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Meganium - Expedition

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Meganium (Soothing Aroma)

This is a pretty decent card. Soothing Aroma works well with Base/LC Alakazam but I just don't see that being played a lot. The power is also good if your opponent uses attacks that damage your bench, but that's about it. Poisonpowder is a guaranteed Poison attack, which is nice. Don't forget that Poison now stops Pokemon Power!

In Unlimited, it's decent with DCE (hm, deja vu?) but still very weak to ER. 3/5

In Modified, it's better. It has Resistance to Water which means it can shut down Kingdra and Discovery Kabutops. Auto Poison is also good against Steelix. Meganium with Gold Berry and the Power = one tough Stage 2.  3.5/5

In Draft, the power is insane! The ability to heal your Pokemon for free every turn is amazing. You can get out a staller and use the Power over a period of time until you have a completely healed army. Powering it up for the attack might be hard but auto poison would definitely give you the edge.  3.5/5
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Meganium:

Pretty cool. Not all that useable, but not too bad ether. The power is accually underated. Itís a flip, mind you, but it is still pretty decent. The attack is very nice. Throw him in with the Wild Growth meganium and have a 40-damage-automatic-posin attack for just two energies.

Unlimited: Wonít see play. Heíll be eaten up faster than a super sized fries inside of the Clinton house. So donít play him here guys. He is NOT worth it. I will commend you for playing evolutions in Unlimited, but this isnít the card to use. 1.75/5

MMF: Ok here, but not good enough to make the cut. Letís be frank about it, the power is not useful enough to warrent playing him. Not the best. 2.5/5

Limited: Nice. This thing is ownage here man. The power heals on a every turn basis (if you get heads) and the attack auto posins. AUTO POSIN IN DRAFT WITH FOURTY DAMAGE! Sweetness. 4/5

Overall average rating: 2.75/5
dontknow09 Wensday:Meganium Expedition

Wow, something with water resistance! That's pretty darn cool. Mayb this is why i dissed butterfree so much... Anyways, poke-power is pretty cool too. Heal all your poke's could be comboe'd with something. Explore my fellow pokemon players. Explore and Discover! Attack is Ok, 2 grass and 2 colorless and auto poison. 100 HP is nice and Bottom stats: fire weakness is normal, water is cool, as mentioned above, and 2 retreat is better than 3.

Unlimited- Well, what can i say? I would rather prefer the other meganium that doubles grass energy. DCE and SER, help power faster/help slow it faster. I'd give it a 3/5.

MMF- There are some advantages that E-Meganium has over others, but not much. You could use it i guess, if you explore deep enough and discover  something really really cool. Meganium would really help against all them  kingdra's out there though. 3.25/5

Draft- OK, after some complaints from a certain somebody, i will go easier on these stage 2/4 energy pokes. Healing can really help you in draft. But  mostly, the active is gonna get hit, which kinda makes it pointless to flip  every turn to remove one counter. The attack is jus to darn EXPENSIVE(sorry, couldn't resist my temptaitions)! It'll take you time to power it up. 2.25/5
TR Shadow Meganium

The Pokemon power is not too good because it requires a flip. The effect of it isn't very good either. As for the attack, 40 and definit poison isn't bad. The fact that it costs 4 energy isn't good and I don't want to explain why for the millionth time >_< .

In Modified a resistance to water will really help out since water is the dominate type. The attack helps to since people are starting to hesitate about using double gusts in Slowking decks. Of cores that doesn't mean that you won't see warp points and switches everywhere.

In TMP Poison is a killer effect. Too bad this Poke is to slow to be played in TMP. Chances are, one of your opponents will have a double gust by the time you get it out.

Unlimited 2/5
Standard 3/5 (KILLS G8R)
Modified 3.5/5
Limited 2/5
TMP 3.5/5
Pikafreak This is my week choosing cards, and this week it's all grass. There were no worthy electric cards in Expedition. : (

This Meganium is nice. You flip a coin once per turn, if heads you get to remove one damage counter from all of your pokemon. This is really handy. It reminds me of Neo Genesis Meganium, but it isn't as good and can be used more than once. Coupled with Gold Berries and Focus Bands, your pokemon are suddenly a lot harder to take down. It might even have use in an Alakazam deck. Like the average Meganium, it does 40 for 4 energies and a status effect. This one poisons, which basically means that it does 50 damage or more if your opponent is slow. All in all this is a nice card that probably has a good combo out there.

Unlimited: 3/5
MMF: 4/5
Draft: 4.5/5 (the Chikorittas and Bayleefs are expescially good)

Can't wait for Friday!
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