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Switch - Expedition

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I'm slightly disappointed that Switch was reprinted in Expedition. Why? If you know me personally, you would know that I am, let me rephrase that, WAS an avid Dark Gengar player in Modified. Once I get the Murkrow/Gengar Lock, I can just grin at my opponent for the rest of the match, knowing that they would either be praying for 2 Heads in a row or a Double Gust. However, Switch was reprinted, making any chance of Dark Gengar being very playble a lot slimmer.

In Unlimited, it depends on what kind of decks you're playing. If you're playing a bunch of free retreaters, you could just use Double Gust. If you play Slowkings or Hays, you should play a couple of Switches just in case.

In Modified, it's good against Status. Just switch for a baby and retreat for free. Plain and simple. If you play Slowkings, you definitely should run these. Combo it with Double Gust to make it a Gust of Win(d). ~_^

In Draft, it's a great utility card. Bring in a BBP to stall while you build your bench, and Switch it before it is KO-ed. Or, get the best Weakness/Resistance match up. Probably not first pick, but it should be a pretty high one.

Unlimited Rating: 3.5/5
Modified Rating: 4/5  
Draft Rating: 3.5/5

The Poke`mon Master 1110  Since modified is now sorta dead I wont be doing reveiws for it anymore.

Switch: This is a good card because it helps to not only save you from having to discard energies to retreat but it also helps you to remove special conditions from your active pokemon. Switch it out for a cleffa, free retreat and boom! its ready to rumble once again! This truly must be one of the most underrated cards there is and shold be played much more than it is.

Unlimited: Pretty good, but this card is more useful for evolutions, which unfortunatly people hate playing in this format cuz they would rather not do any thinking and play stuff like sneasle. So, this card isnt that great. Alas. 2.5/5

MMF: This is where it is alot better. This is evolution territory, and most of um have a high retreat. Also, lots of pokes use dark, steel etc. energies here and status is more prevelant. Good card. 3.75/5

Limited: Nice. Say what you will, but it is not too easy to power up pokes in this format and discarding energies is NOT a good thing here. This is great. Also, status effects are REALLY strong here, so this combats that nicly. A pretty high pick. 4/5
Thundachu Switch... Switch... Switch

Unlimited: In Unlimited Switch is great. Is your pokemon paralyzed,
poisoned, etc? Well, switch it with a 0 retreater and you are back in the
game.Chaos Gym and Slowking could cause a few problems though. 5/5

Modified: Well, I guess it is ok. Gets rid of burn and everything. Could
have a few problems with Slowking though. Get Muk out on the case and that
handles that. 4.5/5

Limited: No comment. Just 0wnage. 5/5
I know that Switch is nice and everything, but I just don't like this card.  Don't ask me why.  Even I don't know why.  Thankfuly, I play a Jumpluff deck and I don't have to ever see this card.  On to the review.
How many times have they printed this card?  It was in Base Set, Base Set 2, Legendary, and now it's in Base Set: Expedition.  That's a total of 4 times that has to be a record, if you don't count energies.  At least it got some new art work. 
Personally, I prefer Double Gust in all categories beside draft.  It is always fun to see the look on TR Shadow's face when I double gust up her Slowking with a lucky flip. :)  This card is pretty good overrall, it will just never have a place in my Rabid Jumpluff Deck.
Unlimited: 3/5 (Call back your beefy hitter and heal him while he's on the bench)
MMF:        2/5 (Just use double gust)
Limited: 3.5/5 (They won't have a way to get out your hurt pokemon again)
TR Shadow
This is actually a pretty good card, especially in Modified.  Slowking needs this card!  He has that high retreat cost and appears in almost every deck.  If you use Slowking, it's essential that you play at least 2 of these in your deck to counter against double gust.  It works better than balloon berry because balloon berry won't let you switch when you're effected by a status effect.  There are MANY Pokes in Modified that inflict status effects.  If you use a switch, you can have a focus or a gold berry attached to your active, unlike balloon berry.  So switch is definitely better than balloon berry.
Unlimited 2.5/5
Standard 3/5
Modified 4/5
Limited 3/5
~TR Shadow~
DontKnow09 Monday:Switch

Well, this card is a reprint from the original base set. This card has saved me several games lately so lets analyze this.

Switch simplies replaces your active with one on your bench. Nothing much to it. BUT this cards is not like retreating, so it heals your active from Status effects. This card can literally change the whole game enviroment around.

Unlimited-Not much use here. You wouldn't want to use switch since you have your 0 retreaters(Sneasle, Sycther, babies, etc...). 2.75/5

MMF-Switch is better here. With bigger Pokemon comes higher retreat. You seriously don't wanna throw away energies to retreat do ya? But then again, most of these big evolved ones are pretty strong, so they dont have to retreat. I dontknow, its your choice. I would put 1 'just in case'. 3/5

Draft-Now i get down to draft and i realize that this card is really hard to review. Well it really depends on what you pick. If you pick 4 snorlaxes, sure why not go for it. But mainly in draft, you should pick lower retreat poke's instead. Like i said, it all depends on YOU! 2.75/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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