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Professor Oak's Research - Expedition

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Professor Oak's Research

Ah, another amazing Supporter. This was meant more for Unlimited than Modified. Professor Oak is probably one of the most broken draw power ever printed for the TCG. Professor Elm was then printed in Genesis and a lot of people decided to replace their Oaks with Elms. Until they found out how slow Elm is. In Unlimited, especially in really offensive decks, speed is everything. Misty's Wrath is great! However, the loss of 5 other cards is sometime very painful.

Let's look at Professor Oak's Research. This is basically Professor Oak + Professor Elm combined into one. It has the speed of Oak and the shuffling ability of Elm. The only downside is that it is a Supporter and you only get 5 cards.

In Unlimited, it's amazing. Almost no drawbacks whatsoever. Use up your hand, Oak's Research, and you still get to use Trainers! Since it is a Supporter, you should probably just play 3 of these intead of the regular 4.

In Modified, it's good but not really necessary. Here, you usually have a decent amount of cards in your hand. I rather keep what I have and still draw. The solution? Bill's Maintenance.

In Draft, what else can I say? Draft it. ~_^

Unlimited Rating: 5/5
Modified Rating: 4/5
Draft Rating: 5/5
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Professor Oaks Research:

I REALLY like this card!  VERY nice.  Out of the supporters, it most certainly one of the best, if not THE best, since it's only real draw-back is that, well, it's a supporter.  It's like Oak and Elm, the best of both.  You don't throw away cards, and can still play more trainers that turn (aside from supporters).  It is one of the better trainers ever printed.

Unlimited:  OK, true, nothing will ever replace Oak and Bill, but this is a nice card anyhow.  I do like it because people who are about to deck out and have large hands can play this to replinish their deck more than Elm, and can play some helpful trainers they may have just drawn to clinch the victory.  It will see some play.  3.25/5

MMF:  Even better here.  Sheesh, this card is awesome.  Think of playing the cards you need in your hand, then using this, then playing the new cards you need, then if you drew one, play elm!  Man, this can help get out evolutions faster!  Strong drawing combined with Bill and Elm.  4/5

Limited: ..................I swear, if you pass this up, oh man, I mean...sheesh...this card...mercy...shuffle your hand 5 cards...holy moly...  5/5

dontknow09 Monday: Professor Oak's Reasearch

Another week of expedition cards. Professor Oak seems do be doing a lot of work these days. Well, heres is another drawing power card. Shuffle your hand into your deck and then draw 5 cards. Not that bad, other than the supporter defect.

Unlimited-This card does give you drawing power, but I would prefer
Professor Oak. If your only running one supporter card in the deck, i guess this would help you. Still, nothing can compare to the orginal oak=D 3/5

MMF-There is a rivalry going around here. Theres Professor Elm in this format. Should Professor Oak's research be used here? Somewhat, yes. With a penalty of 2 less cards, you still could play other trainers other than supporters. I personally would use elm, but in some cases, you would probably need the trainers you draw. 3.75/5

Draft-Theres usually a format when each COTD shines in, and im saying its in draft. You need all the drawing you can get. TAKE IT! Dont ask questions why or why not, or think about advantages and disadvantages, just TAKE IT!
Professor Oak's Research- Monday

Professor Oak's Research was first introduced in the Expedition set. This really is one of the few worthwile card drawing options left in the current Modified format.

Shuffling your hand into your deck and drawing 5 is similar to a Professor Elm, but you are able to use more trainers afterwards which really makes this a good card. As long as it's not another supporter ofcourse.

The problem is, Copycat is superior to Professor Oak's Research in any format.

Regardless, Professor Oak's Research is no slouch and is still useable in the Modified format.

Unlimited- 2/5 (Copycat is a better choice here)
Old Modified-3/5
Modified- 4/5
Draft- 4.5/5
Professor Oak's Research

Yay. My first CotD. ;)

Unlimited: Professor Oak's Research is a great replacement for Professor Elm in Unlimited. Instead of playing Elm to avoid discarding cards with Oak, just use Oak's Research! IMO, a good card to choose if you need more draw power, but don't want to play Elm due to its backfire.

Modified: Certainly a first that comes to most minds. However, this card is Copycat's shadow, considering Copycat has more potential. However, Oak's Research is stable, and you still have the ability to play other Trainers. Very good nonetheless.

Draft: ANY draw power in Draft is great. But, getting one of these is just about the same as finding a rare. If you do get one in a pack, GET IT, because you may never see another one again. ;\

Unlimited: 4.3/5
Modified: 4/5
Draft 4.9/5

John Hornberg
Professor Oak's Research is a good card. It is incredible for any
trainer, even though the fact that it is a supporter really hurts it.
The fact that it is only 5 cards is a mixed blessing. it will more
often than not keep you from decking out, but it is not so good early in the game because you are actually losing cards. It is an alternative to what is already out there, so it will be play. It is certainly not a must have 4 in the deck type of card though.

Elm is still better. This doesn't even measure to Cleffa. It's on the
same level as Copycat and Bill's Maintanence, which makes it goob, but not 100% necessary.

Modified - A must play. Modified is Evolution and Draw. That's all it
is, and don't mince my words. There is some strategy to it, but that's only when you get cards like Slowking involved. a 3.5 out of 5, because there isn't anything better.

Standard - Again, I think it's a must play because you are cycling a lot faster. You will almost always try to deck out, and this card really helps to keep you from that. It was one of the key reasons why I went to Elm over Oak in my old Haymaker for Standard. now, I can go back to Oak, just with this as well. It' more useful here, a 4 out of 5.

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