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Jumpluff - Expedition

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Jumpluff (Revelation)

This card was kinda overhyped when it first came out. No one really played it then. Although if you look at the stats, you'll wonder why...

70HP for a Stage 2 is kinda bad. But free retreat and resistance to Fighting is pretty darn good. Not to forget that both of its attacks only require one Grass Energy.

In Unlimited, it's amazing as it recovers from ER so fast it's not even funny. You can also combo wit with SER and Pokemon Center. With the drawpower in Unlimited, getting a 2nd turn Jumpluff should be a breeze. 3.8/5

In Modified, does too little damage. Steelix also rears its ugly head every once so often. Now, the cool thing is, once you powered up for Jumpluff, you can start building your bench as Jumpluff is as good to go. Basically what I'm saying is, you should play Jumpluff as supporter and not a main hitter. 3.5/5

In Draft, the whole Jumpluff line are usually really good picks because of their free retreat. How good it is in draft depends on which boosters you are drafting it with. It will be more playable if you draft it with LC or Expedition, and even better with Base Set... 3.5/5
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Jumpluff:

Tell me, the point? Why would you evolve to a stage two that has only 70 hp, and can only do 30 damage? Sure it’s kind of fast, but beond that there is nothing. Sorry, but this just does not make the cut, in any format.

Unlimited: Fish food. Man, this thing will get sliced diced and beat up four ways and served to a hungry gyrados before you can say "Jumpluff". 1.5/5

MMF: Slightly better here, but that doesn’t say much for it. To me, a stage two HAS to have ether an useful power or an attack that does good damage. He has nether. Sorry, Jumpy, your a binder poke. 2/5

Limited: Nope. This set is not set up to be great in draft, and a holo-stage two? Not a chance, man. Should you get it out, it won’t even last THAT long, even in draft. 2.5/5

Overall average rating: 2/5

Happy Birthday to me!  Well, Sunday accually =D  Have a good week Bill.

The Poke`mon Master 1110 
dontknow09 Friday: Jumpluff Revelation

This card for the revelation brings back memories. Memories of how i got creamed by this card by a former pojo person. 70HP is kinda low for this poke but i guess this balances the good stuff, which are: 1 energy attacks(one does 30, the other helps swarm), 0 retreat, fighting resistance. You can do many things with this card. Abuse SER, swarming, the 'rotation' technique. No wonder my cards got slaughtered.

Unlimited- Well, you can abuse SER. HAH! 70 HP gives it a chunk of problems, but it can be made up with the help of healing trainers. Like i said, so0 many things to do with jumpluff. 3.75/5

MMF- Well, you can't abuse SER. BOO! But you can abuse Double Gust. HAH! Well not really, too many people play double gust with babies. Not as strong here since the loss of some important trainers. You could swarm and dominate... 3/5

Draft- Now, i wont rant on this card. It's pretty good. Why? No 4 energy attack and does some amazing damge for one. Also, SWARMING, but thats highly unlikely to happen since i dont think more than 2 jumpluffs can pop out of revelation packs and you actually getting them. But im pretty sure one is good enough. 3/5
Croconaw88 Friday:Jumpluff

Solarbeam is very nice only one grass for 30 but it's
downside is it cant do a whole lot of damage. Low HP
for a stage 2 though. In Standard no weakness to
SER/ER is great but the low HP hurts it. Evolution
Spore is good for getting out your skiplooms/jumpluffs
in draft. In Modified it can swarm but I dont see much
use here.

Standard 2/5
Modified 3/5
Draft 3/5
Khap Neo: Revelation Jumpluff

Unlimited: Jumpluff is actually decent in Unlimited. Since it is pretty much invulnerable to any energy denial, it seems like it stands a chance. But, it may have too little damage. Plus, it works well with Breeder, enabling it to use its first attack to evolve any lone Hoppips/Skiplooms. Swarming, yay! =P

Modified: Though certainly not used often, it is a good choice for swarming. Just like in Unlimited, Breeder can be used with this card. Then, it can use its attack to produce even more Skiploom or Jumpluffs. Combined with Pokémon Centers and Energy Stadium, it works similarly to Kingdra. But, Steelix slows this Jumpluff down. However, it is still good by all means.

Draft: If you're lucky enough to find all the cards necessary to support this Stage 2, then by all means get it. However, getting a a whole Stage 2 line is difficult indeed. If you do get it, then you can use its first attack to bring out more evolutions, which is always a good thing in Draft, Plus, it works on one Energy! So you can run low amounts even in Draft. =/

Unlimited: 3/5
Modified: 3/5
Draft: 2.7/5

TR Shadow Jumpluff

It's Pikafreaks turn to pick, and knowing how much of a Jumpluff fan she is, I'm not at all surprised about having to review Jumpy =P.

This is the only Poke I've seen that can do 30 for one energy with no draw back. It works well with breeder because of this. They work so well in swarming decks, it's possible to get 2 of these Pokes out by turn 2 with breeders. Considering that the main type in Modified is water, Jumpy decks will work very well.

IN unlimited, they're very hard for other decks to deal with. Getting 3-4 out by the 4th turn can be devastating. A Jumpluff deck only needs 12 energy due to the low costs, which gives a lot more room for draw power. Personally, I think the only thing wrong with this Jumpy is the fire weakness, which is common anyway.

Unlimited 4/5
Standard 4/5
Modified 4.5/5
Limited 3/5
TMP 3/5

It's Friday and I'm reviewing one of my favorite cards!
Jumpluff may not seem like much at first glance.  70 Hp and weakness to fire hurt it.  But then I realized "Hey this thing is a Breederfields every turn with no flip!"  That's right, its first attack allows you to choose all of your Hoppips and Skiplooms in play and search for their evolution and place it on them.  Within 2 turns you have three more Jumpluff to battle with.  30 damage for one grass is one of the most energy efficient attacks in the game.  Plus, it has free retreat and resistance to fighting.  It is practically immune to status effects and can last a long time with a Gold Berry.  I have a very successful deck consisting entirely of babies, Scythers, and Jumpluffs. 
Unlimited:  3/5 (whole line with free retreat and can resist haymakres)
MMF:         4/5 (it's one of the fastest lines out there)
Draft:          2/5 (bye-bye Hoppip) is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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