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Feraligatr - Expedition

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Feraligatr (Major Tsunami)

This card is quite interesting. It looks hecka confusing at first since there was an error in the power. It has been ruled that power is optional. So keep that in mind.

Major Tsunami basically gives Feraligatr free Retreat (as long as it has no Special Condition). It's okay I guess. In Unlimited, if you get SER-ed, you can just "switch" Feraligatr for some other Pokemon.

Rending Jaws is awesome IMO, as it does 70 damage for just 4 energies. The problem is, unless the defending Pokemon already have any damage counters, the attack would only do 40 damage. Now in Unlimited, it's too weak to ER. In Modified, it's pretty good. In Draft, a good attacker if you can somehow get it out.

Unlimited Rating: 2.4/5
Modified Rating: 3.4/5
Draft Rating: 2.9/5
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Feraligator:

Interesting to say the least. And artwork? Top class! Geeze, look at the detail! The swamp, him in the water with that cool in your face veiw? Sweet. Oh, right, how good the card is =/ Well, the attack is a bit odd, that is for darn sure, but it's ok.  It basiclly eather will do 70 if the defender has damage already, or fourty.  The thing is that having the fourty means this; your opponet has to relize that if they don't eather ko the gator on their NEXT turn, they will face 70 more damage, for a total of 110.  That is a SCARY thing to have to deal with.  Basicly, they have to let is fall or retreat it if they can't take out the gator.  But the power is the best.  Basiclly, its a double gust.  Cool

Unlimited:  Accually, could be OK here, but most likly not.  Could be fun to combo with fossil Gengar o_0!  2.75/5

MMF:  Nice.  Its a 1-2 punch to Kingdra, or if the King already got like Smash Punched or something, its a KO.  Fun, great power, and can do some sereous damage.  3.5/5

Limited:  For our purposes, we'll say that is is easy to draft.  Which isn't that far off.  Face it, you get it out, you win.  Sheesh, tell me some guys you'll face in draft that can stand up to THIS beast!  120 hp?  In DRAFT?  Sheesh.  3.25/5

Overall average rating: 3/5

Have a great weekend, poke`people, and be sure to attend you local league!

dontknow09 Friday: Expedition Feraligatr(Holo)

Stunning. Very very stunning. The artwork on the rendering jaws feraligatr card is just wow. On to the stats. This card has a whopping 120 hp and be assured, its gonna take alota force to take feraligatr. Weakness to lightning is new, like the many water pokemon that have changed weaknesses. 3 retreat makes this unmovable. But then it's tsunami poke-power makes up for that. Although the power is not a 'you may' choice, a free retreater can help aid gatr. Two water and two colorless does a jaw dropping 70 damage!  But then it will only do 40 on a fresh poke. It's kinda like a reverse erika's jiggly.

Unlimited- I'm starting to notice that alota of these poke's in expedition can take a DCE to pay for that attack. This means that gatr can be powered up faster. Although buzz can be a major problem, gatr will survive since it has 120 hp and will take down buzz in one shot. It'll take down many
haymakers down in ONE shot. I can see much use in this format. 3.25/5

MMF- This gatr will chomp on everything in its path. No SER wont weaken it.  I don't see much things that will hurt gatr in this format. I could be wrong or right. But from this stand point, i can see that gatr might conquer over all the pokemon in mmf again. 4/5

Draft- I have been reviewing alota stage 2, 4 energy attack poke's lately, and i dont know why. You're gonna have a very hard time pulling this out(i kno, we all are tired of me saying this) and power gatr up(this one too). Gatr unleashed will destroy, but we all know that's highly unlikely if you're in draft=/ 2.25/5

Well, that's it for the week. Have a great week, my fellow pokemon
Feraligatr- Expedition

This is yet another interesting card from the Expedition expansion. Currently, the amount of useable water Pokemon in the Modified format is intensely high.

Feraligatr not only has a great Power that acts as a Warp Point (and is optional according to Wotc ruling), but also has an attack that will HURT.

Although Rending jaw's maybe on the expensive side, it is still a solid card.

Unlimited- 2
Hope everyone had fun trick-or-treating.  I sure did.   I have enough candy for half a year.  On to the review.
The way I see it, this Feraligatr is both good and bad.  70 for 4 energies is awesome, but it only does 40 if your opponent isn't damaged.  It's pokemon power is what gets aggravating.  Every turn Feraligatr is active, your opponent must switch active pokemon.  This allows you to get at their hurt pokemon, but it also gives your opponent time to heal it for 1 or 2 turns while Feraligatr's Hp is whittled done to nothing.  Feraligatr would hurt everything they got, but he won't make any KOs.
Unlimited: 2/5 (play a haymaker or use a plain old Gust of Wind)
MMF:     3.5/5
Draft:         3/5 (hard to get together, but there are less interuptions from trainers)
TR Shadow Hope ya'll had a great Halloween!

Just like the Venusaur it only has 2 retreat instead of 3. That doesn't mean you can stop playing switches though. The Pokemon power's not great and is not something you would want to make a deck around. Actually, it's not very good. The power works well with a recycle energy and the attack's not one of those killer attacks that can take out one of your opponents Pokes every turn.

In unlimited, there are few Pokes that this terrible excuse for a stage 2 can stand a chance against. If you're going to use a stage two, there are much better options.

Unlimited 2/5
Standard 2/5
Modified 3/5
Limited 2/5
TMP 3/5

Random Friday - Feraligatr

Ok. I played against this the other day, and I got my butt kicked. It's an underrated card.

It's power is great, giving you the opportunity to leave at any time.
Great against those new Vileplume decks, because the poison won't hurt you that much. Almost like having a Warp Point ALWAYS available.

Doing 70 is great. And that's basically what it will be, if you play it
right. Almost EVERY mmf deck these days has healing field, and most pokemon won't have counters on them when you get that guy out, unless the opponent is smart and knows what you're playing.
Even doing 40 is not bad. Basically, this guy is a BEATDOWN stick. And he has 120 HP!!!

In Unlimited, I'm not thrilled. Not good enough to be a stage 2 deck. I give it a 1.5/5.

In Modified, it's great! We thought Kingdra swarm was good, just wait until you see this in action! I give it a 4/5.

In draft, it's unbelievable. Most pokemon have 70 or less hp, so you kill everything. If you can get it out, it's great. I give it a 4.5/5.

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