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Rapidash - Expedition

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Rapidash (Exp.)

Me likes this Rapidash! ~_^

Not as good as good ol' Blaine's Rapidash, but it's pretty close!

70HP and Free Retreat, the classic stats for a good Rapidash. Overrun is a good attack, but it's even better since it is colorless! This means that you can splash it to any deck. Just plop a DCE to it if you're playing in Unlimited and it's as good to go.

Flame Tail is a decent enough attack. I would rather just use the first attack and just build up the rest of my bench though.

In Unlimited, it's good against Steelix and Scyther. The first attack can be powered up with Recycle Energies, making it not so weak against ER.

In Modified, does not seem to do enough damage though. But if Grass is a popular metagame, it won't hurt you to play it.

In Draft, a really high pick! The Ponyta isn't that good so people won't 1st pick those, giving you more Ponytas. If you can get it out, this card is amazing!

Unlimited Rating: 3/5
Modified Rating: 2.5/5
Draft Rating: 3.5/5
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Rapidash:  Well, its pretty cool, and if nothing else has good art work.  It can be good in the right deck I suppose.  Not all that bad rally.

Unlimited:  Errr.... wont see play.  Just gets eaten up, unfortunatly.  Still cool.  2/5

Modified:  OK, just not good enough.  Wont really be used.  2.5/5

MMF:  Could be used since fire is popular.  It's not the best, but not a bad choice ether.  3/5

Limited:  Cool, very nice.  The first attack is splashable, and a straght 40 damage a turn is solid here.  Good pick.  4/5

My first card of the day!
Hi!  I'm Pikafreak and I'm going to be doing Card of the Days from now on.  I hope I don't give horrible advice.
On to the card.
70 Hp is nice for a stage 2, free retreat is really good considering that almost all cards have a retreat cost in Expedition, even the 30 Hp Rattatas.  Weakness to water kind of hurts it because fire is so big, many people will metagame it with water.  Now for the attacks.  Two colorless isn't so bad for twenty and a flip for ten to bench.  2 Fire and a colorless is really good for forty damage.  Come on, Jungle Scyther was good for three colorless doing thirty.  And it has a colorless attack that makes it good in draft.  All in all, this card has what it takes to become a steady backup hitter.
Unlimited: 3/5
MMF: 4/5
Limited: 4.5/5 I can't give it a full five until I see the Ponyta.

TR Shadow
What's with the Ponys?
I guess 70hp is pretty solid for a stage one.  Flame Tail needs to do 10 more damage to be good.  Overrun isn't very good either 'cause it's only 10 damage to the bench.  Now 30 would be good! *starts planning out an anti-baby deck in head*  This thing's never gonna measure up to the bigger stage 2s like Jumppy or D. Feralig8r.  And is definitely NOT as good as Slowking.  In Modified (MMF)  I really don't see any good for it.  JUST DON'T UST IT!
Unlimited 2/5 (it can't compare to Buzz or Sneasel)
Standered 2.5/5
Modified 3/5
Limited 3/5
~TR Shadow~ is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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