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Electabuzz - Base Set 2

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Electabuzz (Base)

One of my most favorite cards of all time. ^_^

Thundershock is a decent attack for just one energy. 10 damage and a possible status effect is really nice.

Thunderpunch is simply not balanced. 2 Energies for a possible of 40 damage is a bit too good. Considering, of course, that Base Buzz is a 70HP Basic. Thunderpunch with a couple of PlusPowers was one of the quickest ways to win back in the old days...

In Unlimited, still really amazing. One of the best BBPs ever printed. It's fast and it quickly recovers from ERs. 4.5/5

In Modified, although it's good, we no longer have good ERs and PlusPowers. Haymaker is not really good in this format. On the other hand, you can easily use it to support Lightning decks like Ampharos or Light Lanturn. 4/5

In Draft, you can only get it in Base and Base Set 2. A really high pick. If I get this in a pack, I would definitely take it considering it's very splashable and fast and big. 4.8/5

Best of Game Promo Electabuzz (Base/2)
Haymaker, Wigglytuff, Potpourri, Sponge, Metal Rocket Zapdos. These are just some of the decks that Base Set Electabuzz has splashed it's way into. Wizards of the Coast is either out of their mind or has received every letter I sent them demanding a reprint of this classic card. The only person I know who is mad about this decision would have to be our resident self-titled Blastoise otaku himself: Satoshi. This is payback time for recommending Dark Blastoise and Steelix for my trip to the Origins Convention in Ohio. Pokemon Battlezone's Website has a small picture of the reprint but it is hard to make out the new symbol being used. Do note that there is a goldish stamp in the right bottom corner of the card that says "WINNER". DMTM (WotC Customer Support and Webmaster) states that "The new (promos) will be the best of game promos, that will also be released later in the year but not with the cool foil stamp. Later on in the year we will be alternating new promo's with reprinted cards like Electrabuzz." Apparently there will be no more "Black Star" Promotional Cards. Onto the Card of the Day:
Electabuzz offers an amazing combination of status effects and cheap power to it's owner. The first attack, Thundershock, is an awesome first turn attack with ten damage and chance of paralyzing your opponent. Thundershock can be used as an effective attack to stall for several turns, so you can retreat or attack with Thunderpunch. For one electric and one colorless, Thunderpunch undoubtedly has one of the cheapest attack costs to do up to forty damage in the game. Yet with all good attacks come some side-backs. Half of the time Thunderpunch will do ten less damage to the opponent and ten to yourself. Hit points for this BBP (Big Basic Pokemon) are at a medium seventy and retreat cost is not outrageous enough. Only flaw with this card is the weakness to Fighting Pokemon.
At one time Hitmonchan was one of the top played cards in the game. As new sets were introduced, more and more Pokemon had resistance to Fighting. Unlike it's Haymaker companion, Electabuzz has continued to be played in Unlimited. Although lacking the power of Sneasel or disruption of Slowking, this card still stands, but not on it's own. Heavy Trainer support like Energy Removals or other disruption/lock cards are needed. This card is not used much as a heavy hitter anymore but should still be considered deadly with less and less Fighting Pokemon being played. 4/5
It is very nice to have a Big Basic Electric Pokemon in Current Modified. Last year we had support from Rocket's Zapdos, although was barley played seeing as how Neo Revelation Ampharos was overlooked and still underrated. Too much Espeon and Tyrouge supposedly. As well widespread use of Tyrouge in almost every deck weakens Best of Game Electabuzz. Electabuzz shines as early support for decks however so does Tyrouge. Additionally there are not too many viable mono-Electric decks in Modified other than Expedition Raichu (Swarm) and Ampharos. Placing this card in another colored deck will need Rainbow Energy to pay for Electabuzz's attack costs. With ten damage on it from the energy, it results in Tyrouge bait. Hitmonlee in most Kabutops decks also is a problem. Little disruption cards in Modified results in Electabuzz's demise. However dealing eighty damage to a Kingdra or Staff Worker Named Satoshi's Blastoise should be considered a good advantage in any deck. 3/5
Draft! Wow this is the card to draft! Incredible attacks for early and late game in this limited play is so very cool. Finding this card however might be a challenge seeing as it is rare. Do also note that both Base Set and Base Set 2 has no uncommon Electric Pokemon and very weak common Electric basics. The evolutions are only Rare or Holographic! If you are lucky, the other set you do end up drafting has some Electric to compliment your rare pull. Take my advice: do not try looking for the promotional reprint of this card in packs, you will only draft him in Base Set or Base Set 2 boosters. 3/5
dontknow09 Electabuzz(Best of the Game Promo)

The haunting of electabuzz, now available in modified. That's right,
modified. This is the SAME buzz from base set, with thunder shock and punch.

This is one of the cards that started everything. 70HP basic makes this buzz good. That extra 10 from 60 really does help. Weakness to fighting, no resistance, and 2 retreat... O well, that jus proves that nothing come perfect =/. Thundershock is a good starter, and then finish the poke off with a possible 40! This buzz is speed. Nothing to it but speed.

Unlimited- Well times have changed, so a buzz is different now then it was back when it was jus base, jungle, and fossil. Like good times, buzz really wasnt hurt by SER, took out Raindancers, and wiped through small basics. Unlike the good times, there are some new cards that could be a possible threat to buzz, such as a tyouge+plus power. But overall, its very good in unlimited. 4.25/5

MMF- I really couldn't believe TPC would actually allow this to go through. Available in MMF, itll destroy mostly all waters, now since they are weak to water. This includes expedition Poliwrath, for those of you think this card it good *cough*pokemaster*cough**. HAHA jus kidding. Well, fighting has made a strong comeback, so i guess this balances the field. Still, this is on pretty strong and fast hitting pokemon. 4/5

Draft- You will rule in draft with this. If you happen to get a buzz, you're almost guaranteed to win. Speed, power, the best 2 combinations that is draft, or the game itself. Being a basic also helps too, unlike stage 2, 4
energy attacker =D. 4.5/5
Thundachu Electbuzz in Base Set :

Sorry for not reviewing latley, been busy with my own website and school work. Anyways, I am back for reviewing.

Overlook: Electabuzz is finally coming back to play! 2 retreat is pretty bad for a basic pokemon. 70HP is absolutley incredible for a basic pokemon. Weakness to fightning makes it a bad target for Rouge. For 1 Lightning energy does 10 and a chance to paralyze. For 1 Lightning and 1 colorless energy does 30 automaticly, with a chance of doing an extra 10 damage or 10 to self. Add a metal energy and the self damage is no problem.

Standard: 5/5
Modified: 4.5/5(Would have made it 5/5 but Tyrogue causes a problem)
Draft: 5/5
Hi everyone!
Sorry that I keep forgetting to do reviews.  I did Dragonite two weeks ago, but Pojosama put Ninetales up twice instead.  (Actually Freak, I had the link going to the wrong page.  All of them were about Ninetales.  The link went to the 9tales page.Profpoke filled me in, and the link was fixed.  ;-)
This is the one decent Electabuzz.  I didn't realize how good it was untill I started playing MMF and got clobbered by a unlimited deck.  Electabuzz works wonders helping you do lots of damage for relatively low energy cost.  This allows you to build up your bench.  He can also take out babies in one shot.  If they're bringing this guy back, are they going to bring back Chansey, Blastoice, Hitmonchan, and Scyther too.  I could really use Scyther in my current deck . : )  The first attack is average for one energy.  And for anyone out there thinking of a Metal Energy/ Electabuzz combo, it won't work.  An electric and a metal energy just aren't worth 20-30 damage.  THis guy might work with broken ground gym, allowing you to mercilessly slaughter all Basics and Babies in your path.
Unlimited: 4/5 (Haymakers are out there)
MMF:        5/5 (the quickest thing yet)
Draft: 5/5 or N/A ( whether or not this review is on Base Set or the Promo)
X-act Base Electabuzz

Hmm. Electabuzz. This card has always seen play. And rightfully so. It's a great card, almost broken.

Unlimited: In this format, it's still very playable. Not too SER-weak,
and has 70 useful hit points. Sometimes, its weakness to Fighting gets it in trouble, however. Tyrogue can OHKO it with a PlusPower. That's NOT cool. But... there's Rocket's Zapdos to cover its weakness. Its retreat cost lets it down, but that's why you play Switch (besides other reasons ;x). Overall, it's still an amazing Pokemon... 4.5/5

Modified: ...and thanks to WotC, it can soon be used in this format. :O I'll admit that when I heard of this announcement about 5 days ago, I was very surprised. Probably WotC wants Lightning to be played more in this format, and brought in this card. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Electabuzz won't aid the Lightning Pokemon much. Tyrogue is too much, even for Electabuzz. A Tyrogue with Strength Charm can again OHKO the Buzz =\ (Strength Charm is awesome with Tyrogue because it gets
discarded only when Tyrogue deals damage, i.e. flips heads. ;x) So
does that mean that Electabuzz won't be played? Yes, it will.
Lightning-weak Water decks must start fearing this card. Even Kingdra. It can be splashed easily too, since it only requires one Lightning Energy to attack, maybe giving rise to some Modified-style Haymaker decks. :o Well, I guess this card WILL affect this format. 3.5/5

Draft: Well, I'd draft this. Too good. I'd say broken. And, it's quite
splashable too, as already remarked. Its only problem is that it's a
rare. Another possible problem is that you might not find anymore Base Set booster packs to draft in the first place. (ROFL) But... that's another matter ;x
TR Shadow
Kinda off topic, but whenever buzz is mentioned, my mind suddenly goes back to a battle with my friend, Michael when I KOed 2 Buzzes with a Tyrogue with a D. energy =P.
This is a very interesting card.  It has the best 2 energy attack in the game and can attack cheaply on the first turn.  70 hp is very solid for a basic.  The weakness is no prob since so many pokes are resistant to fighting.  These are usually not good later in the game, their mainly for the first 3-4 turns.  I just can't give it a rating lower than 4.
Unlimited 4.8/5
Standard N/A
Modified 4/5 (arn't they gonna come out with a promo one?)
Limited 4/5
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