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Gengar - Expedition

November 29, 2002

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Gengar (Exp.)

90HP is pretty darn good for a Stage 2. The Retreat cost of only one makes a really big difference as you can easily switch this Poke around. The new weakness to Darkness is interesting. I guess it could be a match up against Tyranitar...

Chaos Move is similar to Fossil Gengar's power. But the cool thing is, you can move YOUR damage counters as well! The best move would be to move your own damage counter to your opponent's Pokemon. Not only are you healing your Pokemon, but you're also "dealing" a bit of free damage. The main problem with the Power is your opponent would have to have 3 or fewer prizes first. This makes the power more situational...

Hide in Shadows is a great hit and run attack. 40 damage is pretty good for 3 energies. The problem is those Pokemon with Resistance to Psychic...

In Unlimited, it's too weak to ER and it can't attack on the 2nd turn. It's just not as playable here... 2.5/5

In Modified, much better here. Make sure you have something against those Pokemon with Resistance to Psychic though... Maybe Tyrogue or something... 3/5

In Draft, considering you only play 4 prizes each, the Power is better here. However, getting it out is a lot harder. Hit and run is also a good strategy to protect Gengar once you get it out... 3/5
TR Shadow 

I thought ALL cards in expedition had cool art!  I guess they decided to make an exception.
The Pokemon power is kinda weird.  The way I understand it, if your opponent has less than 4 prizes, you can move one damage counter from one of your pokes and KO one of there babies.  The attack is pretty bad.  The prob is that you HAVE to switch Gengar since there isn't a may in the attack.  You can do 50 on a few different Pokes for the same amount of energy.
Unlimited 2/5
Standard 3/5
Modified 3.5/5
Limited 2/5
Team 2/5 (Am I the only one who rates cards in this category???)
~TR Shadow~
dontknow09 Expedtion Gengar

A new gengar. Let's analyze this new ghost poke. 90 HP is the highest any ghost poke has ever had(if you exclude sab. ghastly, which has 590 at most, lol). A new thing to gengar and other ghosts is in the bottom stats. Weakness to darkness. Thats new. Ghost pokemon were pretty strong, well anything without weakness has a pretty strong advantage. Resistance to fighting is also another advantage to gengar. And one retreat? Wow. And the
power! Wo... ok i guess. Move a counter from any poke to another poke. If the power was anything like base alakazam, it would be broken. But too bad it has many restrictons, like opponent having 3 or less prizes. The attack is decent, hit and run.

Unlimited- Won't survive. Too many colorless. Sneasle. SER. Chaos move isnt dependable. 2.75/5

MMF- Might survive. No sneasle, but still many darknesses to face. It might stand a chance. Mayb... 3.25/5

Draft- Has a decent chance. It's stage 2, but the lowers could defend until then. Not a high chance of doing excellent, but you'll do decently. 2.75/5

Happy ThanksGiving poke ppl!!!
Thundachu Expedition Gengar:

Overlook:90HP for a stage 2 pokemon is quit common. Retreat cost of 1 is great for a stage 2. Weakness to Dark makes it a great target for Sneasel in Unlimited. Resistance to Fighting, say goodbye to the old Tyrogue.

Draft: 1/5(It is a stage 2 afterall...)
Has disappeared.  Someone poke him with a stick if they see him.
X-Act Expedition Gengar - X-Act

This card is interesting. Moving a damage counter from one of your
Pokemon to one of your opponent's is amazing. Of course, multiple
Gengars can move more than 1 damage counter. :o You can only do this, of course, if you have 3 or less prizes. That's not too cool :/ Its attack is not too great too, I reckon. *shrugs* So, yes, this card IS interesting, but, no, it's NOT good. =\

Unlimited: Hmm. I wouldn't play it. First of all, it's a Stage 2, so at
the very least it's going to come out second turn, but even so, you'll
need at least 2 or 3 Gengars on your bench to be effective. AND, you somehow need to KO 3 Pokemon to start using its Power. By that time, a Sneasel would have gusted out your Gengars and beaten them up for... hmm... up to 260 damage. =\ That's plain sick. >_< Also, Psychic resistance from a considerable number of Pokemon means that you wouldn't use this Pokemon to attack. Weakness to SER is an additional reason. Resistance to fighting is cool though, and 90HP is not to be laughed at... except by Sneasel. ;x

Modified: OK. Moving damage counters from your Pokemon to his or her BABIES is nice, since it even evades Focus Band. But first you have the arduous task of KOing 3 of his Pokemon. Hmm. There might not even be damage counters to move by then. >_< Consider you're playing against Magcargo. You don't have any damage counters, and neither does your opponent. Next turn, your opponent takes a prize, and STILL there are no damage counters on the board. Focus Band (and a rigged coin) mighthelp, but not by much. "Yeah, but you can move your opponent's damage
counters too." Oh, but then a super-healing Kingdra won't allow you
that. Its attack does too little damage to be viable, even with the
free switch. In short, I wouldn't play it here either... except in
3-prizes online Modified tourneys. *grins*

Draft: As always, drafting a Rare card is not easy, especially when you also need to draft its pre-stage evolutions. However, the Gastly is Common and the Haunter is Uncommon, so that's not too hard to do. But, on second thoughts, you wouldn't want to draft Gengar in the first place. It's Rare, and basically, having ONE Gengar is not good enough. You can surely find much better Pokemon to draft from Expedition. Go
for them.
Wednesday - Gengar (Expedition)

I can't believe I missed the Electabuzz review! Argh! One of my
favorite cards in Pokemon history, and I missed it! How unfair. </endwhine>

This is an OK card. But I think it's kinda dumb. It's like a Curse that only works when you're losing! LOL, how pointless. You don't want to base the game on losing first. That's kinda stupid.
The attack is kinda lame. Switching it. A weak Donphan. Cute. This card is not worth playing unless you're having fun.

Standard: 1.5/5
Modified: 2/5
Limited: 2/5

~ RaNd0m

Expedition Gengar (This Pokemon is like Batman, I swear)
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving for those of you living in the United States. Otherwise, have a great Thursday or something like that.
Expedition Gengar is an interesting card for me. The ability to hit and run out before being KO'd is amazing and tricky at the same time. Gengar's "Hide In Shadows" is a very cool attack. Although the damage applied is small, being able to retreat after you use this attack is great. Some good things to switch out with is LC/Fossil Haunter or Promotional Mew #47. This would have to be the opposite of Neo Destiny's Dark Gengar with it's "Pull In" attack. Chaos Move is a decent version of Fossil/LC Gengar's Curse and Base/LC Alakazam's Damage Swap. The only bad thing about it is you wont be able to use it until your opponent has drawn at least three prizes. That might not be a problem though seeing as how there is few damage early on in the game with Gastly and Haunter. Weakness is the problem with this ghost seeing as darkness is played heavily and can be splashed into any deck. Additionally with the amount of Double Gusts and Gusts of Wind played, you really cant hid in the shadows forever. Combo with Metal Energies, Switches, Pokemon Centers, Pokemon Nurse, LC Haunter, Base Chansey, and Gengar shines.
Unlimited does not do so well with Expedition Gengar in it. It is full of Sneasel, it takes all but two heads from that card to get Gengar knocked out. Not to mention the Murkrow either picking off Gengar from the bench. Heavy disruption from trainer cards in Unlimited may make this deck viable.  However since many Pokemon in Unlimited have resistance to psychic, you will just end up doing around ten damage a turn sometimes. 2/5
There could be a place for this Gengar in Modified. Say good bye to friends like Espeon, Muk, and Crobat with this Stage 2. Unless they kill your Gastlys and Haunters first. The lack of big basic walls (Chansey) in Modified hurts Gengar's ability to switch with something and then heal it. I would suggest switching out LC Haunter or a spare Cleffa if need be, just something that can be retreated fast. Breeder helps to start doing damage early, but hurts the Pokemon Power on Gengar. I could see this going somewhere, but Murkrow is still present. 3/5
In Draft, this is a cool card to pull. Since there is very little chances of your fellow drafters finding something like a Sneasel and Murkrow, let alone any darkness energy cards, Gengar is not under-fire from seven coin flipping Sneasel. Resistance to fighting makes this card even better and the 90 HP in draft is something to be considered. Drafting Expedition with Legendary Collection is great if you manage to get some of the LC Gastlys or LC Haunters. Little trainer support will hurt you, but even small things like Potions will add to Gengar's attack. Gengar's Pokemon Power is useless in limited events because you only set aside four prizes. So you wont have the chance to use it a low 25% of the time. Still Gengar rocks in this format. 3/5
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