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Tyranitar - Expedition

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Tyranitar (Exp.)

I love this card! When the first spoiler was posted by Flareclaw a while back at the Board, I found that this card was the one that intrigued me the most. I mean, in Unlimited you could use DCE to power it up so fast it's not even funny! But then, in Japan, they had this half deck rule thingy and that prevented it from happening. I was kinda sad since this card had so much potential...

Back to now though, WoTC did a smart thing and forego the whole half-deck rule. SO now you could use DCEs on this T-'tar! 120HP has always been the highest so that's good. Dark Aura is a simply amazing Poke-BODY. You can use DCEs and Recycle Energies on this this. Heck , you could even use Basic Energies if you are desperate. Stamp reminds me of Blaine's Rapidash's attack. A very nice attack indeed.

Now, the main problem is how do you protect this behemoth from ER? The only good solution I can think of is Slowking. Try building one and see how powerful this card is.

In Modified, it's not as powerful simply because it's slow. No DCE means turn 4 Stamp is the earliest. A lot of Evos can go off on the 2nd-3rd turn, making this T-'tar less playable.

In Draft, the power is AMAZING! You basically could throw it in ANY deck and you can still attack with it. The problem with Stage 2s in Draft though is how the heck are you gonna get it out... There are decent amount of draw power in Exp. though so cross your fingers. If you can get this guy out and powered up, your opponent would probably just give up, especially if he's playing Psychic. ~_^

Unlimited Rating: 4/5 (2nd turn Stamp, baby!)
Modified Rating: 3/5 (Kinda slow here...)
Draft Rating: 3/5 (Would've been a lot higher if Stage 2s could come out easier...) 
This Tyranitar is actually playable.
In Unlimited, breeder it, attach 2 double colorless and start Stamping your opponent.  The little Larvitar is fish bait though.  If you had the right mix you could get it out early enough.  But the weakness to fighting murders it in Haymaker country.
In MMF it has many things going for it.
  • It's splashable in any deck.
  • It has 120 Hp.
  • The environment is slowed down.
  • Major bench damage!
There are a few bad things though.
  • 4 retreat cost.
  • Weakness to fighting.
  • Muk! (Who plays them though?)
In draft the Larvitar and Pupitar are KO'ed before you can say Pikachu.
Unlimited:   3/5
MMF:      3.8/5
Draft:        2/5
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