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Promo Scyther

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Promo Scyther (edited for the current environment)

It only has one attack, Slashing Strike. Now, 2 energies for 40 damage without any coinflips is awesome! However, the drawback is you can't use the attack again the next turn. Now, you can end the effect by benching or evolving Scyther. Unfortunately, it has one retreat cost, so you can't simply retreat for free like its Jungle counterpart. In order for you to use the attack again next turn, you would have to discard an energy card to retreat and bring some free retreater, like a Baby. This slows the card down a bit...

In Unlimited, it's not that good. Although it's fast, it's kinda slow as well (if you get what I mean...)

In Modified, you can combo it with with Double Gust or Jungle/LC Dodrio. It deals 80 damage to Croconaw or any other Weak-to-Grass Pokemon on the 2nd turn. It makes a great TecH card against Dark Gatr decks if you're running Grass!

In Draft, it is... wait-a-minute, you can't draft it. ^_^;

Unlimited Rating: 3/5
Modified Rating: 3.5/5 (GREAT TecH against some decks)
Draft Rating: N/A

Gobble, Gobble! <<< Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

dontknow09 Scyther Promo #45

Not a new promo, but not that old. From the vending series, its Scyther. It has 60 HP, not that high, but not that low either. Like all scythers, weakness to fire and resitance to fighting. This one has 1 retreat though =/. But the attack is pretty decent. 2 for 40. And if you kno how to use it right, you can bring out the full potential of this. That's IF you KNOW how.

Unlimited- Well, in someways, its better than jungle scyther. It can do a quick 40, even if you don't have a DCE. That's all i can think off right now, lol. Not as good as the other one, but it'll manage. Wish it had a lil somthing extra though... 2.75/5

MMF- Shines better here. Gatr killer, very fast card. It has speed, like electabuzz from Monday. TPC better not allow a fast, strong hitmonchan back in, or itll be chaos, all over again. But anyways, scyther is pretty good. Try it out. 3.25/5

Draft- Shines much better here. Speed is very good in draft. And so is being a basic. Slash some pokes with them scythes of scyther. Its pretty efective in draft. 3.5/5

X-Act Promo Scyther - X-Act

Not a bad card, although it kinda isn't too popular, both in Unlimited
and in Modified. And, frankly, it shouldn't be. ;x

Unlimited: Its attack is not splashable, and grass decks are kinda rare in this format. And even if you play a grass deck, Jungle Scyther is just better, since it has 10 extra HP, has no retreat cost and IS splashable. So, not good enough I'm afraid.

Modified: Hmm. Dark Gatr and Donphan are weak to this thing, so that's a plus. However, this thing is weak to Magcargo. It doesn't even need to discard fire energies to KO it, allowing your opponent the luxury of doing up to 120 damage next turn. That's... bad. >_< At least, it kinda CAN attack every turn using Recycle Energy, but then you're wasting an energy every turn. Which, admittedly, is not much of a problem in Meganium decks. ;x Speaking of Meganium, you can do 40 with one Grass energy if you have Meganium in play. Isn't that nice? :) But, well, big fire is too popular for it to be better than average. :(

Draft: If you managed to draft this, then I can safely claim that you
cheated. ;x
Friday - Scyther Promo 45

This card isn't half bad. I'd reccomend playing it in your grass decks in Modified. Doing 40 for GG is pretty good, and it's so easy to switch these days it's not funny. So a quick hit and run can't hurt. Maybe kill off a Dark Croconaw! =)
In standard it's overshadowed by Scyther from jungle.

Standard: 3/5
Modified: 4/5
Limited: Hah! Made ya look :)

~ RaNd0m
John Hornberg There are three major problems with this Scyther; the first is that it
doesn't retreat for free; the second that its attack is terrible; and
the thrid being that it only has 60 HP.

While nothing could top Jungle Scyther in any real sense, there is a fine line between playable and downright awful. This is one of those cards that is downright awful, and will never see play in any format as long as there are better alternatives. In Modified, while it is very close between the promo and the Revelations (I think ...) one, accessibility is what it boils down to, and that clearly is won by the Revelations Scyther.

It's attack amounts to 20 damage for 2 grass energy. There are better attacks on better basic grass pokemon. Base Tangela is better, Jugle  Scyther is better, and the list goes on. Even base Bulbasaur is better.

At 60 HP, an attack that takes more than one grass energy, and a retreat cost, it adds to the new trend of "useless Scythers that aren't better than the first." The last 3 Scythers all fail to compare to the first.

Modified - I don't know why you would. This card is I think originally
intended for Haymaker type decks, and even then it's thwarted. Grass in this format is meant to be a big hitter, and this card is not a big hitter. A 1.1 out of 5.

Standard - You have 3 better Scythers to pick from.... This is last on your list, and if it isn't, then you need to seriously reevaluate your thinking when it comes to playing. A 1 out of 5.

No Draft, it's a Promo.

-John "The Happy Heretic" Hornberg

Promotional Scyther (#45)
Hope everyone had a great holiday. I'll be playing at a tournament this Saturday (or have if this is late) so look for me and say hello or something. The details are all here if you want to join me. COTD Time:
I like this card alot. So does Master Trainer Pat from Customer Service. I just think I might have Scyther running in my veins though. Scyther has one attack called Slashing Strike. This attack does an amazing forty damage for two grass energies. Despite the drawbacks of having to retreat to attack again, this a very nice attack. There are alot of ways to get around the fact you have to retreat and come back to do forty again. Cards like Double Gust, Switch, or Warp Point, all which are legal in Modified and Unlimited. Unlike it's Jungle cousin it's ten HP less and costs one to retreat which hurts the card. Overall, Scyther can be played, but only as a supporter for something else.
Unlimited players may not want to use this card a whole lot. If your looking for a splashable grass Pokemon this is not the right Scyther, go with the Jungle version. With ten more HP and free retreat cost, the Jungle version is your safest bet. Otherwise, you might be able to throw this card into a mono-grass deck if your running one. Fire may hurt you though, since heavy electric is played in this format if you use either version. Just use Jungle. 2/5
Fire is also a problem for Scyther in Modified. Entei/Magcargo or Entei/Ninetails will toast this Pokemon very quickly, both are fast decks to go against. This Scyther is only viable in mono-grass decks, so fire will already be a concern as you are playing something like Meganium or Crobat. Promo Scyther is a great card to play with Neo Genesis Meganium with the Wild Growth Pokemon Power. All you have to do is attach an energy each turn, attack, retreat, and repeat. Resistance to fighting also blocks random Tyrouges. This card is underrated, I see a place for this in almost any grass deck. 4/5
Good luck trying to find this in Draft. -/5
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