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Ampharos - Expedition

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Ampharos (Exp.)

Energy Connect reminds me of Base/LC Venusaur's Energy Trans. The power is better because you can move ANY basic Energies, not just Grass. But, you can only move Basic Energies from Basic to active, which could pose some disadvantages compared to Energy Trans.

Lightning Strike is almost exactly the same as Neo Rev. Raichu's Lightning Strike. I never liked the attack that much because even though it's reliable, 40 damage is too little, while discarding all Lightning Energies for just 80 damage is a bit too steep.

In Unlimited, you could use DCE to power up the attack. It's easily ER-ed though...

In Modified, not that good. Like I said, 40 damage is not that good. 4 turns to build this guy up? Not worth it...

In Draft, the power could be really useful. Getting it out could be problem though...

Unlimited Rating: 2.2/5
Modified Rating: 2.3/5
Draft Rating: 2.7/5
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Light Azumarill:

Hmmm... interesting, I'll give him that.  Most certainly fun.  Nice card, just, as many cards are, not playable in most situations.  Bubble is standard, but Bubble Jump is cool.  A hit and run that will help get an energy hog going.  Lets take a closer look.

Unlimited:  its really medeocre, but fun.  Defenatly a card to play at the local leauge for a change of pace.  2.5/5

Modified:  Hmmm... playing a water pokemon?  Gee, Light Az. or Feraligator?  Man, decisions... =/  2/5

MMF:  accually good here, 'specially with the new Poliwrath (man, if that aint the COOLEST card =D)  Fire is Popular, so he is decent.  3.5/5

Limited:  Ok, but the effect of bubble jump will most likly hurt you more than help you.  2.75/5

dontknow09 Light Azumarill

Well lets just look at the stats. 80 HP is average for stage 1... O well... Weakness to lightning is neither that bad nor good. Lightning is not as strong, but if faced up with a lightnig pokemon, it'll get deep fried. 1retreat is good, nothing big.

Now lets get on to the attacks. Bubble is a little mediocre, with only 10 damage and 50/50 chance to paralyze. Bubble Jump makes this card very unique. Not good for serious play, but if you want to have some fun instead of the usual 'beat down' this and 'beat down' that, this would be a good choice. Also, this card has a very good 'hit and run' attack=) L. Azumarill card could easily help power things much faster like Misty's Poliwhirl or E-Poliwrath.

Unlimited: This might have potential. TRUELY unexpected, so you'll have lots of fun. Since you could use DCE, you could loop this around with another L. Azumarill. 2.75/5

MMF: Its much better in this format. Fire is pretty strong and this would be a great counter. But then again(like I said) this is mainly for fun, so you shouldn't really go to a BIG tournament with this. 3/5

Draft: Good choice(yes again, for fun)but there are better choices. 2.5/5
Thundachu K00l, My 1st Review..

Ok, this card brings a whole new meaning to pwnage. ;x. Not only does a stage 3 with 100HP ownz, It's retreat is only 2. The pokemon power just is EXTREAMLY good! Attack is ok I guess. Could probably get a 2nd turn K0 if you add Breeders and such.

Unlimited: Add a few breeders and breeder fields and you have a good chance of getting this dude powered up 2nd turn! Espeacilly if it's your basic pokemon. I can see a whole new archtype forming in front of my very eyes. However, the only problem is it doesn't stand a chance against Muk Aerodactyl or Sneasel. 3/5

Modified: The Pokemon Power is pure 1337 with all of the big hitters. Lets look at Typhlosion and Feraligatr. With Ampharos out you could get any of them powered up mad. This card goes very well almost any deck in Modified. Only one problem... LC. Now that this card is out we could be seeing a few more of the Muk. 4/5

Draft: Hmm... it's a stage 2. Odds are you aren't going to draft Mareep and Flaafy. Even if you do, you will probably only get 1 of each. It would be cool if you drafted a Mareep and a Breeder though. 2.5/5
Friday- Ampharos Expedition.

Today it looks like we have one of the more INTERESTING lighting cards from the E-card set.

First of all, it's HP is it's only good point. Sadly.

The attack is too expensive and unreliable to actually build a deck around. Four energy for 40 damage is hideous, and discarding all of them for 80 will get you a KO, but will set you back enough to simply lose the game.

The power could help, but it won't most of the time.

It is also improbable to get it set up in draft. The whole Tyrogue popularity doesn't help it either.

The Neo Revelation Ampharos currently is your best any format.

Unlimited- 1
Modified- 1.5
Neon- 1.5
Draft- 1
Croconaw88 Friday: Ampharos

Nice HP and low retreat for a stage 2. The poke-power could be useful. In Standard being a Stage 2 and weak to ER/SER hurts it. Mareep can easily be FTKOed (especialy by Tyrogue ;D ). In Modified it just doesn't constantly do enough damage.

Standard 2/5
Modified 2.5/5
Draft 2.5/5
Friday - Ampharos

Ampharos... well the picture's nice :) Ok, the power is OK... but sorta redundant. You need to carefully attach energy... and this is slightly pointless. You should NOT be having problems with energy anyway. So this card is not something to base a deck around... because it's really basing it on YOUR mistakes.

The attack isn't horrible.. doing 80 for 4, discarding 2 (hopefully
only two). But that's just NOT a card to base a deck on. I simply do NOT like Ampharos.

In Unlimited, it's horrid. There are better lightning lines to run...
well, not that many LINES... but a lot of basics :). I give it a 1.5/5
In Standard (MMF), it's still pretty bad. Better lines avail. I give it
a 2/5.

In limited, it's STILL bad. The evolutions before it are pretty good
though, so I'll give it a 2.5/5.

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