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Butterfree - Expedition

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Butterfree (Exp.)

I just love the Power. The ability for unlimited Free Full Heal is amazing in all formats. Unfortunately, Status effect is not really viable in Unlimited because it's just too easy to get rid off. In Modified, it's better here since we could see status effects in decks like Crobat, Dark Gengar and some others. In Draft, the power would prove to be invaluable if you opponent manage to draft a bunch of status Pokemon.

Spiral Drain is really decent attack. Best in Unlimited of course since you can power it up with DCE. In Modified, depends on the metagame. Grass is really bad against Steelix and Fire and we no longer have Resistance Gym. In Draft, the attack only require one colored Energy and two colorless, making it very draft friendly. The power, like I already said, is really good in Draft. Decent HP AND free retreat is also really helpful. Getting it out would be slightly challenging though...

Unlimited Rating: 3/5
Modified Rating: 3.4/5
Draft Rating: 3.5/5
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Butterfree:

Ok, I like this alot. The power can be just abused. I have thought up a nasty deck idea with this, and many may have already thought of it, but I wont say it so if can be kept a secrect untill I decide to bust it out in a tournament. Ha, ha, ha, my opponets, you shall all know true fear! Ahem... exuse me. Back to the card. The power is like having a full heal at your disposal every single turn, and that is very good. The attack is quick to power up with a DCE, does some decent damage and averages removing a damage counter per attack. Sweet.

Unlimited. Nice. Powers up fast, good attack and power. It could see some play, just not too much. Alas. Although this is the format I have to use it in for my combo to work =/ 3/5

MMF:Grass is weak to fire, so that takes it down a bit. Most fire type decks could roast this guy with one shot. Not good. Aside from this fact, itís not that bad. Special Conditions are a little more prevelant here, and that could make him useable. And his attack makes him less Double Gust vulnerable. 3.5/5

Limited: Nice. Expedition is a good set to draft. Get him out, and your opponet will start to sweat a bit. Special Conditions are rampant here, and he can heal himself while he does damage. Heíll give your opponet a real hard time. 4/5

Overall average rating: 3.5/5
dontknow09 Monday: Butterfree Expedition

Yay, its November. Well, we're going to continue our reviews on expediton cards. Here's the first holo butterfree of all time(if you don't count the one in discovery, which was supposed to be holo =/ ). Well, butterfree has 80HP, it never gets higher than that for some reason... Free retreat is nice. The poke-power is like the gameboy promo venusaur. Spiral drain is a economical attack, only needing 1 grass and 2 colorless, but still doesnt
really make up for the damage and effect...

Unlimited- Like many other poke's, butterfree can use DCE. The most i can say about this butterfree is that its a below average. Its not really good for real play. Why are butterfree's so bad? Does TPC hate it or something??

MMF- Fire and water seem to dominate MMF. Although one or two water archetypes are weak to grass, butterfree will be clobbered. Look's like butterfree will never see the light reflecting off a championship award... or will it? 2.5/5

Draft- Well, not one of the caterpies are decent enough to live to become a butterfree. Anyways, theres always better stuff you can pick besides butterfree... 2/5
Thundachu Expedition Butterfree Holo:

Overlook: 80HP for a stage 2 is alright I guess. Could be worse. I especially like the Pokemon Power. Use this pokemon for it's power from the bench and have no fear of Poison, or Confusion or Burn. I really think the text on the power is interesting... It says "Once during your turn, before you attack you may remove all special conditions from your active pokemon". I mean, how many times can you really actually heal your pokemon of a speacil condition?. For 1 grass and 2 colorless energy you can do 40 and have a chance of getting rid of 2 damage counters. Weakness to fire. Typhlosion could be a problem. I especially like the Free Retreat cost. It 0wnz.

Unlimited: 3.5/5
Modified: 4/5
Draft: 2/5

E-Reader Translation: Holo cards have no barcode on them ;(
TR Shadow *Double checks to make sure she has the right card this time =P*


Not a bad power! The ability to remove a special; condition from your active is good. The Spiral Drain requires a flip to remove damage so it's usually not worth using. This is one of those Pokes that should be kept on the bench to help the main hitter (probably a stage one).

The Poke power has a lot of uses, but this thing takes up too much space to use in ANY deck. Some can find this Poke very useful for curing their active... maybe even attacking with it!

Unlimited 2/5
Standard 3/5
Modified 3.5/5
Limited 2/5

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