, Plunge. Some people don't really understand the full potential of Plunge. The best scenario is if you have at least 2 Poliwraths in play. If one of them is affected by a status or something like that, you could just "switch" them around (provided you get Heads of course). Now the combo. Pokemon Center and Pokemon Nurse. Once you get the combo running, it's simply amazing!

The problem is though, the deck needs time to set itself up. It's slightly slower than the other decks, which might prove to be its downfall.

In Unlimited, it's not really playable. Don't bother here. 2/5 

In Modified, it's great! Just a tad bit slow... 3.8/5

In Draft, you would probably have to play in a single color deck to maximize its full potential. It's also next to impossible to get a couple of them out so I would probably stay clear of it... 2.6/5 
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Poliwrath:

Ohhh, yes!  This card is to cool man!  Never before has a card had there Power and attack so blatantly made to combo together.  And combo they do!  Sheesh.  The power can power him up QUICK and get your active safe on the bench out of harms way.  Then the attack.  Man, power.

Unlimited:  This thing could revive raindance!  That would be cool.  Anyone who brushes of this guy as a sub-par poke when they see it hit the bench is gonna be in for a rude awakening.  Still, this is Sneasle's and Erika's Jigglypuff's domain.  3.5/5

MMF:  Holy Moses, fire players watch out!  Sheesh (which by the way is my new Fav. word =D) this dude will obliterate a fire deck before it gets past the huff and puff stage.  Really, he can dish out a major beating to anyone.  4/5

Limited:  Too cool.  Like i have said before, expedition is set up nice for drafting.  Once he hits the board, he can REALLY do some damage!

Have a great weekend Poke' people

dontknow09 Friday: Poliwrath(Expedition)

Last card of the week. 100 hp, again standard on alot of stage 2 pokemon. 2 retreat instead of 3 sure does make a difference though. Weakness to lightning?! That helps against the strong grasses out there, but then lightning can put a disadvantage to this. A interesting power though. Jus as your active is about to be KO'd, you can power this strong pokemon here to help it use its attack which is... WATER PUNCH! Just like misty's poliwhirl,
you flip for each water energy card and it does 10 extra damage for each heads. Average of 60 for 4 energy. Looks good, but let's see how it puts up against the formats.

Unlimited-SER,ER are two very big(well not really BIG) words that can stop this thing. With out energies, the attack is useless. You can also use rain dancer blastoise, but running two stage 2's is frightning in this format. Big bad electabuzz is also warming up his thunderpunch to go against this guy's water punch...=/ 2.75/5

MMF-Hey!Much better here. Water punch can't be stopped by buzz anymore. So cant SER and ER. So0 strong in this format. you could do damage ranging from 40-80 with just 4 energies a turn. Prof. Elms training method would help get this thing out much quicker too. It's possible that this card could be the next Big water hitter... 4/5

Draft-Geez. You should no by now. Stage 2 = "no no" in draft. 4 energy attack = "no no" in draft. 2/5
I like this card, and I don't like it.  The power is what gets me.  Why would you need to use it in the first place if you were a good player.  Of coarse the power goes with the attack, but it doesn't due that much damage.  You build up your Poliwrath go kill a few Pokemon, and then get knocked out by some Feraligatr Tech.  The poliwag isn't much of a survivor either.  I rate this card:
Unlimited: 2/5 (Could be used in a rain dance deck, but there are better Pokemon out there)
MMF:        3/5 (A bit better, but still average)
Draft:       3.5/5 (Harder to get out, and there isn't that much energy)
Jim Daddy Friday: Poliwrath

Poke Power is great! I purchased this card about a year ago and played it in a Politoed deck. Gosh it works great as a clean up card. The power allows me to save a dieing Politoed and surprise an opponent with some serious power quickly.

Unlimited: Couple this with a Blastoise and you have a real killer. In a Politoed senario it is also a heavy hitter. Like it is an understated. I have too much fun with this card.

Modified: It can work really good in any Politoed or PoliWrath variation. Try it, you will like it for a cleanup position.

Draft: I don't think I want to play Stage 2's in draft. They are so hard to get out without any drawing power.

Unlimited: 4.0
Modified: 3.75
Draft: 1.75 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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